The Ultimate Glog Guide – Design


This is the third and final post in our series of comprehensive guides to creating top-quality content. Our Glogpedia editors have found some great resources lately, incorporating our recent tips on content and layout, and we’re looking forward to seeing plenty more in the coming weeks!

By now, you should have gathered some great multimedia content, and arranged it in an easy-to-follow format. In a way, you’ve already created a fully functional glog, built to inform and inspire. Without instant visual appeal, however, readers won’t give it a second look! We are all guilty of judging books by their covers, so why should online resources be any different? What you need now is some subtle touches to visually tie your glog together, giving an instant overall impression of something polished, professional and well thought-through.

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The Ultimate Glog Guide – Layout


This post is the second in a short series of comprehensive guides to creating top-quality content, sure to impress our Glogpedia editors as well as your classes, family and colleagues. To gather some top tips on choosing the right content, check out last week’s post!

All too often great information is obscured by poor arrangement – if a resource doesn’t grab the attention, or loses it before it gets to the heart of the message, what value do the thrilling facts within it have? When we think about layout, we must appreciate that eyes and brains are pretty lazy sometimes. Anything that causes a reader extra effort will make them less likely to engage with the facts at hand. That’s why we need to arrange information in a way that catches the eye and holds it there, guiding viewers gently and enjoyably through the facts they need to arrive at the right conclusion.

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The Ultimate Glog Guide – Content


By now you probably know the basics of Glogster, but perhaps you need a little inspiration to create the ultimate glog. As part of our ongoing drive to make Glogpedia the best resource it can be, we are bringing you a short series of blog posts addressing exactly this. Our content team is hard at work finding exemplary glogs amongst the thousands that you create and nominate every day – glogs with great content, an accessible layout, and serious visual appeal. This series will help you not only tick the right boxes, but also create an outstanding academic resource that can inform, entertain, and be used again and again by teachers and learners around the world.

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