The $1000 Glog Contest is Growing Fast!

Hundreds of Teachers Have Entered To Win $1000 Before December 15th! 

It’s been a wild ride at Glogster for the past week. Since we launched our $1000 Glog Contest, we’ve had nearly a thousand submissions from Glogster EDU Teachers all over the world!

How Can I Enter? 

To enter, all you need to do is to TAG your Glogs with this tag: GlogContest2013. Here is a Glog that explains how: 

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School Administrators: Time to Switch to the NEW Admin Dashboard!

It’s Time to Make the Switch!

As some school administrators may have noticed in the past few months, we’ve been making the new Administrator Dashboard and Tools available to School licenses as a new option. As the new Admin tools are perfected, it’s almost time to make the switch for those Administrators still using the original Glogster EDU Admin Dashboard.


 Why the Switch? 

In response to the needs of our users, we have developed a new set of Administrator Tools that make handling the large volumes of students and teachers in School Licenses easier, faster, more efficient, and more reliable. While our original Admin Dashboard was based upon the Teacher Dashboard, many of our school administrators found that it fit the needs of a teacher better than those of a school administrator. Even in the cases where a teacher also administrates a School License, the new Admin Dashboard differentiates the work of an administrator and that of a teacher, so that the user will now see a clear difference between acting as an Admin, and as a normal Teacher.

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The NextGen Glog Is Now Fully Replacing the Classic Glog

Creation of New Classic Glogs Will Be Unavailable Starting This Week

As you are probably aware, some time ago we introduced the NextGen Glog Editor as a successor to the original Classic Glog Editor. This was done to allow Glogster EDU to continue providing the latest and best tools to our millions of teachers and students on any device or operating system.

Beginning this week, for all registered users of Glogster EDU, it will no longer be possible to create new Classic Glogs. Previously created Classic Glogs will still be available. However, it is highly recommended that users not adapt previously created Classic Glogs, or employ Classic Glogs for Projects.

What’s going to happen to my Classic Glogs?

We know that many teachers on Glogster EDU have invested considerable effort and time in creating incredible content, and many students likewise have poured their creative energies into Glogster EDU, creating a legacy of amazing Classic Glogs that stretches back nearly 4 years, numbering now in the TENS OF MILLIONS of Glogs.

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Join The Glogster EDU #Edknow TweetUp!

Click Here to Join #Edknow Live on Twitter! image001

 Join the Glogster EDU Team and our Community of educators for the #edknow Twitter Chat!

On Monday, Sep. 9, at 12:00 pm EST, Glogster EDU will be having a Twitter Chat. Our subject for this week will be BYOD: Bring Your Own Device, the Teacher’s Perspective. We’re writing a WhitePaper for all of our users about BYOD, and we want to know what our community thinks is most important, what your experiences are, and what advice you would give to other EDUcators on the subject. Your responses will help shape our views, and become part of our #Edknow Content Initiative.  So jump on in!

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Glogster EDU Wants Your Contributions For the #EdKnow Initiative

Glogster EDU’s #EdKnow Initiative

Starting this month, Glogster EDU is launching a new Content Initiative, “#EdKnow,” to involve new Educators, administrators, public policy makers, and parents in the world of Education Technology, and provide the building blocks for teachers to get started with digital classrooms, new teaching and lesson planning technologies, and new, Edtech influenced ideas about teaching.

Best of all, we’re doing this by sharing the perspectives and ideas of our teacher community. With over 20 Million Glogs in Glogpedia, the Glogster EDU community has plenty of inspiration for teachers new to technology.

What Will Be the Outcome of This Initiative?

In the coming month, Glogster will be publishing a series of newsletters and Blog posts featuring input from YOU, our Glogster EDU community, as well as from Glogster team members, exploring the world of education technology with exciting, personalized narratives about technology integration, flipped teaching, BYOD solutions, creative teaching, digital citizenship, and lots more. We’ll be collecting these submissions in the forms of articles, videos, Glogs, and more, and publishing our own Glogs, available to every member of our community right from Glogpedia and their user dashboards.

This gives our community of EDUcators the potential of reaching millions of likeminded teachers and administrators who are using the Glogster EDU platform, and easily sharing and learning from the work of their Glogster EDU colleagues across the Globe. It’s an ambitious, exciting project, and we want YOU to be directly involved.

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Summer News and Highlights: Lots Going on at Glogster EDU!

Summer 2013: Community News & Highlights

While it’s summer in America, and most schools have been on break, Glogster EDU has been hard at work. While that may sound like a bummer for some teachers and students who get the summer off, for us it’s exciting! We get to spend the summer improving Glogster EDU, and staying connected with millions of users who stick around during vacation too!

Educators Talking about Glogster EDU

Educator Craig Seasholes (@craigseasholes), created a fantastic presentation this summer for PSESD: Pudget Sound Educational Service District. The presentation showcases a range of Glogs about Glogster EDU, and Digital Learning. Check it out by clicking below!


