Spring Forth with Spring School


With Spring Break drawing to an end, it’s time for our educators to get back to school – Glogster Spring School! This latest development in our PD program kicked off this week, allowing you to learn top Glogster tips at your own pace and gain a Glogster certification. The online course focuses on using the Glogster iPad app in and out of the classroom, and is ideal for K-12 educators looking for some extra insights and inspiration. Spring School consists of three modules, each lasting for a week, with new tutorial videos added daily. Check out the course syllabus for an idea of all the PD skills we’ve got lined up for you, then sign up for this unique learning experience!

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Module 1:

Introduction to the iPad app: Whether you’re a mobile technology pro or an iPad novice, you’ll be inspired to take learning beyond the traditional classroom and out into the world! Our trainer Scott will guide you through the basics of the application, with lots of insider tips on getting the most from it.

Recording media on the iPad: The app’s integration with the iPad’s camera and microphone makes Glogster the perfect journalistic tool, allowing you and your learners to create photos, videos and audio clips directly onto your glog. Our tutorials will teach you how, the where and when are up to you!

Revising, publishing and sharing: Get the down-low on digital storytelling, turning your collected media into an expressive and engaging resource, and sharing it with learners, family, colleagues, classmates, and the world!

Module 2:

Topic and purpose: What do YOU want to create? Module 2 is all about giving your glogs direction, and using our tool to create something unique to your needs and those of your learners.

Reusable content: Enter the world of templates and reglogging, in which we teach you how to create gorgeous glogs in half the time using subject-specific templates, as well as how to make your own templates and reusable resources such as digital worksheets.

In the classroom: Once you’ve let your imagination run wild with possibilities, it’s time to think about applying what you’ve learned to your own classroom and teaching practice.

Module 3:

Creation and evaluation: This is your chance to learn the way we love best – through hands-on creativity! Create a glog demonstrating what you’ve learned from the course, including glogging on the go and digital storytelling. We will assess your glogs to check your understanding of Spring School course material.

Certification: Your course will conclude with a printable Glogster Spring School certification as evidence of your Glogster iPad expertise, as well as proof of PD hours!

Whether you want to get to grips with glogging on the go, become a master digital storyteller, or simply be the first to know all the latest Glogster tips and tricks, this course is designed to support and strengthen your teaching and learning experience.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.55.08 PM

Access the course material, engage with video tutorials, and receive your Glogster Spring School certification.

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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