5 Steps to Stunning the Science Fair with Glogster


With the final term of the school year on the horizon, students around the world are working on their biggest and most talked-about projects of the year. While every subject has its own exciting approaches to research and presentation, there is a special place in the hearts of students and teachers alike for the Science Fair. Giving learners of all ages an opportunity to be true scientists, this long-standing tradition promotes adherence to the Scientific Method alongside out-of-the-box thinking and creative presentation.

I can still recall my own 8th-Grade Science Fair project – the daily routine of watering marigolds with lemon juice, followed by the chaos of making a giant poster board, printing pages and pages of data, and practicing a speech on the implications of my results. While each of these aspects undeniably adds crucial life skills to a learner’s arsenal, there is now a simpler and even more engaging way to create visual, verbal and written presentations – all on the same page! Check out our five simple steps to a truly interactive Science Fair.

1: Make things simple with our Project Presentation template

The Project Presentation template is one of the most popular resources on our new Uses page, and it is ideal for forming the basis of a Science Fair presentation! With plenty of room for learners to fill in their hypotheses, methods, results and conclusions, as well as spaces for videos and images to support students’ information, this is a great starting point from which each student can make the project their own without the daunting process of facing a blank page.


2: Add supporting video and images

If you have the Glogster app for iPad, adding video and images from your experiment is as easy as clicking a button! Use the iPad’s inbuilt camera to capture photos and video directly onto your glog, putting Science Fair-goers at the heart of your experiment. Be sure to include photos of all your equipment, videos of your method, and images as evidence to support your results. Closely documenting every stage of a scientific procedure with multimedia is a great practice to get into for High School, University and beyond!

3: Add links to background literature

A key part of every Science Fair project is research, so it’s important to provide evidence that your experiment is a link in a long chain of knowledge and progress. Include a written section in your glog giving a brief overview of research that has inspired your presentation, and be sure to include links so that readers can instantly learn more about the topic. Who knows, maybe one day your experiments will be included in the research of learners just like you!


4: Include video or audio of live presentation

Does your project involve presenting in front of the class? Why not ask a teacher or classmate to film or record your presentation, then add it to your finished glog for parents and Science Fair-goers to see. This longer discussion will add context to the information present on the glog, and add to the interactive experience. With the popularity of online TED talks, video presentations are the way forward for scientific thinkers!

5: Attach documents and data

Our recently reactivated Attachments feature gives your presentation an academic edge, allowing you to attach files such as accompanying essays, original data, extra graphs and charts, and of course, a bibliography! Not only do these documents prove how much work you put into your project and give evidence to support your conclusions, but they also create a single cohesive package for your teachers to consider when grading.

While your finished glog will make a perfect interactive experience online or accessible via iPads, it can also be printed to form a part of a traditional Science Fair poster board. Make sure to include a QR code so that inquisitive Science Fair-goers can indulge in the full interactive experience via their mobile devices. Check out our Project Presentation template now, and get one step closer to your ‘Eureka’ moment!

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