5 New Features for our iOS App

mailingOur most recent update of Glogster for iOS is now available to download, and what a treat it is! Not only does this update fully stabilize your user experience for iOS 9, it also brings exciting new functions direct to your mobile device, including epic editing tools and a little something that might just make glogging the new texting. Check out Glogster 1.3.2 now for a whole new level of glogging experience.


Glogster is now fully compatible with iOS 9, allowing you to confidently create wherever you are via iPad and iPhone 4, 5 and 6. As well as bug fixes and synchronisation improvements, this update includes Spotlight search functionality, allowing you to search for and find saved glogs via Spotlight on your device.

200 New Templatesi_04Our beautiful hand-designed templates take pride of place in this update, with a set of 200 hand-designed starters for glogs on any subject. Simply create a new glog from your dashboard, and you’ll be able to browse the new template library to find something stunning and specific to your needs. With such a high number of subject-specific templates, you can be sure of creating an eye-catching and engaging posters in seconds.

Auto-Arrange Featurei_05Another update certain to set you on your way to glogging greatness is the Auto-arrange function, which allows you to select multiple media elements and scatter them artfully across your page in a pre-defined grid. Watch your images and videos transform into a cohesive multimedia poster with just one touch of a finger!

Zoom-in Editingi_03With this new scope for adding myriad images, you may be wishing you could zoom in and do some in-depth editing. Wish no longer, because our new zoom-edit function allows you to zoom on a particular area of the poster with simple pinching gestures and edit elements up close. As if our new editing functionalities weren’t enough to get excited about, this treat has a game-changing cherry on top in the form of SMS sharing.

Sharing via Text Messagei_02Now you can send your completed posters to anyone via text message, making glogging on the go the perfect form of spontaneous multimedia communication. Paired with cellular synchronisation, which allows you to seamlessly save and sync content via mobile data, this advance allows you to confidently take Glogster with you wherever you go.

Improved Synci_01Alongside general performance and stability improvements, our helpful updates include full German language support, a labeling system that allows you to see which of your glogs are synced to the Cloud in offline mode, and significant fixes in the synchronisation process. If you’ve experienced problems with syncing glogs between devices, download and install the upgrade as soon as possible for a vastly improved experience.

If you haven’t tried glogging from your iPhone, this update marks the perfect time to start, as well as a worthy addition to your tablet experience. As always, we value your feedback and can’t wait to hear what you think of our exciting new features!


Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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