Go Sideways with Glogster EDU – Announcing the horizontal Glog®!

Teacher-blackboard-horizontFlip Your Classroom, and your Glogs! 

Yes, in a month of exciting announcements, including our Faculty Edition, and the introduction of many all-new features, it is no less of a pleasure to announce the arrival of the Horizontal Glog. You asked and we answered: the Horizontal Glog has been a popular request from our users, and we’ve worked hard to make sure it would blend seamlessly with all the great tools available to our Glogster EDU Premium users.

Ancient Egypt - Horizontal Glog - TEMPLATE

The Horizontal Glog, as well as all templates and examples from Glogpedia, will be available to ALL USERS for a limited time only. It will remain available in the future as a Premium feature of all of Glogster EDU’s Premium Editions, but not to free users.

Some Neat Ideas for Horizontal Glogs

We’ve only just begun to think of unique ways the Horizontal Glog can be used for teaching and learning. Here are just a few of our initial ideas:

Make a Timeline or a Graph

The shape of the Horizontal Glog lends itself perfectly to timelines and graphs. The really special thing about a Glogster EDU timeline or graph is the ability to embed images, graphics and video to highlight events on a timeline, or information connected with different data points. Create an animated graph that shows the important points with moving arrows and other animations- the possibilities are endless!

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Anxiety-Free Writing: Five Minute Friday and Glogging

It was a dark and stormy night. Pascal awoke with a start to the sound of knocking upon the door. "I have a bad feeling about this," the muttered to herself.

It was a dark and stormy night. Pascal awoke with a start to the sound of knocking upon the door. “I have a bad feeling about this,” the muttered to herself.

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This is a Guest Post by Adaptive Learnin’. If you are interested in submitting a guest post, you can contact us on Twitter @GlogsterEdu, or comment with your Email Address below (email addresses will not appear publicly). 

A Discovery I Made Recently

On my blog adaptivelearnin, I just started participating in this fantastic free writing idea that only takes five minutes every Friday, called Five Minute Friday.  The idea is to write freely for five minutes without distractions, without worry, and without focus on any of technical aspects of the writing process.  If you mess up, you don’t stop.  Poor spelling? no worries. If you make grammatical mistakes, no problem. You keep going, unleashing a flood of ideas into your writing.  The purpose is to be free from all the worries that normally cause writing anxiety or “writer’s block.” 

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