Summer News and Highlights: Lots Going on at Glogster EDU!

Summer 2013: Community News & Highlights

While it’s summer in America, and most schools have been on break, Glogster EDU has been hard at work. While that may sound like a bummer for some teachers and students who get the summer off, for us it’s exciting! We get to spend the summer improving Glogster EDU, and staying connected with millions of users who stick around during vacation too!

Educators Talking about Glogster EDU

Educator Craig Seasholes (@craigseasholes), created a fantastic presentation this summer for PSESD: Pudget Sound Educational Service District. The presentation showcases a range of Glogs about Glogster EDU, and Digital Learning. Check it out by clicking below!


What’s Glogster Working on?

Lots of neat stuff. Here’s a popular question we’ve been asked a lot.

Yes! We’ve done it at Glogster HQ. Our new iPad app is now beyond the prototype stage, and we are working on the product design and testing for our release of Glogster EDU for ios! The app now works smoothly and intuitively. We’ve found that Glogging is even better on an iPad than it is on a web browser, and because of the multitouch features of an iPad, the interface is more intuitive and more fluid than ever before. Plus, the iPad app includes exciting new features, among them: collaboration on multiple iPads, taking photos and videos directly from real life into a Glog, and importing whole webpages, like wikipedia entries, into a Glog. When are we releasing? We are planning for an October release. This means that Glogster EDU for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch will be available in time for the Fall semester in the US!

Attend our Technology Summit! 

Learn more about our plans for the iPad at our Technology Summit, on Wednesday, August 28th at 10:30 EST.

 Tech Summit

Glogster EDU Ambassador Joli Barker’s amazing 40+ Ways to Innovate Teaching with Glogster EDU, has had  over 4,000 readers! Wow!

Jolie Barker: McKinney, TexasI believe that the two most important jobs on Earth are being a parent and teacher.  I take my role as both extremely seriously and approach my classroom as a way to extend the ‘family’ for my students. a- Jolie Barker   From her Blog:  “Fearless Classroom”


Glogster EDU Kudos

Every month, Glogster supports EdCamps and EdConferences with sponsorships, including Glogster EDU licenses for raffles, and other giveaways. And sometimes an EDUcator just wants to let us know we’re loved. Well, you’re all loved too! Here are a few kudos we’ve received this summer:

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 12.43.12 Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 12.39.35






Christa Herring from Prairie Hills Colorado had this to say:

“It is exciting for me to take a step back and observe students using critical thinking and reasoning skills as they sift through information to pick just the right picture, compose the perfect title, or write an interesting paragraph to convey knowledge of a particular topic. Last year, we created Glogs to wrap up our study of the American Revolution. Students were responsible for making their own digital poster. While some students worked alone, other children quickly collaborated linking Glogs together showing a comprehensive look at the American Revolution. They loved working with Glogster! After finishing our projects, my fifth graders helped two first grade classes to create Glogs of their own to show what they had learned about animals. What a fabulous and motivating way for children to work with other grade levels.”
Christa Herring
Fourth Grade Teacher

Digital Storytelling with Glogster EDU

Digital Storytelling with Glogster EDU

A part of teaching is storytelling. As a teacher, you tell the story of the world around you. The history, the mechanics, the reasoning behind everything that your students observe and wonder about.

Digital storytelling allows us to take a linear series of events and bring them to life in a multidimensional experience; to communicate, collaborate, by infusing all types of media into the process.

And Digital storytelling can be practiced anywhere; in almost any imaginable form: in homes, schools, libraries and businesses, by anyone from beginner technology users to experts. In education, teachers and students use digital learning concepts across all content areas, and all grade levels.

The Glogster EDU team comes across amazing Digital Storytelling every single week in Glogpedia. So we thought we’d share some of that here.

What makes Great Digital Storytelling? 

Here are a few ideas:

Style and Substance

government12345FlemmingBachRevolucion Mexicana

Great digital storytelling gives more than the facts: it gives a bit of atmosphere as well. By incorporating different styles of text, music, or historical documents and photos (bonus points for links to resources and videos of key concepts and places), the story being told really comes alive.

Depth and Connectedness

PermutationsFundamental Counting Principle

London CultureLondon Architecture

Great Digital Storytelling also tells a story in different ways. It presents more than the facts: it also gives the learner a reason and a way to learn more about the subject. It presents information that inspires discovery, and offers ways to make those new discoveries easily: by linking to different resources.

Digital Storytelling isn’t just told, but experienced. It serves as a gateway to a whole universe of new information and insight- it is not self-contained, and doesn’t have to be.


Carbos  Game History

We think great digital storytelling is also about making a case for what’s important, and finding out what’s important to the person experiencing your story. It distills the facts and relevant information, and helps guide the learner to teach him or herself more about the topic. It sparks interest, and gives a reason as to why this new branch of knowledge can be attractive and useful.

Glogster EDU Launches Home Edition!

Glogster EDU Launches Home Edition!

Over the past 3 years, the Glogster Team has watched education technology become a revolution in the way that we think about the roles of teachers and students. As technology and society continue to change more and more rapidly, the role filled by the traditional school system has had to change too, as we discussed deeply in our recent Ebook: Connect to the Revolution.

