Kick-Start September with 200 Templates


September is officially here, which means that the school year is officially upon us. Of course, for many of you, the work has already begun and you are knee-deep in the technicalities of getting to know a new class. There are certainly a lot of things weighing on teachers’ minds at this time of year, but rest assured that creating stunning posters and presentations with your class doesn’t have to be one of them. That’s because we have been working hard this summer to create 200 brand new glog templates for web use and iOS, categorised by subject and discipline, and ready for you and your learners to complete with information, media and creative flair.

This beautiful batch of hand-designed and subject-specific templates was created in response to feedback from Glogster educators, who told us how much time and money they were saving by using our templates as the basis of their own resources, as well as by allowing learners to use them to quickly create their own attractive posters. We wanted to ensure that teachers of all topics could find something relevant to their needs in our template library, so we decided to start the 2015-2016 year off with an inexhaustible set of 200 templates, to be used again and again to great effect.

Our stunning templates are available to all Glogster license-holders with paid accounts, and will also be available for free users to try out for the next 14 days. To take advantage of these delightful resources, simply log into your Glogster account online or via the iPad application, then click ‘Create New Glog’ on your dashboard. You will be able to browse thumbnail views of all the templates in our library, sorted into subject categories. Click on the template you would like to use, and make it your own by adding text, images, videos, audio and more into the available spaces. With a themed template as the basis for your work, you can rest assured that your finished piece will not only be done in half the time, but look polished, professional, and engaging for learners of all ages.

Of course, the best bit about glogging with templates is the fun of it! We know that this September will be full of deadlines, paperwork and pressure from all sides, but we like to think that projects, presentations and posters will become the easy, engaging highlight of the new school year. Log in now and see for yourself, and don’t forget to share the fruits of your labours with us on Twitter, Facebook, and by nominating to Glogpedia.

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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