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As the winter wonderland that many of us have experienced over the last few week ebbs away with the promise of brighter days around the corner, we’ve been having some bright ideas of our own, to give you a taste of something fresh this month! Not only have we seriously addressed some mobile application bugs – namely issues with image search and viewing glogs via mobile browsers – but we’ve also had a bit of fun, creating content for our brand new Instagram account! Read on to share the new fun and explore the new fixes!

Careful curators of online media will be pleased to know that we have resolved the issue with our in-app image search! We are now working with Bing image search, allowing you to quickly find the perfect media for your glog without leaving the page. Check it out with a quick multimedia research project – find historical images of your hometown through the ages, or maybe create a multimedia shrine to your current musical idol! Whatever you choose to create, make sure that the images you select via our search service are free for public use, and not copyright protected.

Valuable feedback from our users drew our attention to some issues with viewing linked glogs via a mobile browser. We are happy to announce that we have addressed the problem, and that it is now possible to send links via email or social media, and for the recipient to see a fully loaded and rendered glog via mobile internet. Why not give it a try right now by creating a quick “saw this and thought of you” glog to email to a friend?

Whether you’re looking for creative inspiration, or hoping to share some of your own, make sure that you join in all the fun on our new Instagram page! From quick quizzes to creative questions, our Instagram is all about stirring those creative juices. We are looking forward to updating regularly, and to seeing some of your greatest glog-related snaps as well! Let us know what you think by following and sharing our images here.

With all these little changes in the air, we can’t wait to see our gloggers at the top of their game, peppering their creations with perfect pictures, emailing them across the globe, and connecting with Glogster’s worldwide community via Instagram…

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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