NASA has a Mission for all Gloggers…


Teachers, students and lovers of STEM subjects, have we got news for you! Not only do you have the chance to create new NASA Spinoff invention and share it in a glog, but if the folks at NASA like your creation, you could win an experience day at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center! Read on to discover what Spinoffs are, how to create your Spinoff Challenge glog, and how to really impress your space-expert judges!

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Refreshing Glogster News!


As the winter wonderland that many of us have experienced over the last few week ebbs away with the promise of brighter days around the corner, we’ve been having some bright ideas of our own, to give you a taste of something fresh this month! Not only have we seriously addressed some mobile application bugs – namely issues with image search and viewing glogs via mobile browsers – but we’ve also had a bit of fun, creating content for our brand new Instagram account! Read on to share the new fun and explore the new fixes!

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Celebrate with a Hug!


At Glogster, we love seeing your holiday-themed glogs, and enjoy keeping an eye out for holidays and celebrations across the globe that we believe deserve multimedia recognition. Well, today marks a particularly special day that we wanted to help get the word out about! It’s National Hugging Day, and is a great opportunity to think about showing our family and friends how much we care about them. Particularly in the middle of January, when the days are so short and the air so cold, a lot of us could really do with a hug now and again. So grab a friend, sit down, and learn about the benefits of hugging!

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Share Some Words of Wisdom for MLK Day


We all remember the beginning of Martin Luther King’s legendary Civil Rights speech: the immortal words “I have a dream” have stood for the hopes of the American nation, and of the world. Indeed, Martin Luther King’s sharp words proved an unstoppable weapon, ringing with truth even beyond his own tragic death. We’ve gathered some of our favorite Martin Luther King quotes for the classroom in readiness for this MLK Day, as well as a brand new glog template so that you and your learners can share your own words of wisdom, inspired by this great leader.

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Your New Year Starts Here!


Aah, a brand new year! Now that the Christmas decorations have come down and the kids are getting themselves back into their school routine, it’s time to think about the year that lies ahead of us, waiting for us to fill it with colorful musings and memories – not unlike a blank glog template, ready for the photos, videos, text and audio that you capture and share throughout 2016.

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Glogster Content Library Hits Milestone in Growth


A year ago, we started out on a mission. A mission to take our categorized library of educational posters and, with your help, turn it into a one-stop resource for students and teachers around the world. We had a vision of educators searching through user-created posters to find the perfect visual aid for a presentation, and learners using the Glogpedia library as a powerful research tool for their own projects. In short, we wanted to create an ever-growing, ever-improving interactive digital textbook, covering every educational topic imaginable. One year later, and we are well on our way to achieving this goal, with a staggering 40,000 top-quality resources available in the Glogpedia library!

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Homeschooling – EDU gets Personal


We’ve spent a lot of time getting excited about Glogster Personal’s vast array of uses for individuals wanting to capture moments and create something lasting from them. From vacation snaps to business invites, we can well and truly say that Glogster has extended beyond the classroom. However, we have yet to mention one significant bridge between our beloved EDU world and our new generation of Glogster Personal users. I am talking, of course, about the homeschooling community! In the US alone, homeschoolers make up 3.4% of school-aged learners, and the network of parents and teachers who support these students utilizes a number online tools to connect with one another, share resources, and engage 21st Century learners with the big wide world that is their classroom.

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The Most Wonderful Glogs of the Year


I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel… Christmassy! I’m well aware that for many stateside gloggers, this state of festivity has been in the air ever since the Thanksgiving table was cleared, but back in my homeland of Britain, it’s considered unusual to get fully holly-jolly until about halfway through December. Nonetheless, this year my ghosts of Christmases Past, Present and Future are out in full force – I’ve got my tree decorated, my Christmas carol playlist on standby, and I’ve even invested in a pair of ironic reindeer antlers. The only thing left is to spread a little festive cheer here at Glogster HQ, and thanks to our lovely content team, we’re ticking that box the best way we know how – with a gorgeous festive template, primed to convey your own Christmas cheer to the masses!

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Glogster Personal is Coming Home!


There’s no place like home for the holidays – especially when home is full of sights and sounds that make for wonderful memories. Fortunately, we’re bringing Glogster Personal to your home computer, just in time for the festive season. Soon our current Personal users will be able to seamlessly sync glogs from mobile devices, and edit them online. And if you haven’t yet been able to run Glogster Personal on a mobile device, this update opens up the entire world of capturing and sharing top moments and memories via multimedia – all from the comfort of your laptop or desktop, and your web browser of choice. Soon everyone will have the choice between glogging on the go, and glogging in the home! Continue reading

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Try!


In the final run-up to the Holidays, the To-Do list seems endless: create holiday-themed activities for learners, plan for a class party, buy gifts for loved ones, stockpile festive food and drinks, make sure the house is looking spotless for the influx of family, and that’s just the beginning! Since when does a time marked by so much merriness have to be so hard? Well, thanks to Glogster’s Value Week, you can rest assured that one thing at least is easy: making your mind up about your premium Glogster license!

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Think Thanksgiving with Glogster


For our users in the USA, tomorrow is a particularly special Thursday – a time to bring the family together, a time to share a meal of enormous proportions, a time to remember important lessons from American history, and of course, a time to be thankful. Traditionally Thanksgiving is about showing gratitude for a plentiful harvest, bound to see us through the harsh winter, and more specifically a reminder of America’s starving first settlers, and their first successful harvest. However, nowadays we’re also encouraged to spare some thoughts for the things that sustain us in this modern age. For Glogster, that thing is you! We’d like to heartily thank all of our users for your thoughtful feedback and your wonderful creations. As a small token of this gratitude, we’ve created a Thanksgiving template for you and your family to share your own special traditions at this time of year.

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