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Innovate your Classroom by Winning a Technology Bundle!

 Glogster EDU is a proud sponsor of one of the biggest social events of ISTE 2012: EdTech Karaoke. Because of this, we’re teaming up with the other sponsors to offer a chance to win a classroom-changing  web-based technology bundle valued at $3,000!

What’s Included?: This bundle includes an Edublogs Pro Subscription, 5 VolunteerSpot One-Year Premium Upgrades, A Glogster EDU School Premium License, 25 Symbaloo Professional Development Certifications, and a bundle of 10 Edutopia DVDs.  That’s a lot of great stuff!

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Spreading a Love of Language Learning through Glogster EDU

Guest post by Audrey Misiano, World Language teacher and advisor of the Peace Through Language Club in the Marcellus Central School District

Marcellus Central School District’s Peace Through Language (PTL) Club is using Glogster EDU to share student created resources with elementary teachers in our district. The club’s Glogs will also be public for global use. Our mission is to promote peace by spreading the love of language learning. We are committed to providing free resources created for language learners and by language learners.

As the PTL Club advisor, I have been struggling to figure out the best options for sharing the club’s content in an organized fashion that is inviting to students and teachers alike. We already share our videos on our school’s computer network, but the club members have been creating projects in anticipation of sharing globally. Glogster EDU is allowing us to meet all these needs in a creative, aesthetically pleasing way.

You can see our first Glog offers a one-stop portal providing access to most of our resources. A tenth grade club member designed our logo found in the center of the Glog. To the left of the logo, you will find links to PTL resources organized by language. To the right of the logo is the video introduction to our club. The instrumental music is by a ninth grade club member who plays the mandolin.

Next, you’ll find the Spanish Daily Routine Song. Two students in my Spanish 2 class created the video for a project on reflexive verbs. The students used special software to create and loop the instrumental portion to accompany their original tune. The project rubric had a bonus point for humor that was quickly awarded!

The French prepositions video is a combined effort between the French Honor Society and the PTL Club. Under the direction of Robin Brown and Jessica Cuello, the French Honor Society created an original book. Students illustrated the book and wrote the sentences to match their illustrations. The yellow butterfly is native to Haiti and the other illustrations were designed to reflect Haiti as well. The French Honor Society raised funds to print, bind and ship 40 copies of the book to Saint Joseph’s School in Tibeau, Haiti. The PTL Club scanned the book and imported it into iMovie to add audio. This is the second year that the French Honor Society has created and sent educational products to Tibeau, Haiti. The PTL Club is very excited about future combined projects!

The English Alphabet and Vowels video was our first video created from member’s alphabet PowerPoints. The singing is by volunteer PTL students in grades 7-12 accompanied by the talented ninth grade mandolin player. The Spanish Celestial Bodies and Colors project was made by a 7th grade Exploratory Language student who is also a PTL Club officer. Her voice is the one you hear on the video.

Finally, we have added a few other links to our Glog that can be found by clicking certain images. Happy clicking! It is always fun to see how many hyperlinks there are hidden in a Glog!

Another thing to love about Glogster EDU is that you can mix up all different types of content in one neat package and share it globally…all within minutes! Club members are looking forward to doing just that as we move forward with our projects. We plan to create glogs organized by themes to best meet the needs of the seventeen teachers looking to provide more language exposure at the elementary level.

Until next time, happy Glogging!

Passionate about Education? Become a Glogster EDU Reseller!

We’re excited to announce the new Glogster EDU Reseller Program! We’re looking for passionate educators to present and sell our products to teachers, schools, and districts across the country.

As a reseller, you’ll be doing the following:                                

* Presenting Glogster EDU

* Helping educational institutions utilize its features

* Providing your unique “Reseller code” to your educational connections so that they can purchase a license at a discount (and you can receive commission).

Our commission structure is aggressive and recurring, with monthly revenue share payouts on closed paid sales.

• For every purchase that is made using your unique Reseller code, you’ll receive commission.
• User will receive a 5% discount on their license for using your Reseller code.

If you are interested in joining our growing list of resellers, fill out an application HERE. If you have any questions, feel free to email resellers@glogster.com or call 617-939-0154.

Glogster on Google Chrome? There’s an App for that!

The Glogster team is excited to announce the introduction of our application for Google Chrome! Check it out HERE

Why use Glogster EDU as a Google Chrome App? Because it’s easy and organized!

Once added, it will get its very own “app icon” so it will be easy to identify and open on your Chrome application screen.  You can also access your Google Chrome App on any computer, so no matter where you are, this application will synch with your Google Account.