Another big change that’s been occurring, especially in the United States, is a resurgent interest in Homeschooling. In about a decade, the number of homeschooled students in the US has more than doubled, with the percentage of students primarily learning at home increasing to about 3% of all American students, meaning that today over 2 million American students are homeschooled. And the trend shows signs of speeding up, as learning resources become more affordable, and more accessible to parents and communities outside the public school system.

What is Home?

Why Glogster EDU is Coming Home

Noting this trend, the Glogster Team has created a perfect package to meet the needs of the homeschool environment. Not only does Glogster EDU base itself upon the idea that student oriented learning, in which young learners direct their own paths toward acquiring knowledge and skills, is the shining future of 21st Century education, but homeschooling parents and homeschoolers across American emphatically agree. Creative, self-directed, explorative, and deeply insightful learning is not only up to the truly great parents and teachers among us: students need tools and modes of expression that are relevant to them, and not just to us. That’s what Glogster EDU has been about from the very beginning. The perfect fit.

Get Glogster EDU Premium: Home Edition! Click Here.

Glogster EDU inspires students, anywhere they are.

Glogster EDU inspires students, anywhere they are.

What Glogster EDU Home Edition Can Help Kids Accomplish

We could talk about features first, but Glogster EDU Home Edition is about accomplishments. It’s about the feeling, the knowledge, that you have engaged with a new topic, and that you have learned and produced something of great value to yourself. Here are some things young learners have accomplished with Glogster EDU:

Independent Thinking and Reasoning: Glog creation requires students to think for themselves, and engage with topics in non-passive ways; that they think not only about what something means, but about how that meaning can be expressed to someone else. And there’s no better way to do that than to base learning upon outcomes: creative and engaging projects that kids will enjoy working on, that they will be proud of, and that ask to be shared and cherished.

Creative Skills: Often the first thing that we lose in education when we focus on tests and grades, memorization and repetition, is that learning is about synthesis. Knowledge of something is not very good if we cannot find ways of expressing that knowledge, and that’s why Glogster EDU has been so popular since its inception. Glogster EDU learners connect with the information they are absorbing during the process of synthesizing it into something meaningful that they wish to express: they learn by teaching. They are their own teachers.

Love of Knowledge: Many of us feel that the topics we loved in school were our favorites because we were better at them. But often we forget that we were also better at these topics because we loved them. Because a teacher or one of our parents inspired us to be passionate, and we used that passion to master the subject. It wasn’t work to learn, because we loved knowing more. With Glogster EDU, knowledge is not the only goal, because it doesn’t have to be. We trust that knowledge follows passion, and passion arises from a child’s need to express himself or herself- to understand and to be understood by others. Knowledge is a happy by-product of the love of knowledge. 


But What Are the Features?

Of course we’re proud of our award-winning features too! Here are a few things parents and kids can use Glogster EDU to do:

Organization: Group your kids into classes, to keep track of progress in different subject areas. There’s no limit to the number of classes you create- you can use this feature flexibly to organize different projects and work in many different areas at one time, sending comments and messages specific to different subject areas.

Creativity: Students all over love Glogging. Kids have created over 25 Million Glogs so far, about just about anything you can imagine. There is no limit to what can be done. Drag and drop images, graphics, video and audio directly from your content library into a Glog, and upload, embed or link content from anywhere on the web. It’s that easy! The Glog platform appeals to different learning styles, offering something for each type of learner, and for differentiated learning in every subject.

Templates and Projects: Pick a starting point for any project, and then let your kids take control. Grading and commenting, as well as messaging and sharing on social media, are just a click away. You can choose to assign projects based on specific requirements, or you can take a hands-off approach, and let students direct their own interests. That’s up to you- the tools allow you to take your own approach.

Sharing: Once your child’s creativity is unleashed, there are a variety of ways to publish and share the results. Glogster EDU has tools for organizing Glogs into presentations and portfolios that can be shared across the web. Email these portfolios to friends or relatives, or share them in your Personal Learning Network, or on social media. You can even print them out and put them on the fridge- a classic never goes out of style.

Security: Glogster EDU has industry leading privacy controls. Share and enjoy your child’s creative endeavors safely, knowing that our platform protects your privacy with individual, secure logins, secure private messaging available only between you and your own children, and absolutely no advertising to minors.

Your Homeschoolers Deserve Glogster EDU

Become a part of the Glogster EDU community, and let us share something special with you every single day. All we ask is that you do the same: aspire to do something really creative, and really special with us- when you can, where you can. That’s what the Glogster EDU community is about. To find out more, find us on Facebook, Twitter and other social media around the web, or send us an email today to talk about Glogster EDU Home Edition. We’re at Sales at Glogster-dot-com.

May Community Highlights: Amazing Glogs by Amazing Gloggers, and More!

May 2013: Community Highlights

The Glogster EDU Community is chock-full of amazing EDUcators and creative learners from all over the world. The only thing they’re required to share is a love of knowledge and a passion for learning creatively. Glogster EDU teachers connect and share in a variety of ways: by email, on Facebook, on Edmodo, and on Twitter, just to name a few. Every week, we’re flooded with inspiration from enthusiastic, inspiring and creative teachers. It’s our pleasure to share what we find here. Without further ado: here are some outstanding highlights from this month at Glogster EDU. 

