Say Hello to Glogster 1.2.1!


Glogster 1.2.1 has just gone live on the Apple Store, and is available for download now! The Glogster team have taken user feedback into account and drastically improved the app’s stability, as well as fixing bugs, adding new features, and increasing accessibility for free accounts. Update to the newest version of Glogster for iPad, and enjoy a more streamlined experience.

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Glogster Spring School Revisited

glogster_spring_school2 Summer is on the horizon, and Glogster Spring School is wrapping up. Our first course of exclusive video tutorials has been a great success so far, with teachers from all around the world enrolled and our first certifications having just been awarded! Check out how our first certified “Gloggers on the Go” used the skills they learned over the three-week course to create glogs about their own hometowns, schools, or favorite places: Continue reading

The Ultimate Glog Guide – Content


By now you probably know the basics of Glogster, but perhaps you need a little inspiration to create the ultimate glog. As part of our ongoing drive to make Glogpedia the best resource it can be, we are bringing you a short series of blog posts addressing exactly this. Our content team is hard at work finding exemplary glogs amongst the thousands that you create and nominate every day – glogs with great content, an accessible layout, and serious visual appeal. This series will help you not only tick the right boxes, but also create an outstanding academic resource that can inform, entertain, and be used again and again by teachers and learners around the world.

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Issues with YouTube Content

As some of you may have noticed, Glogster’s web platform is currently experiencing problems with linking and searching for videos on YouTube. This issue is due to necessary improvements that we are currently making to Glogster’s API, and is a matter of high priority for our development team, who are currently working on a solution.

While new videos cannot be searched for within the editor or uploaded via URL, all videos added to glogs prior to the onset of the issue are still viewable. Furthermore, our iPad application still allows videos to be added to glogs without issue, but their thumbnails will show an error message in the in view mode despite being viewable upon clicking. We aim to have these problem resolved within a week, and we thank you for your patience during that time.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

5 Steps to Stunning the Science Fair with Glogster


With the final term of the school year on the horizon, students around the world are working on their biggest and most talked-about projects of the year. While every subject has its own exciting approaches to research and presentation, there is a special place in the hearts of students and teachers alike for the Science Fair. Giving learners of all ages an opportunity to be true scientists, this long-standing tradition promotes adherence to the Scientific Method alongside out-of-the-box thinking and creative presentation.

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A Big Hand for our April GlogStars!

glogster_april_glogstarGoing by the great content we’ve seen in the Glogpedia library, there are certainly no April fools around here! We hope you’ve all had a great month, with warmer weather rolling in and exams looming on the horizon, and we’re excited to show you our favorite glogs of the month, showcasing eye-catching layouts, exciting multimedia, and lots of great information for use in classrooms around the world. This month we’re doubly proud of our GlogStars, because all three top glogs were created by students!

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Be Inspired by our Uses Page


Are you in need of a quick lesson plan? Are you excited about creating multimedia posters but stuck for efficient ways to use them? If your answer is yes, you’re in luck, because Glogster has recently added a brand new page to the site – Glogster Uses – giving you four complete guides to fantastic glog assignments including custom-made templates, examples of completed glogs, and simple step-by-step instructions detailing how you and your learners can get the most from each assignment. Once you’ve filled up on inspiration, you can make our templates your own, letting creativity take over without the hassle of formatting! Check out our Uses below for an idea of what you can achieve with Glogster:


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Spring Forth with Spring School


With Spring Break drawing to an end, it’s time for our educators to get back to school – Glogster Spring School! This latest development in our PD program kicked off this week, allowing you to learn top Glogster tips at your own pace and gain a Glogster certification. The online course focuses on using the Glogster iPad app in and out of the classroom, and is ideal for K-12 educators looking for some extra insights and inspiration. Spring School consists of three modules, each lasting for a week, with new tutorial videos added daily. Check out the course syllabus for an idea of all the PD skills we’ve got lined up for you, then sign up for this unique learning experience!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.55.08 PM

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Templates 101: Gorgeous Glogs in Half the Time

glogster_templatesYou may have seen a number of new glog templates added to your dashboard recently, with subjects ranging from autobiographies to space technology. We believe that by making beautiful templates for you, we can cut out the hassle of formatting and allow your own expression, information and media to take center stage. That’s why we’re on a mission to work closely with educators and create relevant templates for every subject in the Glogpedia library.

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Reintroducing the Attachment Feature


We’re pleased to announce that as of today, the attachments feature has returned to the glog editor after a period of improvements and bug-fixing. This will allow users to add files to their glogs, supplying further information alongside their multimedia content. Users will also be pleased to know that all previously-saved attachments have been restored to your glogs and are now viewable as normal.

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Be Inspired by our March GlogStars!

glogster_march_glogstarMarch is a month of many changes as the winter melts into spring. One thing that certainly hasn’t changed, however, is the amazing quality of glogs being created by learners and educators every day! Now, with Spring Break just around the corner, the difficult task falls to us of choosing March’s GlogStars. GlogStars are gloggers from around the world and all different stages of education, who have gone the extra mile in combining insightful information with exciting media, to create some fantastic interactive resources.

This month we have been in touch with three great gloggers, who were kind enough to share a few words of wisdom, providing their own perspectives on what goes into a truly engaging glog.

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