Let’s Hear it for our February GlogStars


Last month, we introduced our new GlogStar program, highlighting some of the exemplary work we see in Glogpedia, and getting to know its creators a little better. We kicked off the project with Alyssa Morrel, a 5th grade student with a love of animals and a great eye for detail. This month we have two new GlogStars to share, who’ve created glogs from very different educational perspectives: one is a teacher of students, and the other is a student of teaching! These beautiful creations just go to show some ways in which Glogster impacts teaching and learning at every level of education.

Our first GlogStar this week is a mathematics teacher, and her charming glog on finding the slope of a line makes some complicated algebra approachable to students of all abilities. Jessica Dull, a teacher at Immaculate Conception High School in New Jersey, made the Slope of a Line glog as a demonstration before assigning her students their own mathematics glog projects. “My goal for this project was for students to be able to show what they learned, and also provide each other with resource materials such as videos and websites on their topic,” she explains. “My classes had such a good time with this project and I received great feedback.”

Jessica’s glog is a worthy inspiration piece, showing how mathematics can be presented in a fun and eye-catching way. We especially liked the handy diagrams of pigs explaining the different types of slope, as well as tutorial videos talking learners through solving problems step-by-step. “I knew it would help me incorporate all of the standards and practices that I wanted to cover,” Jess tells us, “I will definitely be using Glogster from year to year with my classes.”

Slope copy

Our second glog is a patriotic piece from Courtney Tucker. Courtney is both an educator and a student, studying education at the University of West Georgia. Her George Washington glog was part of a social studies assignment, in which the educators-in-training were asked to complete glogs on historical figures, which could be used in a classroom situation. “My experience with Glogster was great,” Courtney tells us, “The site is easy to use and can accommodate everyone’s imagination.”

Her glog on George Washington is a great example of how educators can fit an entire lesson’s worth of resources onto a single page, with links to activities and further reading arranged around portraits of the president, and tied together with a patriotic colour scheme. “Glogster allowed me to present information about George Washington in a spectacular way that is both informative and eye-catching,” explains Courtney, “I hope to use this glog in my future classroom.” We’re certain that this GlogStar’s future students will love digging into this rich historical information!

George Washington

We’d like to offer congratulations to both of this month’s GlogStars, and thank them for being leaders in Glogster’s mission to inspire! Tune in next month to meet more GlogStars, and keep creating great content for your chance to feature among them!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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