Homeschooling – EDU gets Personal


We’ve spent a lot of time getting excited about Glogster Personal’s vast array of uses for individuals wanting to capture moments and create something lasting from them. From vacation snaps to business invites, we can well and truly say that Glogster has extended beyond the classroom. However, we have yet to mention one significant bridge between our beloved EDU world and our new generation of Glogster Personal users. I am talking, of course, about the homeschooling community! In the US alone, homeschoolers make up 3.4% of school-aged learners, and the network of parents and teachers who support these students utilizes a number online tools to connect with one another, share resources, and engage 21st Century learners with the big wide world that is their classroom.

Glogster Personal is an ideal item for the home-schooler’s toolbox, as for the first time it brings all the benefits of Glogster – from 39,000 hand-made and top-rated learning resources in the Glogpedia library, to the excitement of creating glogs on the go – to the individual user. Glogster Personal is available via home computer, tablet, and even learners’ phones, making it as versatile as your learning environment. Glogster Personal will not only augment the home learning experience in its literal sense, improving digital literacy and allowing self expression and creativity within the home classroom, but due to its portable nature will also provide a direct link between learners’ experience of the world around them and their reactions to it during homeschool hours.

At its root, homeschooling is about freedom – freedom to take the curriculum that every child needs, and shape it into something truly one-on-one, allowing that learner to take an active role in determining how he or she wants to learn. To that end, we hear a lot of awesome stories about homeschooling families going on educational vacations, making spontaneous trips to museums, or simply taking lessons in the garden or local park. The beauty of Glogster Personal is in its portability, designed to go with you and your learners on all of these educational adventures and beyond.

Try tasking your homeschool student with collecting images and videos on a family trip, then let them turn the resulting material into an educational resource in the car on the way home! Older learners may enjoy independent learning exercises, such as going into town alone and conducting a survey for a geography project. With Glogster Personal, they can send their multimedia findings directly to you via SMS, so you know that they’re both safe and doing their homework!

Glogster Personal is all about finding the solution that works best for you and your unique learning relationship, but that’s not to say it isn’t a fantastic tool for collaborating with other homeschoolers as well. With the option to instantly share glogs from your phone or tablet via email, SMS or URL, you can share lesson plans and hand-made resources with other intrepid educators, wherever you may be! Likewise, learners themselves can indulge in their social-media madness by sharing the fruits of their labors with other homeschooled students, and getting instant feedback.

In short, Glogster Personal both sets homeschooled learners apart and brings them together, allowing them to take control of their own learning and share their thought processes lucidly and instantly. Now available as a one-time payment or monthly subscription, Glogster Personal makes one of the year’s most talked-about classroom mobile tools an ideal companion for those who learn beyond the classroom – and there’s no reason why your family can’t use it for fun and games as well!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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