Edutopia Weekly Giveaway Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the winners of the Edutopia weekly giveaway!

The following individuals now have FREE Glogster EDU Teacher Premium Licenses: Mary Hassell, Adam Newall, Jo Beth Dempsey, Adam Babcock and Lanis Taylor.  Congratulations again, and we hope you enjoy innovating your classroom with Glogster EDU!

A very special thank you to Edutopia for organizing this great giveaway.

The Power of the Shift Key

When you put an image, text or video onto a Glog, it appears as if you can only resize in proportion. This is where the Shift key comes in!

When you hold down the Shift key, you can resize your images/text/videos in all directions to make them fit in your Glog exactly the way you want them to.  You can also flip them! Watch as I demonstrate:

Need a Glog idea for your business class? Check this one out!

      Talkin ’bout OUR Generation

Great Glogster EDU Example!

In Rachel Winchel’s Business English class, she gave her students an assignment that really allowed them to utilize their research skills AND creativity.

They were assigned t0 work in groups to investigate a business person relevant to THEIR world.

The students then joined together and collaborated their research onto a Glog. Click on the image of the Glog to see it! It contains some great interactive examples of Glogs featuring Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling and the Google guys.

This assignment really captures what Glogster EDU is all about. Innovation, creativity and collaboration!

School Spotlight: The Independence School

When Sheila Fredericks saw how powerful and easy Glogster EDU was, knew she had to incorporate it into her classroom.

Fredericks, a Technology Teacher and Coordinator at the Independence School in Newark Delaware, is using Glogster EDU to provide her students with an innovative 21st century education.

According to Fredericks, Glogster EDU improves their research skills as well as their creativity. Her  students “not only learn how to express their creativity. They also learn how to search for digital information and then share it effectively using digital media.” In a digital society like today, these skills are vital in their growth as students and future leaders.

It is well known that Glogging helps promote creative self-expression. With Fredericks’ technology students, it also builds creative thinking and communication skills.

In the lab, Fredericks can’t help but notice how technology motivates her students to do well. “I’ve found that students peer review each other’s work and then work harder on their own projects. Students learn from each other and communicating ideas builds global understanding.”

Students are not only able to share their Glog creations with their teachers and students; they’re able to share them with the world.

Using Glogster EDU in the classroom brings a new level of excitement to Fredericks’ technology classes.  “I love the excitement in the lab when students are using Glogster,” Fredericks said. “You can feel the enthusiasm and watch the exchange of ideas and collaboration.”

The students love it! Because of their experiences with Glogster in the classroom, some students are starting to use Glogster on their own time. One of Fredericks’ students decided to use Glogging as an alternative to blogging. With Glogs, she’s able to use videos, pictures, animations, etc. to convey her feelings.

What’s next? Fredericks’ 5th graders, who recently studied insects, have a fun new project on the agenda. They will take one of the insects they collected and create a Glog on the insect, incorporating 5 fun facts and pictures of each stage of the life cycle. They’ll also incorporate a video element into their Glog through Discovery Education.

We wish Mrs. Fredericks’ class a happy Glogging experience!

Look for Glogster EDU at the Mid South Technology Conference!

Memphis, a city that is rich in musical tradition, will switch gears on December 8-9 and focus on technology in education.

Come see Glogster EDU in action at the Mid South Technology Conference (MSTC) on December 8-9, 2011 at the Cook Convention Center in Memphis Tennessee!

And be sure not to miss the Glogster EDU Presentation:

Friday, December 9 / 11:05AM-12:00PM / Room # L13/Session #107: Glogster EDU: Transform Your Classroom into a Virtual Learning Environment.

Personal statement from Mike of the Glogster EDU Team (who will be presenting): “Hi I’m Mike from the Glogster EDU team and I personally invite you to meet me at the Mid South Technology Conference. I’ll be covering the basics: creating Glogs, setting up classes, assigning projects, and creating presentations and student portfolios. 

I will be holding meetings on Wednesday, 12/7-Friday 12/9 in Memphis. If you’d like to set up a meeting with me to discuss how Glogster EDU can help gear your classroom for the future of learning, please get in touch with me.”

If you’re able to come, stop by and see Mike! He’ll be happy to talk to you about all the great educational benefits of Glogster EDU, as well as partnering up with us.

At the MSTC, education technology professionals will share new tools, techniques, products, and strategies for using technology to enhance academics.

Whether you want to network, collaborate, or just check out new educational technology, the MSTC is the place to be.

