Be Inspired by our Uses Page


Are you in need of a quick lesson plan? Are you excited about creating multimedia posters but stuck for efficient ways to use them? If your answer is yes, you’re in luck, because Glogster has recently added a brand new page to the site – Glogster Uses – giving you four complete guides to fantastic glog assignments including custom-made templates, examples of completed glogs, and simple step-by-step instructions detailing how you and your learners can get the most from each assignment. Once you’ve filled up on inspiration, you can make our templates your own, letting creativity take over without the hassle of formatting! Check out our Uses below for an idea of what you can achieve with Glogster:


Digital Storytelling

Teachers around the world are using this combination of Ancient and Modern to share knowledge across the curriculum. While this template is an ideal way to encourage creative writing, it also promotes in-depth understanding through real-life stories in social studies and even science. We provide everything necessary to structure a striking story, drawing inspiration from facts, images and videos discovered online.


Project Presentation

From Kindergarten to University and beyond, project work is a dominant and engaging factor of education. Our template helps learners to lay out their questions, research, investigations and findings, with plenty of space to share images, audio and video gathered over the course of the project. With the newly restored Attachments feature, essays and data can easily be added to the glog, meaning that an entire science fair project can now be contained on a single page!


Field Trip Report

Field trips are the most exciting and most chaotic days of the school year! Harness learners’ natural curiosity and use it to create interactive and personal trip reports, giving them a great memoir of a fun day out and you a resource that truly monitors hands-on learning. With the simplicity of this template and the excitement of the assignment, they won’t even notice how hard they’re working!


Sports Report

With summer on the doorstep, school sports are about to kick off in a big way! Ensure that every game is as exciting for the spectators as it is for the players with our Sports Report template. Learners can become sports reporters for a day, keeping an eye on the score, recording their commentaries, and taking photos of all the action.


With these fun-filled assignments at your disposal, it’s never been so easy to create an engaging lesson plan on the go, nor has it ever been so exciting to see the many unique directions that your learners will take our templates!


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