Announcing the Hometown Glog Contest Winner


“Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Nobody knows and loves a place like the people who call it home, so a few months ago we asked our Glogster users to tell us all about their hometowns via pictures, text, audio, video and links in the Glogster Hometown Contest.

We had a fantastic response, with 500 submissions giving captivating insights into the hometowns of gloggers around the world, all competing for a prize of $1000.

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The Very Best of the New iPad App

ipad_nwlAs the launch date of our brand new iPad app is fast approaching, we have received enthusiastic feedback from the teachers who participated in the app pilot program. The participants’ excitement with the application’s functionality exceeded all our expectations.

Part of the feedback showed some misunderstanding concerning the development and purpose of the new iPad application. Some users thought that the new app is a mere upgrade of our older social networking application which was intended and limited purely for social interaction.

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Introducing the Glogster Professional Development Program

Snímek obrazovky 2014-08-11 v 11.31.19

So you’ve enjoyed using Glogster in your classroom, and you’re ready to take the next step? Or perhaps you’ve just discovered the platform and you want to know all the tips and tricks…

The Glogster team now offers an Online PD Training and Certification Program, allowing our community of users to gain a standard of proficiency in teaching with glogs. We are keen to keep in close contact with our worldwide family of educators, and through this program we can communicate directly with our valued customers, and ensure that they are getting the very best from their Glogster™ experience.

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iPad Application Release FAQs

newl_ipad_pic_largeThe buzz around the iPad app is growing, with a fantastic response to our recent preview post and excited messages from educators eager to learn more about the app and its release. We have pulled together your most commonly asked questions from blog comments and answered them all together in this comprehensive guide:

How much will the iPad app cost?
We are pleased to announce that the iPad application will be…

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7-Day Trial Period [UPDATE]

In relation to ongoing product enhancements and our upcoming iPad app, we are releasing an update that changes the free trial period to seven days.

Up until now, users signing up for our service have been automatically given a 31-day trial, offering all the features of a paid account. While we are still keen to let new users try out everything Glogster has to offer – including use of the iPad app – we have cut this decision-making period down to seven days in order to ensure that paying customers continue to receive an optimum service.

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The First Glimpse of the Glogster iPad App


Our long-awaited app is in the final stages of beta testing, and the release date is approaching quickly. The Glogster team is hard at work ensuring that all our great new features are available to users in perfect working order as soon as possible. We can’t wait to share the finished product with you, but for now we can proudly show you the first ever images of our all-new iPad interface.

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Slot Management [UPDATE]

We have pushed out an update which brings changes to the usage of student accounts.

Until now students who had inactive accounts could create, edit and delete glogs. Permitting this for inactive students, however, caused excessive demand for storage on our servers which exceeded the scope of intended use of the Free license. Also, there were cases of misuse of this function, i.e. when active student accounts were set to inactive to replace them with active students without paying for extra slots.

For these reasons, as well as to reserve student slots and storage for our paying customers, inactive student accounts will no longer be able to create, edit or delete glogs for the duration of inactive status.

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Multiple Logins Under One Account [UPDATE]

We have released an update which resolves an issue of multiple logins under one account. From now on, the system allows only one login with a particular nickname and password at a time. If someone logs in with the same nickname, all previous sessions are automatically closed.

The multiple login was never a regular feature and had been allowed for quite some time because it was not being abused. However, this has changed as we are now seeing an increasing number of users who have avoided setting up regular accounts, instead logging in as a group under one username. This is affecting our paying subscribers by placing an unforeseen strain on our system and also exposing accounts to potential unauthorized access.

Releasing this update is a step forward in terms of enhancing system stability, users’ protection, and ensuring the best possible experience for all our paying customers.

Thank you for your understanding.

Limitation Of The Free Product Has Begun

As of this week we are officially starting the limitation of our free product. The process began yesterday with closing our free social networking site for new registrations to avoid being misused and confused with Glogster EDU and will continue with further steps in order to update the free version of Glogster EDU so it meets current SaaS standards, leaves less room for unlawful use of our services and therefore makes for a better user experience for our paying customers.

The above mentioned steps will be announced as we move forward.

To discuss a Glogster EDU solution for your district or school please contact us at: +1-888-702-4106 Closes For New Registrations

Beginning today, – our free social networking website that serves as an online platform for creative teenage bloggers will no longer be open for new registrations. The website has declined and as a company we’re pouring all of our energy into developing Glogster EDU as it is our main site. Existing users will continue to be able to use the service until it will retire completely.

These changes do not affect Glogster EDU ( as it is a separate site.

If you would like to start using Glogster, please go to:

Updating Glogster’s Terms of Use

Our new Terms of Use are effective as of April 25, 2014.

We believe it’s essential for you to feel informed when it comes to your information on Glogster. With this in mind, we added a section about Fair Usage and Abuse of Lawful Use of Trial License to our FAQ‘s and Terms of Use.

The inclusion of this section is a response to a massive increase in circumvention of purpose and meaning of use of the Trial license we have identified recently. The usage of our services is being abused by some entities to such an extent that exceeds the normal order of frequency of use and therefore is unlawful, commits long-term law infringements and causes damage to other users of Glogster.  

We feel it is to benefit to everyone to inform and help to raise awareness about lawful using of services.

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