The Glogster Guide to Vacation Memories


There’s something wonderful about sending a postcard. From standing in a seaside shop, picking the perfect photo to sum up your trip, to sitting down with a cup of tea after another day of adventuring, ready to record the events of the week, to dropping the finished missive into the post box, knowing it will make someone’s day. The whole process has always been a very dear part of my family’s holiday traditions, although not without its frustrations – stock images that don’t quite manage to represent the landscape as we saw it, to the sheer amount of time it takes for that single card to travel across countries, only to arrive a month after you’ve returned home and shared all your photos anyway. Fortunately, Glogster Personal offers all the charm and romance of sending a postcard, while circumnavigating all the pitfalls of snail mail. With Glogster you can choose your own photos and videos to adorn your vacation greetings, allowing your loved ones to truly see your trip through your eyes, and instantly share them via SMS!

Glogster Personal invites you to tell your story your way, with photos, video, text and audio elements all on a single page. Imagine a traditional postcard coming to life, with your own smiling faces as proof of how much you’re enjoying yourselves. When it comes to sharing the special moments that make up your vacation, the possibilities are limitless: include video greetings from the kids, record the sound of the sea, give a guided tour, show off new skills that you’ve learned while away, and seal it with a kiss! And because you can carry Glogster Personal with you on your iPad or iPhone, you’ll never be without the chance to capture a spontaneous moment.

learn_more_personal_buttonSpeaking of your phone, the weeks spent waiting for your postcard to reach its destination are a thing of the past as you can send your glog as soon as you’ve created it via email or SMS. Imagine a loved one being woken up with photos and videos from your whole family, or a friend on the bus home from work sharing your experiences of hiking in the mountains. The speed with which you can share a precious moment gives a whole new meaning to “I saw this and thought of you”.

So, if you have a family break planned for the holidays, if you’re already looking forward to next summer’s chance for travel, or if you never know where each day will take you, you can be certain that with Glogster Personal, your loved ones at home can share the magic with you!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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