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Summer News and Highlights: Lots Going on at Glogster EDU!

Summer 2013: Community News & Highlights

While it’s summer in America, and most schools have been on break, Glogster EDU has been hard at work. While that may sound like a bummer for some teachers and students who get the summer off, for us it’s exciting! We get to spend the summer improving Glogster EDU, and staying connected with millions of users who stick around during vacation too!

Educators Talking about Glogster EDU

Educator Craig Seasholes (@craigseasholes), created a fantastic presentation this summer for PSESD: Pudget Sound Educational Service District. The presentation showcases a range of Glogs about Glogster EDU, and Digital Learning. Check it out by clicking below!


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May Community Highlights: Amazing Glogs by Amazing Gloggers, and More!

May 2013: Community Highlights

The Glogster EDU Community is chock-full of amazing EDUcators and creative learners from all over the world. The only thing they’re required to share is a love of knowledge and a passion for learning creatively. Glogster EDU teachers connect and share in a variety of ways: by email, on Facebook, on Edmodo, and on Twitter, just to name a few. Every week, we’re flooded with inspiration from enthusiastic, inspiring and creative teachers. It’s our pleasure to share what we find here. Without further ado: here are some outstanding highlights from this month at Glogster EDU. 

The Pine Road Elementary School Library presents its YR Readers Choice Nominees

Pine Road

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10 Cool Uses for an Old iPad in the Classroom Edtech Monday

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Seems Legit

Seems Legit

Do you have an old iPad hanging around at home, that you don’t have any use for? Maybe you upgraded to a new iPad HD, and your iPad 1 or 2 is languishing in a desk drawer? Put that sucker to use in your classroom in a fun, creative way!

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Anxiety-Free Writing: Five Minute Friday and Glogging

It was a dark and stormy night. Pascal awoke with a start to the sound of knocking upon the door. "I have a bad feeling about this," the muttered to herself.

It was a dark and stormy night. Pascal awoke with a start to the sound of knocking upon the door. “I have a bad feeling about this,” the muttered to herself.

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This is a Guest Post by Adaptive Learnin’. If you are interested in submitting a guest post, you can contact us on Twitter @GlogsterEdu, or comment with your Email Address below (email addresses will not appear publicly). 

A Discovery I Made Recently

On my blog adaptivelearnin, I just started participating in this fantastic free writing idea that only takes five minutes every Friday, called Five Minute Friday.  The idea is to write freely for five minutes without distractions, without worry, and without focus on any of technical aspects of the writing process.  If you mess up, you don’t stop.  Poor spelling? no worries. If you make grammatical mistakes, no problem. You keep going, unleashing a flood of ideas into your writing.  The purpose is to be free from all the worries that normally cause writing anxiety or “writer’s block.” 

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Your Searches Are Now Secure, With Glogster EDU Safe Search

As noted in a previous blog post on the topic, filtering mechanisms for safe searching is a necessity in education. Glogster EDU searching has never been easier or safer for  Google images and Youtube videos. You can access the new safe search options from the Tools menu in our nextgen Glog to find images and videos for new Glogs.

Your student’s security is a responsibility and our priority.

Search safely and confidently for content for your Glogs. These new search features will decrease not only the amount of time it takes to create a Glog, but will ensure a pleasurable, safe experience for you and your students.

An Image and/or Video Search includes an internal Keyword Filter for both Youtube and Google, which prevents users on GlogsterEDU from entering a word from a list of “forbidden words.”

Searches containing any of these words will return no results. This list will continue to be updated, to make sure inappropriate content will be blocked.

-Your Glogster Team

Is There a Safe Way to Connect With your Students Online?

In The Beginning: Web 1.0

 When I was a teenager, back in the roaring 90’s, education and the internet weren’t concepts that went comfortably together. The internet had then progressed from a hobby reserved for rocket scientists and ham-radio enthusiasts, into a disreputable underworld of blond-jokes and conspiracy theorists. Many of my teachers actively loathed the concept of their students logging onto “The Information Superhighway,“ as we then called it, and surfing a dangerous sea of newsgroups and forums- all of it anonymous, none of it trustworthy. And parents worried for their children’s safety online. They were sure we would learn things from the internet, but they were also sure that we would learn things we shouldn’t know.