The Pine Road Elementary School Library presents its YR Readers Choice Nominees

Pine Road

Over 100 Glogs were added to Glogpedia just last week! Here’s our favorite: 


And We’ve added some new Templates as well: Check them out!


Tony Sinanis’s 3rd Grade kids make Glogs about the chick lifecycle. In Jericho, NY.

Check out Tony’s Blog.



Glogster EDU Ambassador Joli Barker’s amazing 40+ Ways to Innovate Teaching with Glogster EDU, has had almost 2000 readers in 2 weeks! WOW! 

Jolie Barker: McKinney, Texas

“I believe that the two most important jobs on Earth are being a parent and teacher.  I take my role as both extremely seriously and approach my classroom as a way to extend the ‘family’ for my students.” – Jolie Barker

 From her Blog:  “Fearless Classroom”

Glogster EDU Kudos

Every month, Glogster supports EdCamps and EdConferences with sponsorships, including Glogster EDU licenses for raffles, and other giveaways. And sometimes an EDUcator just wants to let us know we’re loved. Well, you’re all loved too! Here are a few kudos we’ve gotten this month:

Diana Potts


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 15.53.08

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 15.54.21

Teachers let us know how they use Glogster EDU in any given week.

Teachers let us know how they use Glogster EDU in any given week.

We’ve also started a suggestion box:

Our fans and users ask us all kinds of great questions. Here are just a few from this month:


A: We’re working on a new Item Browser at the moment, and it’s almost ready. When it’s done, we’ll be tackling all sorts of new improvements and features. Thanks to the NextGen Glog Editor, you’ll be seeing more features and more improvements in speed and performance on a consistent basis!

Q: (Via Email) Have you considered adding a “business” or “leadership skills” category (to Glog Categories)?   That would apply more to higher ed than to K-12, but it could be useful to people in my field. –  Dee Anne Bonebright, Minnesota

A: Great Question! We have been working on a version of Glogster EDU, including a slightly different editor, that would be aimed at the needs of business and higher ed users, like yourself. For now, there are training vocational categories in the Discipline options, but a business/professional category is a great idea. We’ll definitely add this to our future plans.

Q: Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 16.25.12

A. Oh yes we are! And we can tell you this: it looks incredible. We can’t spill all the beans yet, but we can tell you that the app will be touch capable, will allow you to embed photos from an iPhone or iPad, and record audio on the fly. And it will do a whole lot more!

Make Your Classes Come Alive with Custom Avatars!

What Type of Avatar is right for your Class? 

Glogster EDU is fun for everyone; students and teachers alike. Make your classes and your students stand out, and help your learners to feel that they are expressing themselves, with custom Avatars. Here Glogster EDU discusses a few free avatar creators that might be right for your class.

Picking the right avatar creator is a delicate thing. If you’re the type of teacher who loves attention to detail, and loves to be creative, there are an embarrassment of possible choices for a great avatar maker. While many teachers use screenshots of student Glogs as avatars, you may want to allow students to prepare their own custom models, or you might like to try giving all your students the gift of an avatar made by their favorite Glogster EDU teacher. Here are a few services we’ve tried, along with our reviews of each.

The Na’Vi Avatar Creator:

He doesn't look too familiar.

He doesn’t look too familiar.

While we loved the concept of a class full of little Avatars (the Na’vi people from the hit film called Avatar), this Avatar creator from Doll Divine doesn’t measure up to expectations. While it’s fun to customize your Avatar’s clothing and the background, we can’t really say that this Avatar accomplishes its primary purpose: identifying the user in a unique way. The facial features were not really customizable, and so we didn’t really get that “wow!” moment of recognition with the end result.

The Simpson’s Avatar Creator

Thelma from Scoobie Doo?

Thelma from Scoobie Doo?

We had fun with this simple Avatar maker. While the facial features are not overly customizable, there were enough choices that we didn’t feel constrained. Kid and adult versions are available, in both male and female shapes, and the tools allow for custom choices of color and clothing. It’s enough to make something that vaguely resembles a student, but is a fun reference to the popular show.

Picasso Head

One of our favorites out there, this fun and daring Avatar creator uses the concept of a Picasso drawing, with a drag and drop interface. You can layer, resize and recolor any of a handful of basic elements to create a unique face, and the feeling that it was drawn by Pablo himself. Here are some of our attempts:

Mr. Potato head?

Mr. Potato head?

Bad hair day

Bad hair day

While we freely admit, the results don’t *exactly* scream Picasso, this was pretty fun. There are a limited number of objects to use, but the customization makes for endless possibilities. Add your signature in the Picasso style for added authenticity.

Pick a Face

Is that you Beiber??

Is that you Beiber??

We had high hopes for Pick a Face, but really, every Avatar we tried came out looking more or less the same. In a world of unrealistic body image issues and pressure on kids to conform to traditional concepts of beauty, it’s too bad that such a popular avatar maker produces such bland, “beautiful” images. Kids should just look like kids in our opinion. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Doppel Me

Serious Business

Doppel Me is a fun and easy full body Avatar creator. The faces are not so customizable, but there are plenty of clothing options to make up for this, and the size is right for a Glogster EDU Avatar.

