Glogster EDU Community Star Outreach- Episode 5

In this week’s edition of Community Star Outreach, we have interviewed James Gorcesky, a middle school art teacher who uses various technological resources to showcase his students work online. A Biltmore “Who’s Who” inductee for his commitment to excellence in education, James is an avid blogger, and has included social networking sites such as Twitter in his curriculum. We showcased James’ Staff Development on Glogster EDU Youtube video in last weeks blog, and we knew we had to learn more about him!

Check out our interview with James:

“Please tell us a little something about yourself.”

“I have been teaching art for six years, but I am currently applying for a Technology Coach position where I would have a larger impact on more students. In my free time, I enjoy writing (whether creatively or on educational topics), sharing the work or findings in educational technology via my social media resources, reading comics or playing video games with my wife.”

“Besides Glogster EDU, which are some of your favorite educational tools to incorporate (iPods, Twitter, Gamestar Mechanic, Prezi, Glogster EDU, etc…) and why?”

“My favorite tool that I have used in the classroom would be Gamestar Mechanic. My students find it highly engaging, and I feel teaching with video games is going to be one of the huge impacts of students and the classroom in the 21st century. I really love showcasing my material through Prezis (check some of mine here: ), as I think my students find it very eye-grabbing, but it helps me really structure my thoughts in a proper sequence. Finally, I really love Edmodo, as it has been a great and safe way to communicate with my students, but also giving them a platform to share their work with other students.”

“What are your hopes for the future of in-classroom technology?”

“My hopes of future technology would involve BYOD (bring your own device), more Social Media in the classroom and Gamification. Our students are so used to mobile devices and these other things that I have listed, so it is only natural that we meet their interests with our educational content.”

“Is there anything currently bothering you about in-classroom technology?”

“Some things that have bothered me are, for example, being denied access to web pages that I deem as okay, but people at the district web guidelines feel that it matches inappropriate filters. I also wish more policy makers would be more willing to be risk takers and innovative, as opposed to cowering to the wills of complaining parents or teachers worried about taking on change. If we do not meet our students at their need for technology, they will surpass us and find it elsewhere – without guidance. I was really frustrated on trying to use Twitter in my classroom and it took just one parent and the whole operation was shut down.”

“How are you utilizing your summer to prepare for the following school year?”

“I have been utilizing my summer by focusing on my writing on Yahoo! Voices ( , snazzing up my YouTube videos ( and continuously networking and sharing ideas with other educators with my Twitter account, @ArtsEdTech. I am at a cross roads in my career where I am either applying to be a Technology Coach, or I will stay at my school as a Media Arts teacher with a class set of iPads.” 

Weekly Community Highlights

Patricia Atkinson uses Youtube and Glogster EDU to explain how the ADDIE instructional design process relates to a Learning Management System.

Check out Ms. Bridge’s interesting blog post on her experiences with “Flipping the Classroom.”

Glogster EDU Community Star Outreach-Episode 1

We’re so excited to introduce you to our new weekly series of interviews with Glogster EDU Community Stars! Glogster EDU Community Stars are those teachers/bloggers/tweeters who have utilized Glogster EDU and then reported  their experience in a Blog, Tweet, Podcast, etc…

Check out our interview with William below:

Our first interview was with William Corcocan of Jameson Elementary School in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, who produced a podcast (check it out on his blog here) with his students reviewing Glogster EDU:

“First, I would like to know a little more about you, how long you have been teaching, and what got you interested in utilizing technology in the classroom? Also, where are you based?”

“I’ve been teaching a variety of subject matter for 8 years now.  Currently, I’m the technology teacher and integrator at Jameson Elementary School in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.  When I was in high school (back in the late 90’s), I was fortunate enough to have an incredible computer lab.  It was there I was hooked, and using computers just came very easy to me.  Check out more information on my education history and work experience. “

“Next, how did you find out about Glogster EDU? What made you start utilizing it in the classroom, and how long have you been using it? Are there any features you feel are really useful/are really confusing/not beneficial?”

“I’ve been using Glogster for the past year now.  I found out about it through our Library Media Specialist.  I just started using it and I absolutely loved it. “

“Lastly, do you have any advice or tips on how to get teachers who don’t currently use technology in the classroom to start using it? (Obviously,this is a big topic in the teaching world today.)”

“I guess the one tip I would give people is don’t be afraid to step outside their comfort zone.  We’re all lifelong learners who are dedicated to our crafts.  Like anything else in life, it takes time and patience to learn.  I would utilize some of the online resources and seminars Glogster provides to become familiar.  However, the best thing I did was actually use Glogster as a tool to present mini-lessons and projects.  The kids can see the various ways you use it, and hopefully become invested themselves.”

“Again, we enjoyed your review, and always love to see Glogster EDU in practice. We also appreciate any advice/critiques you are willing to give, as we are always looking for insight from teachers on how to improve our site.”

“I think you guys have come a long way in the past year!  Aside from a few glitchy moments (i.e. sound not working, SchoolTube always down, grab tool not working here and there, etc.), we really enjoy your product and appreciate how we can efficiently and effectively publish student work in a multimedia form. 🙂 “

So congratulations again to William Corcocan for being our first Glogster EDU Community Star!

Weekly Community Highlights

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