Glogster 2015 Infographic Roundup


While the holiday season is nearly over, and a brand new year sits ahead like a blank page the Glogster team is looking back fondly at a year filled with exciting new developments for us and our constantly-growing community of users.

2015 will mostly be remembered as the year Glogster launched its Personal license, achieved 500,000 downloads of the mobile app in just 365 days and brought a ton of updates for the web and mobile platforms making the user experience better than ever.


Glogpedia saw a major increase in new content last year, growing from a categorized library of our favourite educational posters into a burgeoning educational resource boasting over 40,000 glogs, well on its way to being a one-stop cross-curricular reference for students around the globe.

We’ve also been able to connect with our users on a more personal level this year, due to the launch of our new Glogster School program. While we enjoy sharing our own tips and tricks, ensuring that Glogster users are equipped with the latest and most complete knowledge, training is just as important a learning opportunity for us. We’ve had a fantastic few months getting to know you better, and seeing so many of your own unique ideas when it comes to using Glogster!

Indeed, it is thanks to your feedback, great creations and dedication to exceptional learning that all our successes this year have come about so spectacularly. The story of Glogster has alwaysbeen a story of worldwide collaboration – sharing knowledge, sharing ideas, and sharing progress. 2015 was no exception, and with your support and creativity, we can’t wait to see where 2016 will take us.


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