Reflections on the MSTC (and BBQ)

I had a blast at the MidSouth Technology Conference last week.  I’ve been to a few different places in the United States, but I’ve never met people as nice as those I met in Memphis.

Good ole' Memphis sunset.

The first day I had the opportunity to listen to Kathy Schrock’s presentation entitled “A Picture is Worth 1000 Words.” I was definitely able to relate to her topic because visual representation is a key ingredient to what we do here at Glogster EDU.  I also had the chance to sit in on Isabella Scaramucci’s presentation about Glogster EDU entitled “Creating the Private Virtual Classroom” as well as “Using Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance Student Creativity in the Reading/Language Arts Block” presented by Dr. Megan Salemi and Lori Carter.  Both presentations had a good showing, and I think that attendees were able to take away a lot of useful teaching techniques to apply to their own classrooms.

Isabella Scaramucci’s presentation, “Creating the Private Virtual Classroom”

My session entitled “Glogster EDU:  Transform your Classroom into a Virtual Learning Environment” was a great success!  I had approximately 60 people in attendance, and I had a great time having fun with the crowd.  We went over the ins–and-outs of Glogster EDU while having some much needed fun on a Friday morning.

All in all, the MSTC was a great success for all parties involved. And if you ever get a chance to visit Memphis, I recommend checking out a restaurant called Cozy Corner. No one does BBQ like Memphis!



MassCUE 2011: Winners & Photos

MassCUE 2011  was a huge success for Glogster EDU!  Our booth was buzzing with excitement from thousands of Glogster EDU newcomers and existing users alike.  The many Glogster EDU sessions were either sold out or extremely well attended.  Thank you so much for your support!

To thank the Glogster EDUcators that visited our booth, we awarded 10 lucky educators and one school with free Premium Licenses.

Check out the lucky winners below. Congrats again!

Click to view!

Why all the buzz, you may ask?   Glogster EDU is the 21st century solution to improve the educational experience for students and educators alike.  Empowering your students with digitally enriching activities, encouraging multi-media project based lessons, fulfilling ISTE based educator and student standards, while promoting the creative expression of knowledge and skills is the Glogster EDU way.  If you are not already using Glogster EDU to differentiate instruction and/or to provide alternative student assessments, you should check out how educators throughout the world are utilizing this invaluable educational platform.  Here are a few of the lesson plans, rubrics, and other relevant resources that were shared with session participants:

Please contact our sales team at to discuss how Glogster EDU can become part of your classroom, school, or district experience.  We have become an integral platform in many schools and districts in Massachusetts and throughout the world. Our staff is available to provide you with strategic information about the license options most appropriate for you.

Warm Regards, and Happy Glogging!