So now you’ve got a few options to explore. Add Avatars to your Glogster student profiles today, and bring some personality to your Glogster EDU Classes and Projects. Each of these tools can yield fun and interesting results in under a minute, so don’t be afraid to dive in.

40+ Ways to Innovative Teaching Using Glogster EDU

The following is a featured post by Glogster EDU Ambassador Joli Barker. If you’re interested in a featured post of your own, you can tweet us: @GlogsterEDU or message us on Facebook. 

To help us grow our information network, and keep collecting the best content and new ideas for educators, please LIKE US, share on Facebook, Tweet us, and scroll to the end of this post to sign up for alerts; we’ll let you know when new content becomes available.

40+ Ways to Innovative Teaching Using Glogster EDU in the Classroom

As a Glogster Ambassador, as well as an innovative educator, I am obsessed with finding new and creative ways to engage my students with technology, but also to keep them focused on deep and meaningful learning.  Often teachers use technology as just another tool to provide information to students.  Students remain the passive consumers of their learning and fact gatherers rather than active participants in the discovery of information and producers of meaningful learning experiences.  This should be our goal as educators:  To provide tools to discovery and allow creativity and independence in the learning process.


Glogster EDU is a fantastic tool whose versatility is limited only by one’s imagination.  It is one of the most underutilized Web 2.0 tools out there!  This blog is dedicated to sharing and celebrating innovations in the classroom using this remarkable tool.

1. Ice Breakers or Getting to Know You

Starting off the school year in the same old ways?  Try using Glogster EDU as an innovative tool to get kids to express themselves about who they are and what they hope to accomplish over the year!  Create a “Meet Your Teacher” glog with all the makings of a fantastic glog (audio, video, links, graphics, images, documents) and not only let your new students get to know you and your teaching philosophies, but train them on HOW to create a glog of their own!  Send it out before school starts to your parents’ emails or post on your website for instant Day 1 assignment fun!


At the start of this school year, I asked my parents and 2nd grade students to take photos of things they loved that filled them with joy and made them feel special.  They specifically had to try to spell their names with those things, looking for the letters in patterns, shapes, or designs.  They each took digital photos, uploaded them to a glog, wrote little  blurbs about why each item was special to them, and added songs, videos of themselves, and even links to their favorite sites!  We shared these throughout the first week and it truly set the tone for our school year.  The documents, videos, and links provided in my “training” glog eased the stress of learning a new tool for both parents and students alike.  This lesson brought a sense of togetherness between my families and myself and has sustained a sound, respectful, and open relationship throughout the whole year.

2.  Student of the Week

Every week our campus celebrates one student from each classroom who demonstrates exemplary conduct and leadership.  In my class, we celebrate by giving a Glogspot to that student!  Using Big Huge Lab‘s motivator tool , I create an inspriational poster of the student’s picture with an educational quote.  Then, all of the classmates have a chance to enter text into the Glog telling the student how he/she matters to them and why they are so deserving of the honor of “Alpha Wolf” (our student of the week title).  This is a special digital memento that students can add to their websites or print to frame.  It means the world to them and is one of the most popular uses of Glogster EDU in my classroom each year.

3.  Classroom Newletter

Tired of boring paper newsletter?  Do you want to create excitement at home with parents and students about all the wonderful learning opportunities happening in your classroom?  Do you WANT your newsletter to actually be read!?  Look no further than Glogster EDU!  This is a fun, interactive way to get newsletter information to your parents!  Post images, videos, audio, parent support links, homework assignments and more!  It is fun and much more visually appealing to click away and interact with a newsletter than to receive a paper or link to a digital paper than only needs to be read.  The feedback on this use has been very positive!  My parents and students look forward to the newsletters because they showcase images from our classroom, links to learning, student made work, videos, and more!  This is definitely a refreshing change of pass from the mundane newsletters of pre-technology days.

4.  Parent Support

Want to help your parents feel connected to the classroom and supported at home with informative training videos or documents that teach them how YOU are teaching their children so that there is consistency between home and school?  Create glogs that link, info, share, show, and facilitate parent support at home!  I have sent glogs to my parents on everything from fact fluency expectations, to the scientific method, to solving word problems, to tips on reading with your child and how to ask good comprehension questions.

5.  Principal’s Corner

Glogster EDU is a great way for administrators to connect in innovative ways with their staff, community, and parents.  Create a Principal’s Corner glog sharing ideas, links, information, photos and more!

6.  Classroom Frequently Accessed Sites

Set up a glog that houses all of the frequently used and accessed site for your classroom.  Embed the glog into your webpage or wiki and viola!  You have a one-stop place for your students to access every site needed on a daily basis.  No more saving shortcuts to desktops or sentence strips with links.

7.  Flipped Classroom

When students are absent, or YOU are absent, or when you need to spend more time helping your students work the work rather than learn the material in the initial lesson, flipping the classroom is all the rage!  With Glogster EDU is it as easy as 1-2-3 or click, embed, click.  Glogs allow for videos, links, audio, podcasts, information, interaction, and photos.  You can embed an entire week’s worth of lessons into one glog and have kids work at their own pace or on a schedule.

