From Washington to Obama


Whether you know it as Presidents’ Day, Washington’s Birthday, or Washington and Lincoln Day, this is a great day for learning about U.S. history. The date was first celebrated in 1879 to remember the birthday of George Washington, and it was later broadened to celebrate the presidencies of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, whose birthdays both fall in February. However, after many decades of interesting leaders with different talents and personalities, most of us remember the day as Presidents’ Day, honouring all 43 people who have stood at the helm of the United States. The Presidents can be seen as milestones on the country’s road through history, and for better or worse, they have guided America through good times and bad times since its conception.

presidents template copy

With so many presidents, and so many world events that have colored their terms in office, it seems fitting that we memorialize as many of them as possible this Presidents’ Day. Glogpedia already has a category full of great glogs about some of our most influential presidents, but we’d like to see all 43! We’ve created a Presidents’ Day glog template, ideal for adapting to be about any of America’s past leaders, with space for text, images, and videos – perhaps we can watch modern presidents being sworn into office, or read historical presidents’ most famous speeches. We’ve included our own example in the top-right hand corner of the template. We made our glog about all 43 presidents, but you can make yours as specific as you like.

Whichever president you or your learners choose to memorialize this year, your glog will represent a unique era in history, and celebrate the many unique people who have played this key role!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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