Introducing Glogster Personal

G_personal_10In September 2014, we released our very first mobile application to expectant users. One year, a prestigious award and over 500,000 downloads later, we are looking at a well-loved and substantially improved product that has changed the face of glogging for good. For us, the most exciting part of the Glogster app’s journey has been watching the product’s evolution in the hands of our users. We have delighted in your many interpretations of ‘glogging on the go’, from field trip reports to coffee-shop musings, and watched in fascination as the application has pushed – and even exceeded – the boundaries of the classroom. It is in this spirit of growth and enthusiasm that we proudly introduce the next chapter in Glogster’s story.

After glowing feedback from users who enjoyed Glogster just as much in their daily lives as they did in the classroom, it seemed a natural step forward to make the product available to a wider user base. We believe that everyone should have the means to capture and share experiences in their own unique ways. Tailor-made for cross-platform mobile use, Glogster Personal brings the core features of the powerful Glogster app to your home, business, favourite hiking trail, local coffee shop, or wherever else you want to share a moment in multimedia.

Glogster Personal makes quickly creating multimedia posters easier than ever for the individual user, with access to our 200 new templates allowing users to quickly select a format for their photos, videos, audio and text. The new Auto-Arrange function allows for multiple elements to be selected and added to the glog in one go, automatically sizing them and scattering them across the page, saving users valuable formatting time. Perhaps the most game-changing feature, however, is the ability to share glogs instantly via SMS. This paves the way for sending digital postcards to family and friends, instant reports to colleagues, or interactive invitations showing recipients exactly where you are and why they should join you!

On top of these all-new features, Glogster Personal incorporates all the features of a paid Glogster license, such as access to Glogpedia search, language localisation, support for use on iPhone 4, 5 and 6, the powerful built-in web browser, and the ability to add top glogs discovered in the Glogster library or shared by friends to a personal Favorites list.
Glogster Personal will be offered for a one-off lifetime payment or as a monthly subscription, letting you pick the option that best suits your needs. It will be introduced as a mobile solution, with web access and cloud sync to follow next year. Having seen some of the stunning glogs already created beyond the bounds of the classroom, we understand that your life is multi-faceted and ever-changing. That’s why we’re proud to present a product that’s as versatile as you are: whatever your day brings, with Glogster you can make it Personal.

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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