Guest Post: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (and More)


This guest post was written for us by Cynthia Lieberman, the Co-founder of CyberWise have recently paired up with us to create some fantastic Digital Citizenship resources, and Cynthia is here to tell us more about the inspiration behind them:

“What I hear, I forget;
What I see, I remember;
What I do, I understand.” 
– Old Chinese proverb

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Never has this maxim been more true. People of all ages are struggling with information overload in epic proportions, and that’s why visual tools and apps that relay info in a fast, digestible and easy format– like YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat –are on the rise.

Visual Media is the New Black

When information pairs concepts with meaningful images, it allows us to explain, break down or broaden ideas much easier a spoken word or text does alone. That’s why visual media is the new black in education, and its use is growing in demand and popularity at an amazing pace.

Recent studies confirm that using multi-media visuals in e-learning can help improve retention and recall in both youth and adults. In fact, one study by found that after just three days of testing, “a user retained only 10-20 percent of written or spoken information but almost 65 percent of visual information.” Using interactive visual tools is particularly important for teachers who want to reach and teach kids about digital citizenship, online privacy, cyberbullying, online ethics and more.

Shared Knowledge is Power

Back in the day we were told that “knowledge is power,” but to students today, “shared knowledge” is power.

Remember those geography stand-up tri-folds, dinosaur dioramas, or poster collages you had to make with markers, news clippings and glue? There were no computers, no email or Internet then to help you demonstrate your depth of knowledge to people outside of your classroom such as family, potential employers or college admission officers.

Today’s youth don’t have to rely on poster board and glue to demonstrate their knowledge. Kids are now using multimedia narratives for self-expression; second graders are learning how to write computer programming code to tell multimedia stories, and iPads and tablets are becoming the norm for creating and sharing projects in today’s 21st century classroom.

Furthermore, students consider themselves part of an open source and cultural collective that constantly communicates with others wherever they go. To them, the more they know and share, the more powerful their status becomes.

Incorporating interactive media into a classroom curriculum can help enhance a student’s ability to retain what they learn while incorporating new technologies that result in deeper, richer messaging. That’s why CyberWise is thrilled to be joining forces with a powerful interactive learning tool, Glogster EDU, that helps educators take advantage of the powerful impact multimedia learning can have on students.

Information Literacy and Digital Life Skills – Case Study

Eileen Doherty, a 4th Grade teacher in Watertown, MA, created an excellent “State Report” project for her class, and it is just one of our favorite Glogster examples. Rather than explain to you in writing, why don’t you just Watch the Video? Chances are you will not only enjoy it, but will retain the information longer and better!

CyberWise Partners with Glogster

Cyberwise has just joined forces with Glogster EDU as brand ambassadors and content providers through their Glogster GATE program. The GATE program is comprised of a group of key influencers and reliable representatives who promote Glogster using their own unique expertise. Cyberwise will be contributing digital citizenship and life skills resources, starting with top tips on online privacy as well as an in-depth look at the Cyber Civics curriculum for educators, which pushes good citizenship and digital life skills firmly into the 21st Century. The Cyberwise glogs will serve as an ideal starting point for parents and teachers who are committed to giving learners the support they need as they discover the power of the Internet. Cyberwise will continue to regularly roll out glogs that will help educators teach kids about digital citizenship, cybersafety, reputation, privacy and more.

Written by Cynthia Lieberman

Written by Cynthia Lieberman

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