8.  Classroom Blogging

Engage your students in writing in a way that will give them purposeful and meaningful opportunities to write daily.  Have students set up a blog/glog!  Each student can create or use a pre-made template in which they can blog daily or weekly about their learning.  These can be submitted to you as a way of self-reflection and communication between reluctant students and you!

9.  Cooperative Learning Tool


One of the best ways to help a child learn information on a deeper more meaningful level is to have them teach it to someone else.  Glogster is a great way for them to put together a lesson in one space that can be embedded into other sites for future use and reference.  Have students flipcam a video or do a paperslide, create images or take photos as visual aides, even record their lesson via Audacity or some other sound recording software, even provide problems and handouts.  They can also connect another glog template to the host glog and have students edit it as a response!  This idea is helpful when students are shy or nervous about teaching live in front of a class, but want to share their learning and ideas in a different way.

10.  Graphic Organizers

Create templates as graphic organizers and assign them to your students for them to fill out and submit back to you on a variety of topics from literary responses to scientific comparisons!

11.  Assessments

Give your students a digital version of a one-pager assessment!  The One-Pager is a creative writing strategy that can be used post-lesson as a way for students to organize information or review the content. Traditionally, students are given a plain piece of 8 ½” by 11” paper and asked to fill it up with elements from the reading such as quotations, definitions, charts, graphs, or anything else they feel is important information.  Students are able to use colorful markers, pens, or crayons, and they can be as creative as possible in their organization of information.  With Glogster EDU, students can create vibrant and interactive one-pagers and are more inclined to out-perform on these assessments as they motivate them to create and share more information than they might typically share with traditional assessments.

12.  Problem Solving Quests

Using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) type questions, have students utilize Glogster as a way to poster links, photos, videos, and explanations to solving these problems.  Use Glogster to set them up for success by linking them to Web 2.0 facilitated clues and instructions that guide them to information that they can peruse, synthesize, and share.

13.  Research


This is a two-fold benefit!  As the teacher, you can create a glog filled with research information and links for your students to easily find and use.  But a more productive application could be to assign research topics to students and have them create their own resource glogs!  Imagine the powerful learning experience your kids could have if they are responsible for finding,  determining the validity and accuracy of information, and sharing what they discovered learning evidence for the planning and research stage of these types of projects.

14.  Biographies

Have your students research individual people of history, authors, or other significant figures and then collaboratively create a glog or series of glogs that showcase the biographical information they learned.

15.  TImelines

Have students create personal timelines, timelines or historical events, or science data over time using Glogster.  These timelines can be so interactive with photos, videos, interviews, soundbytes, and digital articfacts.  SO much more than a read-only paper timeline.

16.  Math Explanations

Create a template for math word problem justification responses and have students create a glog that uses photos, videos, audio, and writing as means to explain their thinking and how they solved the problem.

17.  Writing Practice or Assignments:

Tired of workbooks and worksheets for editing and revising practice?  Create a template for them to digitally fill in or complete.  They can easily submit them to you for grading and saves on paper!

18.  Infographics


All the rage in education and business, infographics are a beautiful way to display graphs, data, processes, and synthesized information!  Teach this skill to your students and set them up for success both in education and future business endeavors!

19.  Scientific Experiment Results

Give your students the chance to really show off their understanding and scientific results by creating a glog that expresses their project!  It is a digital science fair project media!  Just think of the pride they will have as their peers interact with the photos, videos, audio, and links that enhance their projects results and solidify understanding.

20.  Spelling Patterns and Practice

Spelling tests or practice are no longer just paper and pencil activities.  Have students respond to an audio clip of you dictating or pronouncing the spelling words and have them type in the word!  It’s as easy as that!

21.  Social Studies Reports

Anytime students can respond to social studies learning through presentation and response the level of understanding is deeper and more meaningful.

22.  Comprehensive Body of Classwork

Connect a class set of glogs to a “host” glog that features their photos or names that link to their individual glogs.  It is a fabulous way create an online digital classroom display.  Parents and other classrooms can peruse all of the wonderful work your students create!

23.  Homework

Send glogs to your students with links, videos, audio, and photos as well as guided questions for them to answer!  It is a fun and exciting way to get kids to do their homework.  No more battle at home (except maybe to do more glogs!)!

24.  Scavenger Hunts

a look at the forests

Have students go on digital learning scavenger hunts across all curriculum and content! GIve little direction other than perhaps a pointed open-ended question and send them on the adventure.

25.  Community Service Projects

Get your community involved in your community service projects by creating interactive glogs that can send them to information about your cause, links to donate or volunteer, sign up for participation and so much more!  It is certainly impressive and worthy of the “word-of-mouth” publicity your community service project deserves.

26.  Art Gallery

Have students upload their artwork into a glog facilitated art gallery!  This is a great way for them to add commentary about their projects, the techniques being used, and even the historical impact of artists who pioneered the techniques!  This idea creates much more than a visually appealing gallery experience.  It becomes a digital interactive experience!

