Be Inspired by our March GlogStars!

glogster_march_glogstarMarch is a month of many changes as the winter melts into spring. One thing that certainly hasn’t changed, however, is the amazing quality of glogs being created by learners and educators every day! Now, with Spring Break just around the corner, the difficult task falls to us of choosing March’s GlogStars. GlogStars are gloggers from around the world and all different stages of education, who have gone the extra mile in combining insightful information with exciting media, to create some fantastic interactive resources.

This month we have been in touch with three great gloggers, who were kind enough to share a few words of wisdom, providing their own perspectives on what goes into a truly engaging glog.


londonBeata Berbec’s glog caught our eye with its quirky scrapbook style, then took us on a thrilling tour of London, including historical facts, fun trivia, and lots of pictures to make us feel like we were truly there! “To my mind every English speaker should know few things about the capital of the United Kingdom,” explains Beata, a trainee English Language teacher at Warsaw University, “I tried to point out the most interesting places. I hope that I convinced some readers to visit London some day. I am sure they will fall in love with the city!” Beata’s love of London is evident, with fun facts ranging from the first monarch to be crowned at Westminster to the best place in London to buy Chinese food, and a beautiful time-lapse video of the view over the Thames as the crowning glory.beata

It is no surprise that Beata approaches glogging from an artistic perspective: “I really liked the designing side of Glogster, such as choosing pictures, frames and colours,” she tells us. If you enjoy Beata’s creative tour of London and want some more fun facts about British attractions, you’re in luck: “I reckon I’ll prepare a glog about some other stunning cities in the UK,” says Beata. We think that with her love of her subject and eye for design, Beata could create a fantastic tour guide glog series!wwi copy

On a more sombre yet no less fascinating note, Emily Schutt’s WWI timeline examines the devastating effect of the Great War with sensitivity and well-researched facts that, along with photographs from the trenches and videos analysing the events, bring this important period in history to life. Don’t forget to click on the images, as Emily has included weblinks to a number of engaging resources, including an interactive story in which you can play a WWI soldier!


Like Beata, Emily is a future educator, currently studying adolescent education at D’Youville College. “I chose to do my Glog on World War One because it has been 100 years since the beginning of World War One,” Emily tells us, “I hope that people will learn about how and why World War One was important to not only the past, but also the present and future. I want to inspire students to study social studies and see the relevance that these events have on own modern lives.” With this important ethos, Emily created a glog that learners could relate to personally, utilizing all of Glogster’s tools to leave a powerful impression on modern students. “I looked through the templates and loved how easy they were to use, and how much free range I had to create a Glog,” says Emily, “My next glog will be on ancient civilizations – watch this space!”

yellowstoneOur third and final March GlogStar is Ben Steinert, a 6th Grade student from Enterprise Middle School. Ben’s favourite subject in school is Math, but his glog on Yellowstone shows him to be a capable artist as well as a mathematician, colour coordinating his graphics to match the stunning photographs of Yellowstone that he spent time researching. “My favourite part was finding really cool pictures,” Ben tells us, “I hope people will learn how beautiful Yellowstone is.” As well as discovering breath-taking views of the volcano and surrounding parkland, learners can also get to grips with the formation of Yellowstone by watching the informative video and reading Ben’s information on the park’s unique geosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere.ben

You can tell from Ben’s glog that he learned as much making it as we do by reading it – a fact supported by his statement that “making a Glogster is a fun new way to learn how to do a research report.” While beautiful volcanic landscapes have provided ample inspiration for the intrepid glogger thus far, the next work we see from him may be inspired by a more personal love: “I want to make a glog about the NBA,” he says.

From a modern city to a volcanic park to life in the trenches, this month’s GlogStars provide proof that a great glog can take you anywhere! We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring their work, and maybe even finding some ideas for your own – remember, if you have some great glogs of your own, or know someone who does, you can nominate them to Glogpedia and they may end up featured in next month’s GlogStars!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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