The Glogster Guide to Attracting an Audience


Small businesses are a real labour of love – cafes serving cakes from their family recipe books, boutique shops catering for a special niche, craftspeople sharing their art, and all the other characterful businesses we come across in our local communities are the evidence of a lot of passion and hard work. When small business owners can share that passion with others, they know the hard work has paid off. Glogster Personal is taking that sharing to the next level with templates and tools to create promotional materials, share them via social media, and send them directly to future customers via email and SMS. Now you can invite the local community to your grand opening, share your dish of the day, or let your mailing list know about great offers with multimedia flair!

Imagine sending a flyer direct to people’s phones, full of media that will grab their attention and leave them hungry for more. With Glogster Personal, it’s not just a matter of telling customers what you have to offer them – it’s letting them experience a small taste of it for themselves. A cafe owner could include appetising photos of the daily specials, a boutique owner could add a short video clip of an assistant modeling the new line, a gardener could give a guided tour of a beautifully landscaped property, or a hairdresser could include before and after photos, along with audio testimonials. Your glog’s promotional power is limited only by your creativity! And because Glogster is always just a finger-tap away via phone or tablet, you can capture the moments that make your service unique and have them on their way to customers within moments.

Glogster Personal gives your communications with customers an intimate nature that befits your service, sending unique insights into your work and products direct to customers’ mobile devices. Why not take advantage of this and send custom invites to your business events? Simply record a friendly video message explaining what customers have to look forward to, add some photos to grab their attention, include a map and directions, and wait for them to reply with an RSVP via SMS.

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd when promoting your business, using media that’s as unique and attention-grabbing as your small business idea, Glogster Personal is here to bridge the gap between you and your customers, allowing you to connect with them in a fun and meaningful way. We hope you enjoy creating multimedia business materials, and hey – maybe you can send an invite our way!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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