Then came the pioneers. A few of my teachers had Geocities websites. It was a big step forward, but communication was always one way. Teachers could post assignments, and required reading, but they couldn’t interact with us directly. It was very Web 1.0. Teachers started allowing students to research online, but usually demanded that projects include: “real citations,” from actual books in the school library.

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We Are Launching an Initiative to Change Current Education Methods

Next week, Glogster EDU will be launching an initiative to change current educational teaching and learning methods. The way we live is changing and evolving, our day to day routine, how we access information, and communicate with our family, friends and associates. Why should education remain the same?

This initiative will be focused on helping schools around the world move from a traditional to a creative, multimedia based curriculum.

We need your help! Your tweets, blog entries, and Facebook posts, using a link to the initiative page and a short descriptor can help draw attention to the project.

We are looking for an initial task force to spread the word, and if you agree to help out, we’ll post a link back to YOU from our initiative page.

If you would like to take part in spreading the word, please send an email to stephanie.lachman@glogster.com. The link to the initiative page, as well as additional details on when to post, will be sent before the initiative is released, via email by Wednesday of next week.

Happy Glogging!!

Estamos lanzando una iniciativa para cambiar los métodos de educación actuales

La semana que viene, Glogster EDU empezará una iniciativa para cambiar educación docente y los métodos de educación actuales.  La forma de nuestra vida está cambiando y evolucionando, nuestra rutina diaria ,manera de acceder a la información o manera cómo nos comunicamos con nuestra familia, amigos y socios. ¿ Por qué la educación debe seguir siendo la misma?

Esta iniciativa se centrará en ayudar a las escuelas de todo el mundo a convertirse del currículo tradicional al currículo creativo, basado en multimedia.

¡Necesitamos tu ayuda! Tus tweets,  blogs y publicaciones en Facebook, usando enlace a la página principal y un descriptor corto, eso puede ayudar a llamar atención sobre el proyecto.

Estamos buscando un grupo de gente para difundirlo por el mundo , y si tú nos ayudas, vamos a publicar un enlace a TI desde nuestra página de inicio.

Si deseas participar en la difusión por favor envía un correo a stephanie.lachman@glogster.com. El enlace para la página inicial junto con los detalles adicionales de cuando publicar serán enviados por correo antes de que la iniciativa empiece, el miércoles que viene como más tarde.

Disfruta del Glogging!

Glogster EDU is a part of App packs for Google Chromebooks for Education.

GlogsterEDU has been announced as one of the applications found on the  Google Chromebook’s  Education App Pack: a set of apps recommended by the schools, teachers and users for a richer educational experience, at ITSE 2012!

At ITSE, new features have been introduced to make Chromebook easier to manage in all aspects (including finding, managing, installing and using apps in your school). So what features are included?

Grade-level application packs which are groups of Chrome Web Store apps which are organized by grade level and are connected to Google’s suite of Apps for Education. These packs can be installed from the Chromebook management console. Many are free and for those that aren’t, discounts are often offered for bulk purchases.

Organization-specific web app collections in the Chrome Web Store allow administrators the ability to propose apps to teachers as well as students and other staff members. The collection is can be seen only by the school, and admins are able to pull together apps from the Chrome Web Store, application packs and web apps bought elsewhere or private apps developed by the school. (This feature is also available to Chromebook for Business customers from the control panel.)

We are part of Google Chromebook’s Education App Pack.

We are part of Google Chromebook’s Education App Pack.

Need more info about Chromebook?

Check out what Google announced approximately one year ago regarding a “new kind of computer” and a new program aimed at schools: Chromebooks for Education. Everything runs through Google Chrome:

Check out some testimonials about Glogster EDU

Glogster EDU Will Be Part of Google’s Chromebook

The 21st century educational platform, GlogsterEDU, is one of the applications found on the newest version of Google Chromebook’s  Education App Pack: a set of apps recommended by the community, schools, teachers and users for a richer educational experience.

