Hooray for Homeschool!


We love talking about how the Glogster mobile app supports learning in the classroom, at home, and beyond – but what about those of us for whom home and the classroom are the same place? Homeschoolers make up approximately 3.4% of the US school-aged population, and benefit from individually tailored lessons, as well as the freedom to take their learning with them, wherever they go. While Glogster is most commonly used as a classroom tool, our philosophy identifies very strongly with the homeschool learning style, and the recent addition of a personal account option to our mobile platform makes it easier than ever for homeschool students and educators to incorporate glogs into their learning and teaching. Here are two quick ideas for homeschool-friendly glog projects, allowing learners to create personal records of their learning and share their progress with family and friends.

Learning Journal:

A simple but meaningful way to incorporate glogging into your regular homeschool schedule is through keeping a journal. Learners can create weekly glog ‘pages’, then add photos, audio clips and even videos of the varied learning experiences they engage with over the course of a week, alongside their annotations. This results in a valuable record for learners to revise from, triggering memories far more effectively than purely written notes. Educators and family members can benefit equally from this record, with tangible evidence of a learner’s progress and personal responses.

Guides and Instructions:

Nobody knows your home classroom like your learner does, and glog guides to the projects and activities that you work on between you could become priceless resources for other homeschooled learners and educators – not to mention an engaging way to ‘learn by teaching others’. Whether you’re working on a craft project, science experiment, physical skill or memorization exercise, once your learner has mastered it, they can use video, photographs, text and audio recorded throughout the process to create an impressive instructional glog, showing other learners how to recreate their results. Share this guide via email or social media with other homeschoolers in your community, or nominate it to Glogpedia and let your learner teach the world!

So for all the homeschooling educators in worldwide family: we see you, we appreciate all your hard work, and we can’t wait to see some of your own homeschooling glog ideas! Download Glogster for iPad here, and sign up for a personal account to unleash the entire world of glogging into your home classroom. For more great glogging-on-the-go ideas for you and your homeschooling community, check out our Uses page here.

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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