5 Ways to Present with Glogster


We believe that learning to present knowledge is just as important as learning the facts themselves. Presentation is a lifelong skill, building confidence, creativity, and an understanding of how to make knowledge approachable. Unfortunately, from science fairs to sales pitches, presentations all too often resort to the same dry formula, resulting in a loss of audience attention and ultimately a loss of the presenter’s confidence.

Fortunately, Glogster offers a plethora of ways to make any presentation a talking-point, and make facts unforgettable. We’ve put together five ways to use Glogster in a presentation, either as the foundation for the entire talk, or as the multimedia icing on the cake. And while these ideas are perfect for inspiring confidence in your students, they might just inspire you as well!

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Create Perfect Citations with Glogster and EasyBib


We all know that the internet is a powerful tool for discovering and sharing knowledge, and that as users of that tool, we have a duty to give appropriate credit to the creators of websites, articles, images, videos and other digital sources used in glogs, projects and essays. But did you know that creating proper and professional citations need only take a few minutes?

Glogster have teamed up with EasyBib to create a free one-stop resource for citing online and digital media. Comprising of the e-book, A Visual Guide to Citing Online & Digital Sources in MLA 7, and a printable handout for learners, this packet provides easy-to-follow examples of citations for everything from e-books and scholarly articles to tweets and youtube videos! Continue reading

Looking Back, Thinking Forward


The holiday season is well and truly over, and a brand new year sits ahead like a blank page. While educators are recovering from their well-deserved celebrations and learners are immersing themselves in the new semester, the Glogster team is looking back fondly at a year filled with exciting new developments for us and our constantly-growing community of users.

2014 saw the worldwide Glogster family grow to over 1.9 million educators and over 17 million students, who created over five million beautiful glogs, six thousand of which made it into the Glogpedia library. It remains a privilege and a pleasure to be at the centre of this burgeoning educational community, watching our users inspire and be inspired by fellow gloggers’ creations.

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VAT Changes for Glogster Customers in EU


On January 1, 2015, value-added tax (VAT) rates for our products will change for all territories in the European Union. VAT will be based on the customer’s country of residence instead of being the same across all EU territories. If you are not resident in the EU, these changes won’t apply to you.

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Innovative Teaching with the iPad: Part 4


This post is the final installment of an ongoing series, building on Glogster Ambassador Joli Barker’s featured post from 2013, and updating her great ideas with the Glogster iPad app in mind. We have already looked at fresh ways to innovate in the classroom, with homework, and in our communications.

This week, we’re taking a look at unique ways to show off students’ work to parents, each other, and the wider school community. There are many reasons to celebrate our students’ achievements, whether academic, creative, sporting or personal – and now with the Glogster iPad app, there are just as many ways to take pride in our students and display their skills and successes in a way that compliments their own creativity.

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Innovative teaching with the iPad: Part 3


This post is part of our ongoing series, examining guest writer Joli Barker’s 2013 post, 40+ Ways to Innovative Teaching Using Glogster EDU. Joli offered some fantastic ideas for maximizing Glogster’s potential in your classroom, and maximizing your students’ potential while you’re at it! We are looking at some of her innovations, and updating them with the Glogster iPad app in mind. If you haven’t had a chance to download the app yet, check it out here and discover what a difference it makes for yourself!

This week, we’re taking a look at fun, easy and eco-friendly ways to cut out the endless paperwork sent home to parents via students, replacing it with instantly accessible video, audio, images and links to share your news and goals with your students’ families.

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Innovative Teaching with the iPad: Part 2


This is the second part of an ongoing series, building on Joli Barker’s original post on innovative uses for Glogster. We are revisiting our favorite suggestions with the new iPad App in mind.  Click here to check out the first post, which recommends five unique ways to use the Glogster iPad app for engaging directly with students in the classroom.

This week, we will be changing the focus slightly, picking out some of Joli’s innovations in the area of homework and projects. Glogster has always been an ideal way for students to take their learning into their own hands, giving them the power to choose, research, and present knowledge according to their own decisions. Traditionally, project work has involved copious amounts of parent and teacher involvement – from supplying poster-board to guiding student research. However, with the personal and portable nature of the iPad students can be set in the right direction and left to explore, making the resulting glogs a true mark of effort and ability.

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1,000 New Glogs in Glogpedia – See our Top Picks!


As part of our ongoing dedication to making Glogpedia a complete cross-curricular learning resource, and in response to your own sterling creative efforts over the last month, we have been working hard to add another 1,000 top quality resources to Glogpedia. We can now proudly announce that the library has been updated with 1,000 of the most informative, attractive and engaging glogs created by users like you around the world, so whether you’re looking for some inspiration for your own glog projects, or seeking out an engaging way to introduce a subject to your class, we’ve got you covered.

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Innovative Teaching with the iPad: Part 1

As educators settled into the new school year, we saw a resurgence of interest in Glogster Ambassador Joli Barker’s featured blog post, ‘40+ Ways to Innovative Teaching Using Glogster EDU’. In May 2013, Joli offered an encyclopedic selection of exciting uses for Glogster’s online platform, which quickly became one of our most commented on and shared blog posts.

The 40+ Ways remain a fantastic starting point for new Glogster users and a valuable resource for long-term gloggers who want to try something new. However, the arrival of the Glogster iPad App takes Joli’s tips into a whole new dimension, giving students the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere, and instantly share what they have learned.  We decided to take our favorite points from Joli’s post, and expand on them with the iPad app in mind.

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