5 Ways to Share Your Glogs


This is the final installment in our “5 ways” series, giving you weekly lightning bolts of inspiration to create some extraordinary glogs and unforgettable classes. We’ve discussed innovative use of audio and video, as well as suggesting digital storytelling and field trip projects, but now as the series draws to an end, let’s take a look at the next steps.

So, you’ve made an amazing glog. You’ve compiled some fantastic media and into an educational and entertaining piece of work, and now you’re ready to share it with learners, colleagues, parents and the world! Don’t let your hard work go unseen, simply follow our five ways to get  your glogs seen, appreciated and engaged with.


Do you already post weekly updates on a class blog or website? Make glorious glogs the stars of the show, ensuring that parents interact with class information and discuss students’ work with them at home. We have made it easy for you to include your glog in a web page or email by simply scrolling to the bottom of your glog in view mode and clicking “Embed into your page”. You will be given embed codes for two standard sizes, as well as the option for you to specify a custom size. Once you have the code, simply paste it into the html view of your page, and watch your online media come to life with a fully-interactive glog! You could even consider creating a glog as the email newsletter itself, using the template below.

newsletter copy

Please be aware that the embed feature is currently only available for http:// pages, and not https:// pages.


One of the most powerful ways to share your glog is to present it. While many glogs come about as part of a presentation assignment, the sharing of knowledge doesn’t have to end after grades have been assigned – consider using your glog or one of your learners’ as the basis of a school assembly, or even saving great student glogs and using them to introduce topics to next year’s classes! Engaging with work created by students just like them will show students first-hand how exciting the work ahead of them will be. See our blog on 5 ways to present with Glogster for some more inspiration!


With Glogster’s iPad application, sharing glogs is faster than ever. Simply tap the ‘i’ button on the bottom corner of a glog on your dashboard, then tap the middle of the three icons at the top of the window to open the sharing options. You can type an accompanying message alongside the glog, before sharing it instantly via Pinterest, Facebook, or email, as well as copying the glog URL or saving the glog to your iPad as an image file. Students, parents and colleagues can admire your glog the very moment you finish it!

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 6.01.45 PM


If you have some great educational information, why share it only with people you know? Spread the word by nominating great glogs to Glogpedia, where they can join over 11,000 educational resources relied upon by teachers around the world.


Simply click on the green “Nominate to Glogpedia” button to the top-right of the glog. You will then see a window asking you to confirm your nomination. Clicking “yes, nominate” will result in a “Nomination pending” notice whilst our content team review the glog.  Once the glog has been accepted, the notice will change once again to “In Glogpedia”, and the glog will be visible in the library!


Perhaps the best way to spread knowledge is to inspire others and let them take the lead! Save your glog as “public with reglog” and allow others to make editable copies of your glog, adapting your style and information to their own classroom needs. Imagine where your glog will travel, and what it will evolve into! Likewise, you can browse Glogpedia to find an inspiring glog with the “make a copy” button, and create the next step of its journey!

The Glogster app makes it even easier to customise a glog: simply tap the “copy” icon under a glog in preview mode, and an editable copy will be opened for you to add your personal touches to.


We hope this post has given you some ideas for sharing all the great glogs you’ve been creating recently. As ever, we’re enjoying all the great resources we see nominated to Glogpedia, and we’re looking forward to seeing some more soon!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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