27.  Virtual Music Concert

Record songs and instrumental performances by your students and have them upload them into a glog that celebrates their talents through listener interaction!  Background information about the composer, singer, songwriter, or genre can be added to make the experience pleasant to the mind as well as the ear.

28.  Virtual FIeld Trips


Level the playing field for your students who have limited life experience and trump the budget cuts by creating a glog that sends your students on a virtual field trip!  Travel around the world by embedding videos, images, and anecdotal information.  Make it collaborative by asking students to each contribute an element to the glog!  Do a cross-cultural collaborative glog by having a global classroom create a “You and Us” glog with your students to share cultural information!

29.  Health and Fitness demonstrations and activities

PE coaches this one is for you!  Want your students to be more active at home?  Create an exercise demo glog or challenge to get kids off the couch and up and moving!  They just click on videos of exercises or fun songs to dance to and you have instant motivation to exercise!

30.  Library Book of the Month

Celebrate the BOok of the Month for grade levels or your campus by showcasing the book, author, and illustrator with interactive features and even student-created book trailors!

31.  Library Monthly Recommended Reads or Book Trailors

LMSs this one is for you!  Set up a recommended reading list for grade levels or your campus using GlogsterEDU and you can provide your students with instant access to information about the books, authors, illustrators, genres, and even send them to each other’s book review!

32.  Community Outreach

Have a concern or a project that addresses a concern in the community?  Need to send information about your community outreach project?  Create an interactive glog filled with information, resources, ideas, opportunities for volunteerism or donations, and even personal stories of people who have been affected through the outreach focus.

33.  PTO

PTO, you are not left out either!  Create your PTO page using Glogster!  Links, videos, photos, newsletters, fundraisers, and more all at the viewers fingertips!  No more shuffling through loose papers or losing important documents.  Now your families can have access to all things PTO and campus-focused anytime they want!

34.  Resource Glog or Virtual Anchor Charts

Are your walls filling up with anchor charts and resources for your students?  Are they boring and lack-luster?  Create or have your students create resource glogs or virtual anchor charts to use in class or to share with other classes in a cooperative learning situation!

35.  Campus Contests

Promote your contests and link data and current standings to a fun and beautifully interactive glog!  Photos, documents and more create a competitive and motivating experience sure to make the contest quite the event!

36.  STAAR (State Assessment) Test Prep

Help students study and practice for your state standardized test by creating an interactive experience of study, practice, and productivity.

37.  Global Connections

Create glogs to introduce yourclass to global friends or have each student create a “Getting to Know Us” glog.  Exchanges can happen via file share, wikis, or any other interface capable of embedding this type of widget.

38.  VIrtual Science Lab

Create a digital science lab using glog by connecting students to experiments that are inaccessible or too dangerous to perform in the live lab.  Students can add responses to these experiments as a way to assess their learning and experience.

39.  Paperless Campaign

Did You Know

Visit to see how Glogster EDU was utilized in a paperless campaign for Seimen’s We Can Change the World Challenge national finalist project in 2010!

40.  Literary Global Collabortation Settings

Visit , an award winning literary global collaborative project and see how Glogster EDU was used as a competition category as well as a staple of this project’s interactive features.

As gaming and gamification in the classroom hit their stride in the current of educational trends, I have designed my classroom and lessons around a living game experience.  Here are a few more applications for using Glogster in this type of scenario:

41.  Game:  Unlockables
42.  Game:  Clues
43.  Game:  Secret Codes
44.  Game:  Level Tutorials

I encourage you to explore and share more uses for GlogsterEDU.  If you or your district are interested in renewing or obtaining an EDU account, please use promo code 5E9515!  Happy Glogging!

Announcing: Connect To The Revolution, an Ebook by Glogster EDU

Connect to the Revolution

Presenting Our Latest Ebook

Well, it’s been a voyage of discovery. Glogster EDU has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, and it has been a joy to be here, and to learn from every EDUcator and student using Glogster EDU for creative, innovative teaching and learning.

At Glogster EDU, we believe that education truly lasts a lifetime, and that it never ends. That’s why we keep learning and growing every day. We’ve got so many special things planned, and we’re so happy to have you all along for the ride.

We’ve been working on our latest creation for months, and we’re finally ready to share it with you in its final form. It’s our brand new Ebook: Connect to the Revolution: How Technology can Flip Education and How School May Never Be the Same (and why that’s a good thing). In it you’ll find dozens of new resources on digital education and flipped teaching, a history of education technology, and much more.

Download the Ebook Here!


It’s valued at $89, but it’s our Gift to You, absolutely FREE. We only ask that you share it with friends on Facebook, or Twitter, and email the link to your colleagues, and spread the word. 

Your Glogster Team


Go Sideways with Glogster EDU – Announcing the horizontal Glog®!

Teacher-blackboard-horizontFlip Your Classroom, and your Glogs! 

Yes, in a month of exciting announcements, including our Faculty Edition, and the introduction of many all-new features, it is no less of a pleasure to announce the arrival of the Horizontal Glog. You asked and we answered: the Horizontal Glog has been a popular request from our users, and we’ve worked hard to make sure it would blend seamlessly with all the great tools available to our Glogster EDU Premium users.

