Templates 101: Gorgeous Glogs in Half the Time

glogster_templatesYou may have seen a number of new glog templates added to your dashboard recently, with subjects ranging from autobiographies to space technology. We believe that by making beautiful templates for you, we can cut out the hassle of formatting and allow your own expression, information and media to take center stage. That’s why we’re on a mission to work closely with educators and create relevant templates for every subject in the Glogpedia library.

With our templates, you and your learners can drop images, videos, audio and text straight into a pre-formatted glog, customizing it to your own preferences. You could give learners a template in place of a traditional worksheet, encouraging them to complete it with their own ideas and research, or you could use one template as a version for several related glogs, creating your own virtual textbook! With so much potential, we thought we’d give you a quick guide to making the most of templates.


The easiest way to find the perfect template is to click “Create New Glog” at the top of your dashboard, and select the template that best meets your needs from the options available.

Alternatively, you can visit the Glogpedia library and select the Edu Templates category. Click ‘Make a Copy’ when viewing the glog to enter edit mode.

To find templates on the iPad app, simply tap the add icon at the bottom of your dashboard and select the template option to browse, then tap the copy icon at the bottom of the preview.



Once you have chosen your template, simply double click or double tap text boxes to enter your own information.

To add images and videos via the online platform, simply drag media from your library and drop it into the corresponding spaces.

On the iPad, double tap any element and select ‘replace’ from the menu to select your own media.

Once you’ve filled all the empty spaces with fun facts and engaging media you can add graphics and audio to customize your work to your specifications, or share your glog as it is!


With a constantly growing number of pre-designed templates for you to try, templates are becoming an increasingly central part of the Glogster experience. Check out the options in Glogpedia now, and make them your own!

Need more help? Don’t miss our great tutorial video on using templates with the iPad, coming next week!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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