5 New Features for our iOS App

mailingOur most recent update of Glogster for iOS is now available to download, and what a treat it is! Not only does this update fully stabilize your user experience for iOS 9, it also brings exciting new functions direct to your mobile device, including epic editing tools and a little something that might just make glogging the new texting. Check out Glogster 1.3.2 now for a whole new level of glogging experience.

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A Very Special Day


Monday is rarely a teacher’s favorite day, but as many of you will know, today is not just any Monday. It is in fact World Teachers’ Day, mandated by UNESCO in 1994 to be celebrated around the world every year in honour of hardworking teachers, and in preparation for future generations of learners and educators. We want to take a moment to thank all of our Glogster educators who are committed to making a difference in the lives of young people, and who have been our constant allies in creating progressive and engaging educational technology.

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Introducing Glogster Personal

G_personal_10In September 2014, we released our very first mobile application to expectant users. One year, a prestigious award and over 500,000 downloads later, we are looking at a well-loved and substantially improved product that has changed the face of glogging for good. For us, the most exciting part of the Glogster app’s journey has been watching the product’s evolution in the hands of our users. We have delighted in your many interpretations of ‘glogging on the go’, from field trip reports to coffee-shop musings, and watched in fascination as the application has pushed – and even exceeded – the boundaries of the classroom. It is in this spirit of growth and enthusiasm that we proudly introduce the next chapter in Glogster’s story.

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Three Cheers for our Top Nominees!


As you may have heard recently, we’re rather excited about hitting the 30,000 glog-mark in our digital resource library. We really couldn’t have achieved this staggering result without the help of teachers and learners alike, who not only create amazing digital posters on a daily basis, but also click the green ‘nominate’ button to give us a heads-up about great content. In order to thank the creators and the curators of Glogster, we’ve put together a short shout-out to our top three Most Nominated gloggers of the year!

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Hip Hip Hooray for 30k


A year ago, we started out on a mission. A mission to take our categorized library of educational glogs and, with your help, turn it into a one-stop resource for students and teachers around the world. We had a vision of educators searching through user-created glogs to find the perfect visual aid for a presentation, and learners using the Glogpedia library as a powerful research tool for their own projects. In short, we wanted to create an ever-growing, ever-improving interactive digital textbook, covering every educational topic imaginable. One year later, and we are well on our way to achieving this goal, with a staggering 30,000 top-quality resources available in the Glogpedia library!

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Kick-Start September with 200 Templates


September is officially here, which means that the school year is officially upon us. Of course, for many of you, the work has already begun and you are knee-deep in the technicalities of getting to know a new class. There are certainly a lot of things weighing on teachers’ minds at this time of year, but rest assured that creating stunning posters and presentations with your class doesn’t have to be one of them. That’s because we have been working hard this summer to create 200 brand new glog templates for web use and iOS, categorised by subject and discipline, and ready for you and your learners to complete with information, media and creative flair.

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Start School in Style – All About You


The first day back at school is always a hectic one, with learners getting to grips with new schedules, new classmates, new locker combinations, and sometimes new campuses. If there’s one thing you want them to take away, amidst all the manic hustle and excitement, what is it? Perhaps you want to connect with each member of your new class on a personal level, reassuring them that you are a real person who can be a trusted mentor. Perhaps you want to show them how engaging and interactive your classes can be, getting them excited for future lessons. Or perhaps you want to discuss individual personality, ambition and learning style, and how you can all work together to make this year amazing. What better way to cover all three bases than with an interactive multimedia introduction? Use photos, videos and music to capture student attention, present yourself and your interests, and encourage learners to share information about themselves! With Glogster’s new personal product for mobile, you can build a glog on the go this summer, adding personal touches such as photos and videos from your vacations.

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Start School in Style – Organization

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 2

Let’s face it, some people are just better at being organized than others. Our students are certainly proof of that, with some taking great pleasure in writing to-do lists and others mumbling homework excuses every single morning. A lot of the time educators attempt to solve these problems by incentivizing organization, offering neon-colored week-planner notebooks and rainbow fine-line pens, in hopes that learners will become excited about color-coding their notes and keeping their files in order. For us adults however, organizational tools lose their appeal all too quickly, often leaving us knee-deep in chaos and deadlines. In the second installment to our stress-free back-to-school series, we explore how Glogster can help you lay out your lesson plans, schedule and more, with enough colour and creativity to help you get excited about planning ahead!

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Start School in Style – Teaching Philosophy


This is the first of four blogposts designed to take you smoothly into the 2015-1016 school year, one great glog at a time. While learners are fussing about first day outfits, covering their textbooks and decorating their lockers, we educators have slightly different priorities – namely, getting off to the best possible start with our new class, and building relationships that will nurture learning and engagement throughout the year. We hope that with our ideas on back-to-school glogs for you, your learners and their families, you will find some inspiration and ease the transition from summer to September!

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DIY your PD with Glogpedia


Over here at Glogster HQ, summer is reaching extreme temperatures, making poolside relaxation with a cold drink more tempting than ever, and fretting about September’s impending challenges seem almost impossible. However, taking a look at our recent Glogpedia nominations, we have to admit that many educators already have their minds firmly on the next school year – glogs on lesson planning, note taking and educational psychology have been popping up more frequently than ever before, giving us some great insight into the passion and drive of Glogster educators. While we fully endorse a well-deserved summer break for our hard-working family of teachers, we accept that you can’t always switch of the teaching side of your brain. So, whether you are facing September with excitement, trepidation, denial or a mix of all three, these spectacular PD glogs will keep your teaching minds sharp and put your summer minds at ease! Continue reading