The Glogster Guide to Sharing Celebrations


While Glogster Personal is the perfect mobile solution for instantly sharing spontaneous moments with family and friends, we’re equally proud for our application to be a part of the biggest days of your life. From weddings to birthdays to family reunions, snapping a photo or capturing a short video on our phones is a perfect way to capture memories and quickly share them with those who wish they could be there.

On these days more than ever, we owe it to mobile technology to work quietly in the background, looking after our precious moments and making sure nobody misses out on them. With Glogster Personal, however, this urge to share goes one step further, giving you the option to quickly combine video, photos, audio and text to create a one-of-a-kind memory. Imagine sending your first dance, your Dad’s speech, a photo of all your smiling guests and a personal note to family across the world, ensuring they know that despite the difference, they’re a part of your special day.

Of course, some of our biggest days in life are those we can’t plan every moment of. The most romantic engagements are complete surprises, and let’s not forget breaking the news of a new baby on the way! Joyous news like this is made to be shared, and Glogster Personal makes it easier than ever to send a message that’s as meaningful as the moment itself, then get back to your own celebrations! Announce big news to your family by selecting a themed template from our selection of handmade designs, adding a photo (a diamond ring? Your first ultrasound? An acceptance letter from your University of choice?) and a video message, and sending the finished glog to your nearest and dearest via email, SMS or social media. Don’t consign your most important moments to a status update when you can let your loved ones share the experience!

Your stunning announcement glog will also become something for you and your family to look back on again and again, reliving those emotions. The value of a glog as a memento is not something we have overlooked, and therefore we’ve designed our Glogster Personal templates to be the ideal displays for your most important videos and photos, ready for you to dig out years later and share the memories all over again!

So whether you’re planning your own big day or thrilled to be sharing in somebody else’s, remember that injecting personality into an event doesn’t stop at decor and dancing. Use Glogster Personal to turn your big announcements and lasting memories into a reflection not just of what you’re doing, but of who you are.

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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