The Summer of Digital Postcards


As an interesting article explained this week, learners are far more likely to engage with information when it is relevant to their own lived experiences. Moulding our teaching to fit learners’ lives makes it more important than ever to gain as much information as we can about those experiences at the very beginning of the year. Fortunately, the new school year follows some of young people’s most impressive and lasting experiences – the summer holidays! Some learners are lucky enough to travel during the vacation, taking in new facts in extraordinary new places. Others are rediscovering more familiar scenes, exploring their neighbourhoods in whole new ways. From family trips to summer camp to lazy days in the park with friends, no two learners’ summer experiences are quite the same. That’s why this is the perfect time to plan the first glog project of the next school year – a summer vacation report!

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America’s Librarians are Loving Glogster!


We are very proud to announce that the Glogster iPad application has been chosen by the American Association of School Librarians as one of 2015’s best apps for teaching and learning. It is a fantastic honour to have all the hard work and passion that has gone into the app recognized, and our representatives are excited to be receiving the award in person at the 2015 ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco this weekend.

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Glogster’s Summer Makeover: New Pages

glogster_new_pages If you’ve been checking out Glogster lately, you may have noticed one or two differences. A lot of educators like to make little changes here and there over the summer. Whether it’s a new teaching wardrobe, a bit of DIY around your home, or some fun new posters and resources for next year’s classroom, nothing says “out with the old and in with the new” like a bit of a makeover. With that in mind, Glogster has made a few additions itself lately, improving the homepage with a helpful how-to section as well as giving you the low-down on Glogpedia nomination. Continue reading

Glogster News: Coming to a Conference Near You!


Now that the school year is over, you may be thinking about some summer travel plans. We’ve certainly been thinking along those lines, and are proud to be appearing at three summer conferences in three very different places over the coming weeks:

ITO Troitsk in Moscow, Russia from June 24 – 25

ISTE in Philadelphia, PA from June 28 – July 1

ALA Conference in San Francisco, CA from June 25 – 30

If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration, we’d love for you to drop by and ask us about all the new developments we have in store for you!

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The Ultimate Glog Guide – Design


This is the third and final post in our series of comprehensive guides to creating top-quality content. Our Glogpedia editors have found some great resources lately, incorporating our recent tips on content and layout, and we’re looking forward to seeing plenty more in the coming weeks!

By now, you should have gathered some great multimedia content, and arranged it in an easy-to-follow format. In a way, you’ve already created a fully functional glog, built to inform and inspire. Without instant visual appeal, however, readers won’t give it a second look! We are all guilty of judging books by their covers, so why should online resources be any different? What you need now is some subtle touches to visually tie your glog together, giving an instant overall impression of something polished, professional and well thought-through.

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Guest Post: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (and More)


This guest post was written for us by Cynthia Lieberman, the Co-founder of CyberWise have recently paired up with us to create some fantastic Digital Citizenship resources, and Cynthia is here to tell us more about the inspiration behind them:

“What I hear, I forget;
What I see, I remember;
What I do, I understand.” 
– Old Chinese proverb

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Never has this maxim been more true. People of all ages are struggling with information overload in epic proportions, and that’s why visual tools and apps that relay info in a fast, digestible and easy format– like YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat –are on the rise.

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School’s In For Summer!


Your school may be closing up for the vacation, but Summer School is now open for registration! Whether you’ve already enjoyed our Spring School and are looking for more opportunities to hone your Glogster expertise, or whether you’re after all the latest Glogster tips and tricks before September, this four-week course is a creative and comprehensive look at getting the most out of Glogster, not to mention using Glogster to bring out your learners’ potential. Our video tutorials will guide you through the benefits of lesson planning using Glogster, researching topics with Glogpedia, and using a rubric to create the best possible content. As with Spring School, the course will end with a chance to create your own glog which will be assessed and awarded with a unique Glogster Certificate. So if sorting out your PD is on your summer to-do list, relax – we’ve got you covered!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.55.08 PM

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Make Some Noise for our May GlogStars!


The school year is nearly over, but that’s not stopping our GlogStars! We’ve seen educators and learners alike pouring their knowledge into fantastic resources. It’s been really difficult for us to narrow down our favourites to just three GlogStars, but these three users have all offered something really unique to Glogpedia – from an interactive health warning about mosquitoes to a complete cultural language lesson to a guide around an ancient castle, each glog has left us excited to know more about the talented people behind them!

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The Ultimate Glog Guide – Layout


This post is the second in a short series of comprehensive guides to creating top-quality content, sure to impress our Glogpedia editors as well as your classes, family and colleagues. To gather some top tips on choosing the right content, check out last week’s post!

All too often great information is obscured by poor arrangement – if a resource doesn’t grab the attention, or loses it before it gets to the heart of the message, what value do the thrilling facts within it have? When we think about layout, we must appreciate that eyes and brains are pretty lazy sometimes. Anything that causes a reader extra effort will make them less likely to engage with the facts at hand. That’s why we need to arrange information in a way that catches the eye and holds it there, guiding viewers gently and enjoyably through the facts they need to arrive at the right conclusion.

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Say Hello to Glogster 1.2.1!


Glogster 1.2.1 has just gone live on the Apple Store, and is available for download now! The Glogster team have taken user feedback into account and drastically improved the app’s stability, as well as fixing bugs, adding new features, and increasing accessibility for free accounts. Update to the newest version of Glogster for iPad, and enjoy a more streamlined experience.

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Glogster Spring School Revisited

glogster_spring_school2 Summer is on the horizon, and Glogster Spring School is wrapping up. Our first course of exclusive video tutorials has been a great success so far, with teachers from all around the world enrolled and our first certifications having just been awarded! Check out how our first certified “Gloggers on the Go” used the skills they learned over the three-week course to create glogs about their own hometowns, schools, or favorite places: Continue reading