Make Your Classes Come Alive with Custom Avatars!

What Type of Avatar is right for your Class? 

Glogster EDU is fun for everyone; students and teachers alike. Make your classes and your students stand out, and help your learners to feel that they are expressing themselves, with custom Avatars. Here Glogster EDU discusses a few free avatar creators that might be right for your class.

Picking the right avatar creator is a delicate thing. If you’re the type of teacher who loves attention to detail, and loves to be creative, there are an embarrassment of possible choices for a great avatar maker. While many teachers use screenshots of student Glogs as avatars, you may want to allow students to prepare their own custom models, or you might like to try giving all your students the gift of an avatar made by their favorite Glogster EDU teacher. Here are a few services we’ve tried, along with our reviews of each.

The Na’Vi Avatar Creator:

He doesn't look too familiar.

He doesn’t look too familiar.

While we loved the concept of a class full of little Avatars (the Na’vi people from the hit film called Avatar), this Avatar creator from Doll Divine doesn’t measure up to expectations. While it’s fun to customize your Avatar’s clothing and the background, we can’t really say that this Avatar accomplishes its primary purpose: identifying the user in a unique way. The facial features were not really customizable, and so we didn’t really get that “wow!” moment of recognition with the end result.

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