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Digital Storytelling with Glogster EDU

Digital Storytelling with Glogster EDU

A part of teaching is storytelling. As a teacher, you tell the story of the world around you. The history, the mechanics, the reasoning behind everything that your students observe and wonder about.

Digital storytelling allows us to take a linear series of events and bring them to life in a multidimensional experience; to communicate, collaborate, by infusing all types of media into the process.

And Digital storytelling can be practiced anywhere; in almost any imaginable form: in homes, schools, libraries and businesses, by anyone from beginner technology users to experts. In education, teachers and students use digital learning concepts across all content areas, and all grade levels.

The Glogster EDU team comes across amazing Digital Storytelling every single week in Glogpedia. So we thought we’d share some of that here.

What makes Great Digital Storytelling? 

Here are a few ideas:

Style and Substance


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May Community Highlights: Amazing Glogs by Amazing Gloggers, and More!

May 2013: Community Highlights

The Glogster EDU Community is chock-full of amazing EDUcators and creative learners from all over the world. The only thing they’re required to share is a love of knowledge and a passion for learning creatively. Glogster EDU teachers connect and share in a variety of ways: by email, on Facebook, on Edmodo, and on Twitter, just to name a few. Every week, we’re flooded with inspiration from enthusiastic, inspiring and creative teachers. It’s our pleasure to share what we find here. Without further ado: here are some outstanding highlights from this month at Glogster EDU. 

The Pine Road Elementary School Library presents its YR Readers Choice Nominees

Pine Road

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Is There a Safe Way to Connect With your Students Online?

In The Beginning: Web 1.0

 When I was a teenager, back in the roaring 90’s, education and the internet weren’t concepts that went comfortably together. The internet had then progressed from a hobby reserved for rocket scientists and ham-radio enthusiasts, into a disreputable underworld of blond-jokes and conspiracy theorists. Many of my teachers actively loathed the concept of their students logging onto “The Information Superhighway,“ as we then called it, and surfing a dangerous sea of newsgroups and forums- all of it anonymous, none of it trustworthy. And parents worried for their children’s safety online. They were sure we would learn things from the internet, but they were also sure that we would learn things we shouldn’t know.

Then came the pioneers. A few of my teachers had Geocities websites. It was a big step forward, but communication was always one way. Teachers could post assignments, and required reading, but they couldn’t interact with us directly. It was very Web 1.0. Teachers started allowing students to research online, but usually demanded that projects include: “real citations,” from actual books in the school library.

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Woww: 9 Very Informative Infographics

Your weekly Words of Wisdom Wednesday resource

This week’s WOWW material contains 9 excellent infographics about blended learning, flipping the classroom, gamification in education, envisioning the future of education and more…

Quick Survey

What would you like to see? We’d like your input on the types of Woww material to be posted in the following weeks. Please submit your ideas  by filling out this short survey: 

We Are Launching an Initiative to Change Current Education Methods

Next week, Glogster EDU will be launching an initiative to change current educational teaching and learning methods. The way we live is changing and evolving, our day to day routine, how we access information, and communicate with our family, friends and associates. Why should education remain the same?

This initiative will be focused on helping schools around the world move from a traditional to a creative, multimedia based curriculum.

We need your help! Your tweets, blog entries, and Facebook posts, using a link to the initiative page and a short descriptor can help draw attention to the project.

We are looking for an initial task force to spread the word, and if you agree to help out, we’ll post a link back to YOU from our initiative page.

If you would like to take part in spreading the word, please send an email to The link to the initiative page, as well as additional details on when to post, will be sent before the initiative is released, via email by Wednesday of next week.

Happy Glogging!!

Estamos lanzando una iniciativa para cambiar los métodos de educación actuales

La semana que viene, Glogster EDU empezará una iniciativa para cambiar educación docente y los métodos de educación actuales.  La forma de nuestra vida está cambiando y evolucionando, nuestra rutina diaria ,manera de acceder a la información o manera cómo nos comunicamos con nuestra familia, amigos y socios. ¿ Por qué la educación debe seguir siendo la misma?

Esta iniciativa se centrará en ayudar a las escuelas de todo el mundo a convertirse del currículo tradicional al currículo creativo, basado en multimedia.

¡Necesitamos tu ayuda! Tus tweets,  blogs y publicaciones en Facebook, usando enlace a la página principal y un descriptor corto, eso puede ayudar a llamar atención sobre el proyecto.

Estamos buscando un grupo de gente para difundirlo por el mundo , y si tú nos ayudas, vamos a publicar un enlace a TI desde nuestra página de inicio.

Si deseas participar en la difusión por favor envía un correo a El enlace para la página inicial junto con los detalles adicionales de cuando publicar serán enviados por correo antes de que la iniciativa empiece, el miércoles que viene como más tarde.

Disfruta del Glogging!