Glogster’s Summer Makeover: New Pages

glogster_new_pages If you’ve been checking out Glogster lately, you may have noticed one or two differences. A lot of educators like to make little changes here and there over the summer. Whether it’s a new teaching wardrobe, a bit of DIY around your home, or some fun new posters and resources for next year’s classroom, nothing says “out with the old and in with the new” like a bit of a makeover. With that in mind, Glogster has made a few additions itself lately, improving the homepage with a helpful how-to section as well as giving you the low-down on Glogpedia nomination. The most obvious change to the Glogster experience is our new homepage layout. A homepage should be exactly what it says it is – a home, both to Glogster and to Glogster users. To make our home more inviting and easier to navigate, we have simplified the layout and created a new introductory section to our homepage entitled “How Glogster Works”, offering some inspiring use cases and directing new gloggers straight to our Uses page. We think it’s best to let the page speak for itself, so check it out now – you might just see some glog ideas you’ve never considered before! Our other new addition is a useful new hub telling you all you need to know about nominating glogs. Nominations are part of our ongoing mission to expand and improve Glogpedia, filling it with resources that are not only impressive, but genuinely useful to educators around the world. What better way to achieve that than to let those educators choose the content? We’ve made sending us your own top glogs and your learners’ as easy as possible, and outlined the process here. We hope you enjoy browsing our new content, and that you will return to it when in need of inspiration or clarification. We look forward to seeing some wonderful Glogpedia nominations – both from last year’s and next year’s creations!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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