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Flipping the science classroom

Welcome to flipped week! We canvassed Glogster EDU Ambassadors to see how they are incorporating the flipped classroom approach in their teaching practice, and this week we’re sharing their techniques with you. Today, Cindy Willits, 5th grade teacher at PA Virtual Charter School, describes how she uses Glogster EDU in her science curriculum.

I do science labs with my students online, record the Elluminate (BB Collaborate) session, and put the link to the recording on the Glog. I also use videos of the entire lab broken down and attach lab sheets, etc. on the Glog to offer students the chance to do the lab on their own at home.  These Glogs also serve as a resource for next year!  

Here is my favorite Glog utilizing this approach for science:  

Be sure to click on the Elluminate session link in Cindy’s Glog above. The energy and enthusiasm she brings to her virtual lab is so inspiring!

Those who work in non-virtual schools could provide a video Glog as pre-lab work for students to watch at home, so that they come to class the next day ready to jump right in. Or Glogs could serve as guides for at-home labs, as enrichment activities or extra credit.

What do you think about this flipped approach to science labs? Have you incorporated similar strategies in your own classroom? Please share!

Student-led Glogster EDU Tutorials

Click to view!
Click here to view!
Glogster EDU Ambassador Kristina Holzweiss showed us these Glogster EDU video tutorials led by one of her students, Jessie.

Let Jessie take you and your students through all the steps involved in making a Glog, from logging in to saving your work. Isn’t she great?

You can get in touch with Kristina through her website or Edmodo group #siutd6.

Thanks, Kristina and Jessie!

Using Glogster EDU in Health Class

When I stumbled upon Saucon Valley Middle School Health and P.E. Teacher Philip Russell‘s podcast on Twitter, I knew I had to get in touch with him. Listen to that voice! In this podcast, Phil describes how he used Glogster EDU for an anti-bullying project with his students.×200.swf?phlogId=40618&phonecastId=103332&channelInView=WEBSITE_CHANNEL_40618&callInView=local_20111013231543

Phil graciously offered to bring out the webcam this time. This short video shares how his students use Glogster EDU in Health class to research and present info about physical activity, drugs and alcohol, mental and emotional disorders, and more.

Thanks so much for sharing your classroom with us, Phil. To all the students at Saucon Valley — keep up the great work!

The Glogster Story


We think it’s about time you met the folks behind the big G logo. The team of thinkers, speakers, educational advocates, and most importantly, those teachers around the world who use Glogster EDU in creative and inspiring ways to improve education every day.

If you are interested in contributing to the blog — whether you are a Glogster newbie, veteran, or somewhere in between — please contact Jennifer at We’d love to have you on board.

We hope to introduce all of the Glogster team members in good time. In the meantime, take a look at this video on how the Glogster EDU story got started.

Thanks for taking this journey with us.

-The Glogster EDU Team