The Glogster Guide to Truly Global Business


For the current generation of businesspeople, it’s a small world indeed – you can be pitching to an investor over breakfast in New York, before catching a plane across the world for a business dinner in Singapore! Not to mention conference calls with a European partner and checking in with the team back on the West Coast… The term ‘global business’ has never been more applicable, with emails and phone calls flying across the planet even when we are not doing so ourselves. With colleagues checking in from several countries at once, it’s a wonder that modern businesspeople are able to keep everyone on the same page! Fortunately with Glogster Personal, it’s never been easier to not only touch base with distant colleagues, but to truly inspire them, regardless of where you’re reporting from! With videos, images, text and data all on a single page, your reports and updates will give the team a genuine glimpse into the work going on around the world and their place in its midst.

Instead of hoarding notes to explain in a lengthy meeting, try sending the team daily updates full of photos and videos taken directly with your phone or tablet. Meeting a new partner in person for the first time? Take a photo! Thrilled with how busy your booth is at an international convention? Add a video! You can even include on-the-spot testimonials from happy customers that you meet, to enthuse the rest of the team and let them know that their hard work is paying off! With the addition of Glogster’s Web picker tool, you can add text, images and important links sourced online to give your colleagues a look at the bigger picture around your current endeavours.

The best part about creating these valuable resources is that it won’t take any time from your already hectic schedule. Simply choose from our sleek range of pre-designed templates, and start adding media direct from your device! With a few annotations over a mid-morning coffee, your glog will be ready to wow the team back home! While you can instantly send your multimedia reports via SMS, ensuring that everyone is kept in the loop, you can also revisit them upon your return as a great visual aid for a meeting to discuss the next steps.

So whatever’s next on your hectic schedule – and whatever continent it’s on this week – rest assured that the rest of your team won’t be left wondering what’s going on. Deliver facts, figures and a bit of fun to their emails or phones, and ensure that when you return to the office, everyone will be ready to pick up exactly where you need them to!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis


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