It’s Glogster Application’s First Year Anniversary!

personal_11_01The Glogster App for creating multimedia posters celebrates its one-year anniversary early with a significant milestone: 500,000 educators and learners are using Glogster to improve engagement and interaction in the classroom – and beyond.

The first year has certainly been an action-packed journey, with several substantial updates, the AASL 2015 Best App for Teaching and Learning award, and critical acclaim all leading to an accumulation of 500,000 downloads. However, perhaps the most interesting developments in the application’s evolution lie in the way that 500,000 fo you have experimented, provided feedback, and shaped the app’s future.

Over a year-long lifespan, the application has become a respected name in multimedia productivity, boasting 200 pre-designed templates from which you can select a theme and format for your posters and quickly complete it to your specifications. Alongside the recently added Auto-Arrange function, which allows you to select multiple media and see them automatically sized and scattered across the canvas, this update has made glogging quicker than ever. The application’s digital resource browser has also undergone impressive updates, including the addition of a search function and a favorites folder.

The app’s mobile nature has driven our users to explore the world and share their findings, thoughts and feelings instantly, using mobile devices to record media and share experiences as they happen. To further this enthusiasm, full support for iPhone 4, 5 and 6 has been added, as well as sharing via SMS. These progressions paved the way for teachers and learners alike to share multimedia posters more prolifically and personally, from postcard-style vacation updates to multimedia event invitations, from one mobile phone to another. It is this individual response that has led to the next big step in Glogster’s mobile journey:

Based on the number of stunning multimedia creations from users beyond the classroom, and feedback from users who have enjoyed using the app’s simple yet powerful tools to chronicle other aspects of their lives, we are preparing to broaden the scope of the app’s functionality by introducing a Personal license for non-educational use.

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