YouTube for Schools — a new student-friendly video resource

According to YouTube, its hundreds of millions of users upload 48 hours of content every minute, resulting in nearly 8 years’ worth of content every day. The learning possibilities of such an enormous amount of free, accessible material are incredible. Unfortunately, the educational gems are often buried under cute cat videos at best, inappropriate or obscene material at worst. Which is why we usually refer educators to school-friendly, “closed” sites like SchoolTube to find quality videos to include in their Glogs. (When you click on “video” in the Glog edit tool, you’ll see the option to search through SchoolTube videos within the editor for easy drag-and-drop access. You can also copy/paste the link to embed it in your Glog.)

But now YouTube offers its very own YouTube for Schools, which allows educators and students to access hundreds of thousands of videos from reputable educational organizations like Stanford, PBS, TED, and Khan Academy. Search is limited to YouTube EDU, a subsection of YouTube with only education-related content.  Schools can configure their network to allow content from YouTube EDU and block all other YouTube content. YouTube offers in-depth instructions on how to do that here.

Read the recent New York Times article about YouTube for Schools, or check out their teacher channel for videos broken down by subject and grade level.

Do you currently use YouTube in your teaching practice, or does your school block access? Will you use YouTube for Schools, or stick to your tried-and-true video sites? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Top 10 Glogs for Professional Development

Guest post by Beth Crumpler from Adaptive Learnin. (If you are interested in guest posting, please contact Jennifer at

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I have written several posts about Glogster EDU on my own blog, so I am  thrilled to be asked to contribute as a guest blogger. After brainstorming for a while and searching through Glogster EDU’s website for writing ideas, I came across some fabulous Glogs that contain web tech tools for teachers. I was so inspired by the resources that these Glogs contain that I decided it would be a great subject for my first guest blog contribution. I found many Web 2.0 websites for teaching and learning that I have never heard of, and some that I have heard of but never have used.

Glogster EDU is often promoted as a tool for students to create Glogs, or interactive posters, for assignments or projects. The following top 10 Glogs show how Glogster EDU can also be used by educators to create interactive posters for professional development. Glogs can be created for many purposes, and these 10 Glogs show off a few of the infinite possibilities as well as offer great learning experiences for teachers. I found these Glogs in the public technology categories section of Glogster EDU.

Here are my Top 10 Glogs for professional development resources: 

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