A Big Hand for our April GlogStars!

glogster_april_glogstarGoing by the great content we’ve seen in the Glogpedia library, there are certainly no April fools around here! We hope you’ve all had a great month, with warmer weather rolling in and exams looming on the horizon, and we’re excited to show you our favorite glogs of the month, showcasing eye-catching layouts, exciting multimedia, and lots of great information for use in classrooms around the world. This month we’re doubly proud of our GlogStars, because all three top glogs were created by students!


ashleyTo kick things off, we’d like to present two GlogStars in one! This spooky poetry glog is made by proud GlogStars Tomi and Ashley. “This was a co-curricular collaboration between English and Business Software Applications classes,” the 9th Graders explain, “The content was poetry, and the technology was the glog.” Their finished product is a great demonstration of both parts of the task, with fantastic formatting and great use of online media, as well as some in-depth literary exploration that adds to the understanding of the poem.

tomiTomi tells us, “I enjoyed adding text boxes that matched the theme of the poem, as well as the many different text, image, wallpaper and video/audio options.” Ashley adds, “It is very handy that Glogster’s graphics fit almost any topic that you could want to create a glog on”. Indeed, Ashley and Tomi’s choice of graphics not only reflects the sepia-toned colour scheme of the glog as a whole, but the Gothic themes of the poem itself.

Both Tomi and Ashley are already back to work, glogging for a good cause. Ashley explains, “The next glog explains the Literacy Challenge in a fun creative way, encouraging students around the world to help support areas like Mali, Peru, and Nepal to boost their literacy rate.” Tomi adds, “For every bookmark that someone makes, $1 is donated from the Bezos Family Foundation”


alexandraMoving on from poetry to pure science, 9th Grader Alexandra’s exceptional glog on Rubidium grabs the attention with its purple and silver colour scheme, showing off Glogster’s chemistry graphics as well as Alexandra’s thorough knowledge of the element. “We were assigned to make a glog on one of the elements of the Periodic Table,” explains Alexandra, “I hope people can learn about the element of Rubidium!” Considering that Rubidium is one of the less well-known elements on the Periodic Table, Alexandra’s glog is a great introduction to it, showcasing photos and videos alongside facts about its discovery and uses – for example, Rubidium can be found naturally in tea, coffee, and the human body! “I use Glogster for schoolwork, and it was pretty interesting making this glog.”


emmaOur final April GlogStar, Emma, has gone a step above and beyond, and told us all about her glog via a video interview! This OA BCIG Middle school student has created a gorgeous glog about Ancient Greek civilization. Emma’s glog caught our eye with its great structure, and kept us reading with its fun facts – can you believe that the Greeks thought beans were the souls of the dead? Along with some fun videos and great photos, Emma’s glog is a great learning tool for anyone interested in ancient cultures, from mythological figures to famous wars. We’re going to let Emma tell you about her creation for herself:

We certainly have had a GlogStar extravaganza this month – this top-quality content is going to take some serious effort to equal, but if anyone can do it, it’s you guys! We’re looking forward to seeing your contributions and choosing our favorites for the May GlogStar showcase – stay tuned!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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