Ancient Egypt - Horizontal Glog - TEMPLATE

The Horizontal Glog, as well as all templates and examples from Glogpedia, will be available to ALL USERS for a limited time only. It will remain available in the future as a Premium feature of all of Glogster EDU’s Premium Editions, but not to free users.

Some Neat Ideas for Horizontal Glogs

We’ve only just begun to think of unique ways the Horizontal Glog can be used for teaching and learning. Here are just a few of our initial ideas:

Make a Timeline or a Graph

The shape of the Horizontal Glog lends itself perfectly to timelines and graphs. The really special thing about a Glogster EDU timeline or graph is the ability to embed images, graphics and video to highlight events on a timeline, or information connected with different data points. Create an animated graph that shows the important points with moving arrows and other animations- the possibilities are endless!

Create a Brochure or Storybook Using Presentations

By combining the layout of the Horizontal Glog with the power of a Glogster EDU presentation, you can easily design a brochure or storybook about a student project, a field trip, or any other subject. Make a Glog Presentation about the classroom rules, for example, or print it out and place it somewhere in the classroom.

Publish a Horizontal Glog With Glogster EDU!

Glogster EDU’s Horizontal Glogs are fully embeddable in Wikispaces, and other websites. Share presentations of your Horizontal Glogs on your Classroom Blog, or school website, to show off work to parents, or make your lessons easily accessible from anywhere. Go anywhere with Glogster EDU!

How will you use Horizontal?

Share your Horizontal Glogs on Twitter with the hashtag #Gr8Glogs @GlogsterEDU, and show us what you come up with! We’ll retweet all our entries to our thousands of followers and fans! 

Glogster EDU Presents Faculty Edition! And Introducing our New Look!

Glogster EDU is proud to offer our latest creation: Glogster EDU Faculty Edition!

What is it?

More than just Glogster EDU Premium, the Faculty Edition is specially designed for a group of teachers and their students, led by an administrator, such as a librarian or media specialist. It is an interactive environment where multiple teachers can use Glogster EDU to achieve their common teaching goals.

Glogster EDU Faculty Edition is Community

What makes Faculty Edition special is its support for a community of educators and students working together. Teachers can collaborate with each other to accomplish projects and share lessons, helping each other to build wonderful student portfolios that can be shared and shown off in presentations to parents, and the school community. With Faculty Edition, the possibilities are boundless for creative cooperation.


And it comes at a price too good to pass up. Less than 50 cents per student, per year, or less than a dollar per month for every teacher who uses it.

Introducing All New Features!

Aside from the Horizontal Glog which is also being released for all users today, Glogster EDU Faculty Edition features a new, completely innovative and unique Administrator Dashboard, and a complete Administrator Tour

Click Here to Check it Out!

Based on the powerful award winning User Interface tools developed by the creators of Twitter, Glogster EDU Faculty Edition’s new Administrator Dashboard (now also available as an option for all school and district administrators), is more powerful and easier to use than ever before.

Our New Look

The Glogster Team have been hard at work developing an all new user interface, that will soon set the standard for users across all editions of Glogster EDU Premium. The new look is clear and friendly, with easily readable fonts and very clear buttons and other interactive objects. More than just a look, Glogster EDU’s new interface is powerful as well, and allows for faster and more effective use of all administrator tools. We’re really excited about it, and we know you will be too once you get your hands on it. It’s really amazing!

Wait, There’s More? 

There’s More!

Even better, by popular request, the Glogster EDU team has developed a tour for all administrators- an interactive on-site explanation of all admin functions, accessible at any time. This is the most powerful and user friendly administration tool we’ve ever developed, and it will set a new industry standard.

There Couldn’t Possibly Be More!

There is!

Glogster EDU is excited to announce that we have begun work on many, many other improvements and new features. As we phase out the Classic Glog and begin focusing all of our energy on making the NextGen Glog even better, you’ll see boatloads of great new features being added. For example, we’re working on ways of integrating your own or your favorite Youtube Channel into the Glog editor, for even easier embedding of videos from your collection, or your favorite creators like Khan Academy, and SchoolTube.

We’re also working on a Glogster EDU Commons- a place where graphics and images uploaded by the Glogster EDU community can be tagged, used, and shared by others for creative teaching and learning- also accessible from the Glog Editor.

A Sneak Peek: The Horizontal Glog!

To help us grow our information network, and keep collecting the best content and new ideas for EDUcators, please LIKE US, share on Facebook, Tweet us, and scroll to the end of this post to sign up for alerts; we’ll let you know when new content becomes available.

At Glogster EDU, we work day and night preparing new features, templates, and the other bells and whistles that make Glogster EDU the beloved digital learning and creativity tool it has become. Well, we’ve been working on this one for a while, and we know you’ve been waiting for it!

Allow Us to Introduce: The Horizontal Glog!

Glogging takes us in all kinds of directions. Don’t be limited by formats. With the horizontal Glog, the possibilities of the Glog are even more endless than they were before- if that’s even possible!

It's so... Wide! Almost too wide...

It’s so… wide!

Endless Possibilities + Horizontal Glog = Endless Possibilities Squared

(See? We did the math.)

