The Glogster Guide to Getting the Party Started


Glogster is on a mission to make every aspect of your life that little bit more Personal, and it doesn’t get much more personal than how you like to socialize! For some people, Friday night doesn’t get any better than a crowded dance floor and a group of close friends. For others, a laid back catch-up over drinks hits the spot. Or perhaps you prefer to be the one throwing the party, organising every last detail and waiting impatiently for the first guests to arrive. Personally, my perfect night out involves a great band and even better friends. However unique your tastes in entertainment are, one thing is for certain: nights out are better when shared! Glogster Personal offers countless ways to share the moment, from inviting friends to join you, showing them what they’re missing, and capturing the hilarity for a lasting memento.

If you’re the one planning a night in or out, Glogster Personal serves as an invaluable way to send attention-grabbing invitations direct to people’s phones via SMS. When our friends receive their one-of-a-kind glog invites, including photos of the venue, links for more information, a map to help them find you, or even a video message of you personally asking them to join you, they can immerse themselves in multimedia before instantly texting back to let you know if they’ll make it. And with Glogster’s easy-to-use templates, your plans can be utterly spontaneous. Seen a fun-looking restaurant in the locale? Pick a template, snap a quick photo and add an address, and your friends can join the fun within minutes!

Thinking of hitting a large-scale event like a music festival or fair? These events are thrilling, but sometimes the amount of choice on offer can be overwhelming! Glogster becomes invaluable here, as you can send your friends a quick video of what’s happening on the main stage, along with a quick snapshot of your location, to show them what they’re missing and inspire them to come and join you. Likewise, they could respond to your text with a glog of their own, showing you that they’ve found something even more exciting! Whether you decide to join them or wait it out, FOMO (or Fear of Missing Out) is no longer an issue!

One of the most frustrating aspects of meeting friends in a new place can be finding one another! Here, too Glogster can get your party started with less hassle: Instead of trying to describe where you are over the phone in a crowded concert venue, simply take a quick picture of your surroundings, add it to your glog with some brief instructions, and let them come and find you.

And for those of your crew that truly can’t join you this time, you can keep them in the loop with on-the-spot glogs filled with plenty of silly photos from the event, and of course, a video greeting telling them just how much you wish they were with you! After the party’s over, you can quickly turn media gathered over the night into a stylish keepsake glog, and share it with everybody who was present – the perfect pick-me-up for the groggy morning after a late night out!

So whatever your plans for this Friday night – be it an unmissable concert, dinner with your best friend, or pre-drinks at your place, let Glogster Personal take care of quick and easy invitations that will grab your friends’ attentions, guide them to the action, and show them exactly why this party is truly unmissable!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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