Save the Planet with our November Glogstars


Earlier this year, we introduced our GlogStar program as a way of showing our appreciation for the glog creators around the world who use our tools to a truly exemplary standard. Now that our learners and educators are well and truly settled into the new school year, we thought it was high time that we introduce another group of outstanding gloggers, and find out a little more about them. This month our three top glogs are of particular importance, as they each share a crucial environmental message.

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Glog Your Way to Winter Wonderland


The weather may be getting colder, inspiring us to bundle up in hats or scarves and shut ourselves inside by the fire, but that doesn’t mean there’s any less to share this season. For me, this magical border between Autumn and Winter is the most creative time of year, when the rush of a new school year is just settling and the frantic preparations for Christmas have yet to begin. This is a time for stepping back and noticing the changing seasons, for digging out recipes for favorite winter comfort foods, for spending evenings cozied up with my “to be read” pile, or spending the weekend indulging in hobbies. I consider myself fortunate to have this brief window of “me-time”, and I’m always excited to share the fruits of my wintery labour. To make the process even more delightful, Glogster’s range of Personal templates gives me an ideal way to show off my pre-festive baking, my craft ideas, or just the changing view from my window, and quickly share it with the people who mean the most to me.

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Glogster gets Prehistoric with New Graphics


Let’s face it, however much history passes, it’s the really old stuff that still grabs our imaginations. Yes, I’m talking about dinosaurs – the enduring favourite topic of learners young and old. Whether we’re burying them in the sandbox or analysing their bone structures for an academic report, learning is just better when it involves dinosaurs. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and created a stunning new set of prehistory graphics, covering our favourite ancient lizards alongside fossils and forefathers, primed for paleontological studies, museum trip reports, or even just a glog about your favourite things.

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The Glogster Guide to Sharing Celebrations


While Glogster Personal is the perfect mobile solution for instantly sharing spontaneous moments with family and friends, we’re equally proud for our application to be a part of the biggest days of your life. From weddings to birthdays to family reunions, snapping a photo or capturing a short video on our phones is a perfect way to capture memories and quickly share them with those who wish they could be there.

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The Glogster Guide to Getting the Party Started


Glogster is on a mission to make every aspect of your life that little bit more Personal, and it doesn’t get much more personal than how you like to socialize! For some people, Friday night doesn’t get any better than a crowded dance floor and a group of close friends. For others, a laid back catch-up over drinks hits the spot. Or perhaps you prefer to be the one throwing the party, organising every last detail and waiting impatiently for the first guests to arrive. Personally, my perfect night out involves a great band and even better friends. However unique your tastes in entertainment are, one thing is for certain: nights out are better when shared! Glogster Personal offers countless ways to share the moment, from inviting friends to join you, showing them what they’re missing, and capturing the hilarity for a lasting memento.

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The Glogster Guide to Truly Global Business


For the current generation of businesspeople, it’s a small world indeed – you can be pitching to an investor over breakfast in New York, before catching a plane across the world for a business dinner in Singapore! Not to mention conference calls with a European partner and checking in with the team back on the West Coast… The term ‘global business’ has never been more applicable, with emails and phone calls flying across the planet even when we are not doing so ourselves. With colleagues checking in from several countries at once, it’s a wonder that modern businesspeople are able to keep everyone on the same page! Fortunately with Glogster Personal, it’s never been easier to not only touch base with distant colleagues, but to truly inspire them, regardless of where you’re reporting from! With videos, images, text and data all on a single page, your reports and updates will give the team a genuine glimpse into the work going on around the world and their place in its midst.

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The Glogster Guide to Attracting an Audience


Small businesses are a real labour of love – cafes serving cakes from their family recipe books, boutique shops catering for a special niche, craftspeople sharing their art, and all the other characterful businesses we come across in our local communities are the evidence of a lot of passion and hard work. When small business owners can share that passion with others, they know the hard work has paid off. Glogster Personal is taking that sharing to the next level with templates and tools to create promotional materials, share them via social media, and send them directly to future customers via email and SMS. Now you can invite the local community to your grand opening, share your dish of the day, or let your mailing list know about great offers with multimedia flair!

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Calling all Android Users!


After celebrating our acclaimed iPad app’s first birthday, we turned our attention to developing and improving our application for the other half of the world’s mobile users – Glogster for Android! While our streamlined Glogpedia viewer has been available to download and enjoy from the Google Play store for several months, we can now proudly say that the app is updated to include full editing functionality. Alongside our apps for iPad and iPhone, the Android application will ensure that you are never without the chance to capture a moment, create a poster, and share it with family and friends!

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Terrifying Templates and Eerie New Elements


The days are growing shorter, the leaves are turning and Halloween is here again! Thought to originate from the ancient Gaelic celebration of Samhain, which welcomed the darkness of Fall and Winter, and furthered by the Christian liturgy of All Hallow’s Eve, when Death is confronted with humour and revelry, it is said that Halloween is the time at which the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest. However you choose to celebrate this ancient tradition, there is certainly a lot to be said for the stories and symbols that we have come to associate with Halloween, from the full moon to bloodthirsty bats. We’re celebrating Halloween with a bonus set of design elements to add some seasonal creepiness to your glogs, and helping you to celebrate by adding three new hand-designed Halloween templates to our library. Now you can share your costume ideas, party invites and Halloween memories instantly from your phone or tablet!

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The Glogster Guide to Vacation Memories


There’s something wonderful about sending a postcard. From standing in a seaside shop, picking the perfect photo to sum up your trip, to sitting down with a cup of tea after another day of adventuring, ready to record the events of the week, to dropping the finished missive into the post box, knowing it will make someone’s day. The whole process has always been a very dear part of my family’s holiday traditions, although not without its frustrations – stock images that don’t quite manage to represent the landscape as we saw it, to the sheer amount of time it takes for that single card to travel across countries, only to arrive a month after you’ve returned home and shared all your photos anyway. Fortunately, Glogster Personal offers all the charm and romance of sending a postcard, while circumnavigating all the pitfalls of snail mail. With Glogster you can choose your own photos and videos to adorn your vacation greetings, allowing your loved ones to truly see your trip through your eyes, and instantly share them via SMS!

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A Very Special Day


Monday is rarely a teacher’s favorite day, but as many of you will know, today is not just any Monday. It is in fact World Teachers’ Day, mandated by UNESCO in 1994 to be celebrated around the world every year in honour of hardworking teachers, and in preparation for future generations of learners and educators. We want to take a moment to thank all of our Glogster educators who are committed to making a difference in the lives of young people, and who have been our constant allies in creating progressive and engaging educational technology.

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