Make Some Noise for our May GlogStars!


The school year is nearly over, but that’s not stopping our GlogStars! We’ve seen educators and learners alike pouring their knowledge into fantastic resources. It’s been really difficult for us to narrow down our favourites to just three GlogStars, but these three users have all offered something really unique to Glogpedia – from an interactive health warning about mosquitoes to a complete cultural language lesson to a guide around an ancient castle, each glog has left us excited to know more about the talented people behind them!

gavinGavin is our first May GlogStar, and he has created a fascinating resource about one of summer’s more annoying offerings – the mosquito! Gavin’s glog is full of so many incredible facts about these blood-sucking creatures and their unique anatomies that it almost garners respect for the unpleasant insects! This is Gavin’s first glog, which he created after seeing his mom – a college professor – working on her own. After exploring the tool with his mom, Gavin used his new skills to create a presentation for a school project. “I could find a lot of information on the internet and put it all on one screen,” he told us of his glogging experience, “I even added real recordings of the sounds of mosquitoes and videos about mosquitoes!” Gavin’s creative use of multimedia really pays off, with labeled diagrams and links to relevant articles amongst the bright colours and engaging graphics. But this great glog is not all fun and games, as Gavin points out the more serious message: “I want people to be aware of how mosquitoes can be dangerous to our health. I also want people to learn how to keep mosquitoes away from where they live and play.” Thanks to this engaging resource, I’m sure readers around the world will be educated about the simple steps they can take to protect themselves from this irritating disease carrier.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 4.46.43 PM

cassondraOur next GlogStar is Cassondra, a Spanish teacher from Kentucky who combined her lifelong love of the Spanish language with a penchant for art and design to create a vivid homage to artist Diego Rivera. Not only does this glog challenge readers’ comprehension of Spanish, it also provides a context to some of Cassondra’s school’s rich Hispanic heritage: “Our high school’s chapter of Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica is named after Diego Rivera, and I decided that I wanted my Spanish I students to be exposed to Rivera and his work early in their studies,” she explained. “I created a QR code that was linked to the glog, and students used their personal devices to scan the code in order to view the glog. Then, students answered a few comprehension questions to demonstrate what they learned from the learning experience.” Cassondra’s flawless adaptation of her glog into a full-scale interactive lesson is certainly inspiring, as is her selection of Rivera’s artworks and carefully constructed commentary. “I really hope that my Spanish I students are able to build confidence in understanding simple information written in Spanish,” she told us, “I would like to continue using Glogster to create comprehensible resources about cultural themes.” We can’t wait to see what else Cassondra has in store, but her long-term project is to usher in a new era of GlogStars: “Eventually, I would like my students to create their own glogs about the topics that interest them. The options are really only limited by their own creativity!”

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 4.49.43 PM

lyesThe final glog this month is a truly engaging introduction to a historic landmark, perfect for anyone considering a trip to Ireland this summer; and as a Dublin local,  Ilyès is the perfect tour guide!  Ilyès is a big fan of history, so when his teacher assigned him a project on Dublin Castle, he gave it his all. “The castle’s history was very interesting,” he explained, “I enjoyed doing all the research and adding pictures and comments”. Indeed,  Ilyès choice of pictures span’s the castle’s history, from a 1792 drawing to modern photographs, each accompanied by well-researched captions. “It was very creative to do it in my own way, and I was very proud of my work,” Ilyès told us. We particularly enjoyed his creative touches such as the inclusion of Dublin Castle’s Irish name, along with a battle-worn looking Irish flag that matches the glog’s antique style perfectly. This young GlogStar certainly has a lot of pride in his city’s history, and is excited to share it with teachers and learners around the world: “perhaps it will make people want to visit and see one of the jewels of Dublin city,” he told us.  Ilyès is already looking forward to doing more Glogster projects, and hopes that he’ll be able to focus on history and architecture again – this time with a glog about Paris’ famous Sacré-Coeur.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 4.50.25 PM

We hope that you’ve found some inspiration for the last school weeks – whether it’s using glogs as personal comprehension activities or allowing learners like Gavin free choice of presentation tools to express themselves with – or perhaps you have a sudden craving to visit Dublin and delve into its mediaeval history! Stay tuned for further monthly doses of inspiration from learners and educators around the world.

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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