Three Cheers for our Top Nominees!


As you may have heard recently, we’re rather excited about hitting the 30,000 glog-mark in our digital resource library. We really couldn’t have achieved this staggering result without the help of teachers and learners alike, who not only create amazing digital posters on a daily basis, but also click the green ‘nominate’ button to give us a heads-up about great content. In order to thank the creators and the curators of Glogster, we’ve put together a short shout-out to our top three Most Nominated gloggers of the year!

Our number one content provider is Glogster Ambassador Tracy Hanson, who currently has 70 glogs viewable in Glogpedia. Tracey has recently been using Glogster to share the work of Next Generation Global Education, an educational organization with which Tracey has been traveling the world to share the joy of personalized learning. Tracey’s Glogpedia offerings include some wonderfully interactive multimedia posters for elementary-age across all disciplines, such as this media-packed exploration of different types and benefits of school gardens!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 5.47.00 PM

Our second most prolific glogger of the year is Davine Meehan with a highly respectable 53 resources that have made their way into Glogpedia. Davina’s glogs are colourful and well-structured, explaining the principles of STEM subjects in easy-to-digest chunks that are sure to appeal to older learners. Have a look at this classy breakdown of Real Numbers for come mathematical inspiration!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 5.48.22 PM

Coming in at a close number three is Jane Parshall, with a wicked 40 glogs that have been nominated and accepted into the content library. Jane represents the social studies and literary side of learning wonderfully, with a great wealth of Religious Studies resources. Have a look at her fact-filled exploration of the New Testament Evangelists to get an idea of her high-quality and well-researched work.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 5.47.31 PM

From first impressions the glogs we’ve chosen here don’t have a lot in common – indeed, the range of subjects and styles is representative of the huge variety of glogs in Glogpedia – but something that the do have in common is the dedication, creativity and expertise of the people who created them. Tracey, Davine and Jane are just the tip of the incredible iceberg that is our community of Glogpedia contributors and nominators, so if you’ve been inspired by what you’ve seen, there’s a lot more waiting for you here!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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