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The first day back at school is always a hectic one, with learners getting to grips with new schedules, new classmates, new locker combinations, and sometimes new campuses. If there’s one thing you want them to take away, amidst all the manic hustle and excitement, what is it? Perhaps you want to connect with each member of your new class on a personal level, reassuring them that you are a real person who can be a trusted mentor. Perhaps you want to show them how engaging and interactive your classes can be, getting them excited for future lessons. Or perhaps you want to discuss individual personality, ambition and learning style, and how you can all work together to make this year amazing. What better way to cover all three bases than with an interactive multimedia introduction? Use photos, videos and music to capture student attention, present yourself and your interests, and encourage learners to share information about themselves! With Glogster’s new personal product for mobile, you can build a glog on the go this summer, adding personal touches such as photos and videos from your vacations.

A glog makes a fantastic multimedia centerpiece for your first presentation to your class. Simply project the glog for the whole class to see, and base your personal introduction around it. This glog has covered all the bases in an enjoyable and youthful way, hinting at the teacher’s personal life and ‘fun side’ while using inspirational videos and quotes to keep teaching and learning firmly at the center of discussion. The bite-sized facts and ‘top ten’ list give a great general picture of the teacher, while leaving room for learners to want more details. Why not take advantage of this by allowing each student to ask one question about you after the presentation? Teachers are often seen as very private creatures throughout the year, with many learners going to great lengths to learn details as mundane as first names, so this one ‘freebie’ question will certainly raise some interest! Alternatively, allow each learner to anonymously write down a question and put it into a hat, ensuring that quieter students aren’t overshadowed at this early stage.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 4.51.09 PM

This glog has a similar personal feel, with family photos and pets taking precedence. However, its structure is ideal for getting learners to talk about their educational journeys and aspirations. This educator has included candid anecdotes from elementary school, high school and college, including favourite subjects, teachers and extracurricular fun. For many learners, it’s impossible to imagine teachers as learners at their own age, with the same interests and struggles as they are undergoing. This introduction will show students that you can genuinely empathise with them. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s a perfect lead-in for learners to create their own glogs, discussing their school lives up to this point, and their educational dreams for the future. This information will be invaluable to you as a teacher, in order to have a small insight into their priorities, passions and hang-ups with learning.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 4.50.50 PM

This ‘Manifesto’ glog is perhaps more appropriate for older learners, still offering an insight into the teacher’s personality and passions, but doing so on a deeper level, raising questions about teaching and learning styles, strengths and weaknesses, life mantras, and dreams – both on a personal and an academic level. A somewhat cryptic introductory glog like this one could be an interesting conversation starter, allowing learners to guess what each phrase and metaphor means in relation to their teacher and their class, and hopefully leading to some fairly profound discussion! Follow up the presentation with an opportunity for learners to create their own class manifestos, assessing their learning styles and making some goals for the year. Let them use the Web picker to find phrases, images and videos that inspire them personally and relate to their ambitions. This will be an important glog for learners to have to hand, as they will inevitably need to get back in touch with their goals and inspirations as they come across struggles throughout the year.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 4.50.13 PM

However you choose to introduce yourself, make sure you make a splash! However much older learners may roll their eyes for the benefit of their classmates, students of all ages like to know that their teacher has a strong personality, a life outside the classroom, and a unique view on learning and growing that will carry them through the next year.

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

2 thoughts on “Start School in Style – All About You

  1. Dear Alicia Lewis,
    Thank you so much for posting a unique article. First day back at school is really very amazing and its a hectic one. But its a great experience to meet new classmates, all thing are new its feeling just awesome.


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