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 17.31.30

Here’s a Sneak Peek from our Lead Designer, Martin Santorci

What to Expect:

The Horizontal Glog will be rolled out very soon, and made available as a Premium Feature of Glogster EDU. It will also be available for a limited time to Free users, and Premium Trial users will have access during their trials. Included with this release will be a package of new templates to exploit the benefits of the Horizontal Glog, as well as other unannounced goodies!

Stay Tuned!

Saying goodbye to the classic glog: Hello NextGen!

To help us grow our information network, and keep collecting the best content and new ideas for EDUcators, please LIKE US, share on Facebook, Tweet us, and scroll to the end of this post to sign up for alerts; we’ll let you know when new content becomes available.


Since Glogster’s founding in 2007, the backbone of the Glogster experience has been what we have come to call the Classic Glog. By the beginning of the next school year, we will have phased out the Classic Glog editor, and replaced it completely with the NextGen Glog. For technical info on the reasons for this switch, read our post about it.

Introducing the NextGen Glog.

Introducing the NextGen Glog.

 Glogster’s newer, shinier, Gloggier, futuristic Glogging platform. 

History of EDU

Glogster EDU started as an offshoot of, “The Visual Social Network.”  We noticed right away that the tool was being used by teachers and students for creative expression and learning. Glogster EDU was born;  based on the same technology that had made so popular: the Glog. Three years after the launch of EDU, we are proud to say that we have won major awards, have over 10 million students, over one million teachers registered, and we get almost 50,000 new registrations at EDU every month.

The Glog

It all started with a simple idea.

Technology Marches On

At Glogster EDU, we work hard to stay at the forefront of new trends in education technology. We’ve been a pioneer voice in the Flipped Classroom movement, and have the securest online educational service out there. Our EDUcators and students look to us to lead the way.

The NextGen Glog

Beginning last year, we developed and launched a whole new Glogging Engine, which we called “G3″ or The NextGen Glog. The next-Gen Glog is viewable in HTML 5, meaning it is accessible on the iPad and any other mobile device without flash installed. In addition, it allows Re-Glogging: the ability to copy and redesign a Glog from Glogpedia, giving EDUcators the ability to use it as a lesson template or a starting point for a new project. Not only that, but the NextGen Glog is built to allow deeper integration with other services, such as Google Apps and Youtube, meaning that currently users of Glogster EDU can log in to Glogster EDU with Google, access videos on Youtube through their Google accounts, and will have increasing access to other Google Apps resources through Glogster EDU in the future. Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 13.40.38

The Future with Flash

Adobe, creator of the Flash graphics platform, announced in late 2011 that it would discontinue work on mobile platforms, to focus on developing its desktop features. Since the Glog was based on Flash from the very beginning, this signaled a big change for us in how we would be able to work with Flash in the future. Since developing workable mobile applications is important to us, and will be a part of Glogster EDU’s future development plans, we developed an HTML 5 viewer for Glogster EDU, to allow Glogs to be viewable on any device produced by Apple, or using Google’s Android OS. As Adobe discontinues support for those devices, EDU will remain accessible, and we will be able to develop new applications that fit a changing digital education environment, increasingly focused on tablets.

Part of what this decision meant was that Flash would be changing more rapidly in the future, as Adobe worked to integrate it more fully with a desktop environment. Updates to the Flash platform meant that it would soon become impossible for Glogster EDU to continue to support its Classic Glog platform. A total rebuild of the Glogging platform was required to accommodate new changes in the way that Flash works. In launching the G3, NextGen Glog, Glogster EDU has been able to ensure that its future stability and usability across the broadest range of platforms remains at the same high standard.

What it means for Educators and Learners

For relative newcomers to Glogster EDU, the NextGen Glog is already a go-to tool. It allows more flexibility for teachers and students in using Glogster EDU’s great resources, and in collaborating on new projects. It also promises a future of greater integration with Google Apps and other web 2.0 tools that many teachers are already using, and are eager to integrate with Glogster EDU. The NextGen Glog will allow EDU to integrate calendar functions, new grading and rubric systems, and many other features that would not have been possible with the Classic Glog engine.

We Listened!

What about my old Glogs?

As the next school year approaches, we will be introducing special tools to “migrate” your existing Glogs over to the new NextGen Platform. When Glogster EDU turns off the Classic Glog editor for good, all of the remaining classic Glogs will be migrated to NextGen. As some minor changes may take place in the look and layout of a few Glogs during the migration process, we want to give our long-time Educators plenty of chances over the summer to look through their existing Glogs, and choose a time to upgrade, making sure everything is in order. Current users who have signed up in the past few months haven’t had access to the Classic Glog editor, and so they will not be affected by any of these changes.

More Stability, More Support

These changes not only allow Glogster EDU to offer you the best and latest version of Glogging technology, it also allows us to focus all of our attention on supporting ONE great platform for Glogging. The future with this new platform will see increased stability and speed, easier, richer, and quicker integration of many new features, and the addition of many pieces of new content, including new graphic libraries, a new Glogster EDU media commons as a compliment to Glogpedia, and improved communication, reporting, and community tools on Glogster EDU, along with other exciting developments we can’t even tell you about yet. The future with Glogster EDU is exciting! And we just can’t wait to share all that we have in store.