Start School in Style – Teaching Philosophy


This is the first of four blogposts designed to take you smoothly into the 2015-1016 school year, one great glog at a time. While learners are fussing about first day outfits, covering their textbooks and decorating their lockers, we educators have slightly different priorities – namely, getting off to the best possible start with our new class, and building relationships that will nurture learning and engagement throughout the year. We hope that with our ideas on back-to-school glogs for you, your learners and their families, you will find some inspiration and ease the transition from summer to September!

One of the few things more nerve-wracking than meeting your new class is meeting their parents! Already you may have had curious emails from parents and caregivers, with a barrage of questions about you, your teaching style and what is planned for the year. To make things a little easier for you, and a little more comprehensive for the anxious families as they await the first day of school, why not take some inspiration from these great Teaching Philosophy glogs that have been nominated to Glogpedia? It’s a simple way to share your educational beliefs and passions with all new parents in one go, reassuring them that you’re passionate, professional and ready to work with them and their children.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 6.11.10 PM

This mathematically-minded glog includes classroom rules and procedures, making it immediately clear to parents and children what is and is not encouraged in the classroom. It’s not all tough love, though, as the educator injects a strong dose of fun into the glog with thematic graphics, a quirky video and a set of fun maths links for learners to check out before school starts. We appreciate the classroom map at the bottom, allowing parents and students alike to picture the first day ahead of time.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 6.09.38 PM We love this glog’s balance of educational psychology and personal touches, leaving parents with an impression of a teacher who is both deeply involved in her work and fun to work with. Students can giggle over photos of their teacher-to-be in a swim team, while parents can get a solid grounding in how student-teacher relationships will be built over the year.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 6.12.06 PM

Our final glog is proof that Kindergarten is a deeply philosophical place! The educator sets out information on why Kindergarteners need special attention and relationships in their early learning years, then reassures parents with how she will give them just that. The photographs of previous classes and their work are a lovely comforting touch, immediately showing prospective parents that this teacher’s classroom is a nurturing and friendly place for their children to be.
Your teaching philosophy is not just a useful parent’s guide to your methods and mantras, but it is also a reaffirmation to yourself of why you love what you do, and do what you love! If planning for the year ahead is starting to stress you out, take a leaf from these Glogster educators’ book, and get back to basics with a Teaching Philosophy glog.

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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