This great pairing will be announced during ITSE 2012 at the Google booth. You as an EDUcator will have the opportunity to receive a huge discount on our products if your district adopts the Google Chromebook.

Combining the power of  Google Chromebook, and the creative learning tools/innovations from GlogsterEDU  will result in the most rewarding learning experience possible! We hope to see you and your students using this combination to create a new approach to learning! 

What is a Chromebook, anyway?

Approximately one year ago, Google announced a “new kind of computer” and a new program aimed at schools: Chromebooks for Education.

These new devices look like laptops, but they run on Google’s new operating system Chrome OS and are truly Web-based and Web-centric. There is no local storage and no software. In other words, everything runs through Chrome:

Remember this? Discovery recommends GlogsterEDU

Where and when I can learn more?

If you are coming to ISTE 2012, stop by the GlogsterEDU booth, #2008, or visit our presentation at the Google booth. If you are unable to attend, please visit this blog daily for additional updates.

We need your help!

Please share the info with your peers using the buttons below.

Spreading a Love of Language Learning through Glogster EDU

Guest post by Audrey Misiano, World Language teacher and advisor of the Peace Through Language Club in the Marcellus Central School District

Marcellus Central School District’s Peace Through Language (PTL) Club is using Glogster EDU to share student created resources with elementary teachers in our district. The club’s Glogs will also be public for global use. Our mission is to promote peace by spreading the love of language learning. We are committed to providing free resources created for language learners and by language learners.

As the PTL Club advisor, I have been struggling to figure out the best options for sharing the club’s content in an organized fashion that is inviting to students and teachers alike. We already share our videos on our school’s computer network, but the club members have been creating projects in anticipation of sharing globally. Glogster EDU is allowing us to meet all these needs in a creative, aesthetically pleasing way.

You can see our first Glog offers a one-stop portal providing access to most of our resources. A tenth grade club member designed our logo found in the center of the Glog. To the left of the logo, you will find links to PTL resources organized by language. To the right of the logo is the video introduction to our club. The instrumental music is by a ninth grade club member who plays the mandolin.

Next, you’ll find the Spanish Daily Routine Song. Two students in my Spanish 2 class created the video for a project on reflexive verbs. The students used special software to create and loop the instrumental portion to accompany their original tune. The project rubric had a bonus point for humor that was quickly awarded!

The French prepositions video is a combined effort between the French Honor Society and the PTL Club. Under the direction of Robin Brown and Jessica Cuello, the French Honor Society created an original book. Students illustrated the book and wrote the sentences to match their illustrations. The yellow butterfly is native to Haiti and the other illustrations were designed to reflect Haiti as well. The French Honor Society raised funds to print, bind and ship 40 copies of the book to Saint Joseph’s School in Tibeau, Haiti. The PTL Club scanned the book and imported it into iMovie to add audio. This is the second year that the French Honor Society has created and sent educational products to Tibeau, Haiti. The PTL Club is very excited about future combined projects!

The English Alphabet and Vowels video was our first video created from member’s alphabet PowerPoints. The singing is by volunteer PTL students in grades 7-12 accompanied by the talented ninth grade mandolin player. The Spanish Celestial Bodies and Colors project was made by a 7th grade Exploratory Language student who is also a PTL Club officer. Her voice is the one you hear on the video.

Finally, we have added a few other links to our Glog that can be found by clicking certain images. Happy clicking! It is always fun to see how many hyperlinks there are hidden in a Glog!

Another thing to love about Glogster EDU is that you can mix up all different types of content in one neat package and share it globally…all within minutes! Club members are looking forward to doing just that as we move forward with our projects. We plan to create glogs organized by themes to best meet the needs of the seventeen teachers looking to provide more language exposure at the elementary level.

Until next time, happy Glogging!