Glogster News: Coming to a Conference Near You!


Now that the school year is over, you may be thinking about some summer travel plans. We’ve certainly been thinking along those lines, and are proud to be appearing at three summer conferences in three very different places over the coming weeks:

ITO Troitsk in Moscow, Russia from June 24 – 25

ISTE in Philadelphia, PA from June 28 – July 1

ALA Conference in San Francisco, CA from June 25 – 30

If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration, we’d love for you to drop by and ask us about all the new developments we have in store for you!

At all three conferences, we will be presenting the Glogster experience and answering your questions about all aspects of our service, with a particular focus on our content library and its ever-increasing set of pre-designed templates. Check out some of our creations and learn how to adapt them into your own high-quality educational content, under the supervision of our Glogster experts. Once again, we will be letting you play with our exceptional mobile application, demonstrating the benefits that glogging-on-the-go can bring to your learning experience. We will also highlight the Glogpedia search feature that is being implemented into our mobile applications, making it easier than ever to find relevant multimedia resources. While you’re with us, why not learn more about our PD program and how you can gain a Glogster certification in digital media tips and tricks?

We are very excited to take this opportunity to introduce our new iPhone application, available for iPhones 4, 5 and 6, at all three conferences. This new addition to our mobile family will make it easier than ever to capture memories, moments and information on the go, adapting them instantly into multimedia resources and sharing them with others. Experience the ease and excitement first-hand at our booth, as we invite you to try the new app for yourself!

As our visit to ITO Troitsk will be our first chance to meet our family of educators in Russia, we will be introducing our entire cross-platform product, as well as getting to know you! We would love to meet educational professionals with a passion for technology and creativity. If you fit this description, you could join our GATE program and receive Glogster training and certification before representing us in your local area. Our friends in Moscow will, of course, be pleased to know that we have added Russian to our language localizations across platforms, as well as English, Czech and Spanish. German, French and Portuguese languages will soon be added, bringing even more countries into our worldwide community!

If that’s not enough to tempt you to our booths, we will be running an exclusive conference promotion, offering you a year’s standard licence for only $1000, including ten PD certifications, five summer school enrollments, and full glogster accessibility for 1000 users. This will bring you a total saving of $3700, getting the next school year off to a fantastic start!

As you can see, we’re very excited to unveil the latest Glogster news to you in person, so if you’ll be in Moscow, Philadelphia or San Francisco over the next weeks, we can’t wait to meet you and get you glogging!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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