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A Great Week for Glogster EDU

Last week was a fantastic week for Glogster EDU!

To start, we had a strong presence at the New Jersey Education Association Convention (NJEA), which was attended by tens of thousands of educators in New Jersey on November 10 and 11, 2011.

Glogster EDU was presented at 4 sessions during the convention. Sessions ranged from introductions to the creative world of Glogging to presentations on how to embed Glogs in Wikispaces. Special thanks to the presenters, Bruce Duboff, Erica Hartman, Erica Parke, and Jessica Hoertel.

We ended the week on a positive note as well by finishing strong in the top 10 of the C4LPT Top 10 Tools for Learning 2011 list.

Each year, the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies encourages educators to vote for their top educational tools of the year. Thanks to your votes, Glogster EDU came in at #10 on the list, moving up 15 spots from last year!

For those of you who voted, attended or presented, thank you so much! We appreciate your support and we hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of Glogster EDU in your classroom.