For more information, please contact Mike from the Glogster EDU team at mike.sielawa@glogster.com or give him a call at 617-833-7984. 

We hope to see you there! Stay tuned for another MSTC Blog post featuring pictures from the event!

Reach for the Stars with Glogster EDU!

Look for the Glogster team at

The Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference  (CMTC)


 Tuesday, November 29 –Thursday, December 1, 2011

Radisson Expo Center

 Manchester, New Hampshire

Come on out to the CMTC! You’ll get a chance to see innovations in classroom technology and meet some members of the Glogster EDU team!

The CMTC sessions featuring Glogster EDU include:

Wednesday, 11/30 – 10:00AM-1:00PM – Glogster for Your Digital Portfolio by Rebecca Bureau, World Language Teacher, Gov. Wentworth School District.

Wednesday, 11/30 – 1:30PM-4:30PM – Creative Ideas for the World Language Classrrom in the 21st Century by Rebecca Bureau, World Language Teacher, GWSD

Thursday, 12/1 – 1:30PM-2:30PM– BYOD: Let’s Get Glogging – by Jimi Emergy, Technology Educator and Coordinator, Josia Bartlett School and Robin Fall, Josiah Bartlett School

Thursday, 12/1 – 10:00AM-11:00AM – Integrating Web 2.0 and Social Networking into the Classroom by Mary Marotta, Nashoba Regional High School and Nicole Tomaselli, Bedford High School

Thursday, 12/1 – 11:30AM-2:30PM – Power up Technology Standards! By Ann Louis-Rowe, Library Media Specialist, Gov. Wentworth Regional School District and Karen Libby, GWRSD

Thursday, 12/1 – 1:00PM-2:00PM – Creating Digital Posters By Tammy Morse, SRPD*ET

Started in 1994 in memory of Christa McAuliffe, the CMTC is a great educational conference with a focus on utilizing the technological resources we have today.

Christa McAuliffe, a teacher/astronaut who died in the Challenger shuttle launch in 1986, had a strong passion for teachers helping teachers in an effort to innovate education, just like Glogster EDU!

It’s no wonder Glogster EDU will be strongly represented there!

Make sure you look out for the Glogster team at the conference! We’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions.
For more information, to schedule a one on one Glogster EDU Information Session, or to partner up with Glogster EDU, please contact Jim Dachos at 617-939-0156 or visit our partner up page.

Hope to see you there!

-Justin (The Glogster Team)

School Spotlight: Downingtown STEM Academy

Are you using Glogster EDU in your classroom? We’d love to include your story in our blog!  

If you’re interested in having your school featured in “School Spotlight,” please contact Justin at justin.landis@glogster.com. 

Inventive, Creative, Investigative, and Dynamic.

These are the kinds of students that the newly established STEM (Science, Technology, Education and Math) Academy in Downingtown, Pennsylvania strives to develop. To assist with this development, teachers at the Academy have added Glogster EDU to their project-based curriculum.

For years, teachers and students have been using programs such as Prezi and Power Point for creative projects. Now, the STEM Academy is using Glogster EDU to help students experience a more creative, dynamic, and innovative method of learning and presenting.

The creative design features on Glogster EDU really allow the students to experience a new level of digital expression.

Kelli DiVito a Technology Education teacher at the Downingtown STEM Academy is one of the teachers utilizing Glogster EDU in the classroom.

“I like all the options Glogster has for setting it up and making it the students’ own,” DiVito said. “It’s an alternative to the standard programs we use like Prezi and Power Point.”

Glogster EDU was not just a temporary experiment within the STEM Academy Curriculum. According to DiVito, Glogster EDU was outlined in the “Engineering by Design” curriculum.

The Downingtown STEM Academy strives to provide their students with an education that is dynamic, relevant, and rigorous, and both the students and teachers want to uphold that mission. DiVito strives to “expose students to all types of opportunities and technologies to accomplish our objectives.”

They have developed an educational model that features high quality, project-based education as well as independent, group-based investigations designed to create an enthusiasm for discovery, invention, and application.

In one particular project, the STEM students were assigned to pick an invention and track its evolution over time. This allowed students to utilize their research skills as well as their creativity. “It was helpful for students to understand that they can hyperlink the information,” DiVito said. “But it is imperative for them to summarize what they have researched, which is how I used Glogster EDU for this project.”

What better way to foster this creative development than with Glogster EDU?  We wish everyone at the Downingtown STEM Academy a happy Glogging experience!