Say Hello to Glogster 1.2.1!


Glogster 1.2.1 has just gone live on the Apple Store, and is available for download now! The Glogster team have taken user feedback into account and drastically improved the app’s stability, as well as fixing bugs, adding new features, and increasing accessibility for free accounts. Update to the newest version of Glogster for iPad, and enjoy a more streamlined experience.

One of our primary goals in creating this update was to tackle synchronization issues, allowing for glogs to be saved and retrieved seamlessly both online and via the iPad. To that end, audio recorded via the iPad is now accessible on the web, the sizes and positions of elements remain correct after saving, and problems with duplication have been solved. On top of these key improvements, the general stability of synchronisation between the iPad and web versions has been increased. This means that glogs created with the Glogster app can be shared, viewed and edited online without any delay or frustration.

We are also proud to reveal that users with free accounts are now able to access all content via the iPad, as we have made it possible for pop-up account notifications to be closed. This means that for the first time our free users are able to view any glogs on the go with limited functionality.

Further improvements include Russian language localization, new helpful tool tips when using templates, and a solution to the recent issue with Youtube video thumbnails. With all of these updates and many more available now, it’s the perfect time to update your Glogster mobile experience, or to download the app for the first time and explore the world of glogging on the go!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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