Glog in Green for St Patrick’s Day!

glogster_stpatrickWe have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of green on Tuesday, as Irish revelers around the world celebrate their unique heritage. Whether you’re lucky enough to be in Ireland, where the day is a public holiday, or whether you’re exploring Irish culture in school, we thought we’d share some fun facts about the festivities, as well as a green glog template to help you remember your own St Patrick’s celebrations with photos, videos, text and more!

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Let’s Hear it for our February GlogStars


Last month, we introduced our new GlogStar program, highlighting some of the exemplary work we see in Glogpedia, and getting to know its creators a little better. We kicked off the project with Alyssa Morrel, a 5th grade student with a love of animals and a great eye for detail. This month we have two new GlogStars to share, who’ve created glogs from very different educational perspectives: one is a teacher of students, and the other is a student of teaching! These beautiful creations just go to show some ways in which Glogster impacts teaching and learning at every level of education.

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5 Ways to Tell a Story with Glogster


Digital storytelling is one of the classroom buzzwords of the year, but its origins are ancient: from the beginning of time, humans have used their imaginations to share knowledge through engaging and emotive stories. Now, with the internet and remarkable creative tools at our disposal, the legacy of telling tales can be expressed vividly and shared across the globe.

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5 Ways to Use Audio in Glogster


We all know that a glog is a visually powerful tool, combining informative text with images and video to make the subject come to life. But did you know that 30% of the population are auditory learners, meaning that they engage with information best by listening? While some learners focus better on sounds than others, it is undeniable that we all have a powerful response to music, sound effects and the human voice. By adapting your glogs and glog assignments to include audio content as well as visual content, you will give learners a different way to shine, encouraging camera-shy students to take center stage and perhaps even unlocking musical and public speaking talents. Of course, the Glogster iPad application makes it easier than ever to record audio onto a glog wherever the idea finds you. Here are some easy ways to draw in auditory content as the final element to complete your glogs and attack learning from every angle.

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5 Ways to Glog on a Field Trip


When I think back to my school years, there’s no doubt that from field trips were the most exciting days of all, and full of big questions: who would sit next to whom on the bus? What was in our packed lunches? Would we be allowed to buy souvenirs? Of course, educators often find field trips as stressful as students find them thrilling, as the task of ensuring that the entire class is looking, listening, and remembering important facts falls upon them. But what if that task didn’t have to be about keeping learners quiet and walking in line? What if there was a way to get real results by letting learners do what they do best – exploring?

With the Glogster application for iPad, learners of all ages and abilities can do exactly that, using their own curiosity as a guide and creating a resource that not only checks their understanding but also forms a lasting memento of a fun and fact-filled day out. Here’s some inspiration for keeping trips on track: Continue reading

From Washington to Obama


Whether you know it as Presidents’ Day, Washington’s Birthday, or Washington and Lincoln Day, this is a great day for learning about U.S. history. The date was first celebrated in 1879 to remember the birthday of George Washington, and it was later broadened to celebrate the presidencies of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, whose birthdays both fall in February. However, after many decades of interesting leaders with different talents and personalities, most of us remember the day as Presidents’ Day, honouring all 43 people who have stood at the helm of the United States. The Presidents can be seen as milestones on the country’s road through history, and for better or worse, they have guided America through good times and bad times since its conception.

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5 Ways to Use Video in Glogster


If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Video is one element that is sure to make a glog stand out and grab students’ attention. While it’s easy to find an appropriate and informative clip on YouTube or SchoolTube, some of our most creative gloggers include videos they’ve made themselves. A video can provide a guide through a glog’s contents, or a response to them, becoming the focal point of a presentation or a helpful aside as needed. With the Glogster iPad app, video elements have taken on even more possibilities, as clips can be recorded directly onto the glog via the iPad’s camera. However, whether you’re using an iPad, a camera, or a camera phone, it’s easy to make a statement using video on Glogster. We’ve put together some bite-sized pieces of inspiration to help you make your glog the star of the show:

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Celebrating an iPad App Milestone


Four months after we released our Glogster iPad application, we have hit a major milestone: 250,000 downloads! That means that a quarter of a million students and teachers worldwide are glogging on the go, carrying the entire Glogpedia library with them on their devices and creating glogs the moment that inspiration hits. We want to thank all of you, not just for contributing to this significant number, but also for your valuable feedback in the early stages of the app’s continued development. We’ve loved hearing stories and seeing images of what you and your learners can achieve with our tool, and we’ve been inspired by your ideas for future updates. In so many ways, we couldn’t have achieved this without you, and we’re proud that Glogster for iOS has found a home in so many learning spaces around the world.

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Introducing GlogStar – Alyssa Morell


No sooner did we set out on our mission to grow Glogpedia than our users started creating some of the highest quality content that Glogster has ever seen! While Glogpedia is a fantastic source for inspiration, we thought some glogs deserved a special mention due to the hard work and creativity that set them apart from the rest. We had the pleasure to ask some of our most ingenious gloggers about their creations, and now we have the privilege of sharing them with you. Each month we will introduce you to another GlogStar – the creative individuals who are inspiring our users to create great glogs. This week we will kick off the series with Fifth Grader Alyssa Morell from Oakfield Elementary School, who created a heartfelt and informative glog on chimpanzee conservation:

Alyssa’s teacher, Aaron Schepp, told us that he chose Glogster as the medium for a class project on endangered animals. “Alyssa spent a lot of time working on this project,” he tells us, and it only takes one look at the glog to see the proof of that!

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5 Ways to Present with Glogster


We believe that learning to present knowledge is just as important as learning the facts themselves. Presentation is a lifelong skill, building confidence, creativity, and an understanding of how to make knowledge approachable. Unfortunately, from science fairs to sales pitches, presentations all too often resort to the same dry formula, resulting in a loss of audience attention and ultimately a loss of the presenter’s confidence.

Fortunately, Glogster offers a plethora of ways to make any presentation a talking-point, and make facts unforgettable. We’ve put together five ways to use Glogster in a presentation, either as the foundation for the entire talk, or as the multimedia icing on the cake. And while these ideas are perfect for inspiring confidence in your students, they might just inspire you as well!

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Create Perfect Citations with Glogster and EasyBib


We all know that the internet is a powerful tool for discovering and sharing knowledge, and that as users of that tool, we have a duty to give appropriate credit to the creators of websites, articles, images, videos and other digital sources used in glogs, projects and essays. But did you know that creating proper and professional citations need only take a few minutes?

Glogster have teamed up with EasyBib to create a free one-stop resource for citing online and digital media. Comprising of the e-book, A Visual Guide to Citing Online & Digital Sources in MLA 7, and a printable handout for learners, this packet provides easy-to-follow examples of citations for everything from e-books and scholarly articles to tweets and youtube videos! Continue reading