5 Ways to Use Video in Glogster


If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Video is one element that is sure to make a glog stand out and grab students’ attention. While it’s easy to find an appropriate and informative clip on YouTube or SchoolTube, some of our most creative gloggers include videos they’ve made themselves. A video can provide a guide through a glog’s contents, or a response to them, becoming the focal point of a presentation or a helpful aside as needed. With the Glogster iPad app, video elements have taken on even more possibilities, as clips can be recorded directly onto the glog via the iPad’s camera. However, whether you’re using an iPad, a camera, or a camera phone, it’s easy to make a statement using video on Glogster. We’ve put together some bite-sized pieces of inspiration to help you make your glog the star of the show:

Give an Introduction

Give your glog a human touch with a video introduction to its contents – this can be done sitting at your desk, in front of a white board, or on location. This is a great idea for teachers using a flipped classroom approach, as it allows you to guide your students through information and activities as you would in class, and maintain that all-important personal connection in and out of the classroom.

This approach isn’t just for the teachers either – have your students include a brief video intro to their project glogs, explaining what their project is about and giving one fun fact. This will not only give them some experience with presenting and public speaking, but also provide even more scope for creativity – will they give their introduction in costume, in an interesting location, or maybe in another language?


Give a Tour

The portable nature of the iPad app means that students can not only learn outside the classroom, but also create outside the classroom. With the iPad’s built-in camera recording directly onto the glog, the possibilities are endless: students can take their iPads around the campus, on field trips, and even on family vacations, and create a video glog that will put viewers right in the middle of the action.

Try assigning your students a glog project on your next field trip. With new templates designed specifically for school trips, we’re ready to see some unique perspectives on days out to museums, visitors centers, or even the great outdoors. We can guarantee that learners will pay more attention to filming their trips than they do to filling in worksheets about them! And because these video glogs will be so personal to their creators, they will form great mementoes as well as learning exercises.

Give a Demonstration

We’ve already looked at how useful videos can be to presenting science experiment glogs, as they can show the experimental procedure as it happened and allow viewers to understand the deductions first-hand. Indeed, a simple video demonstration of anything from a scientific method to a physical skill will allow users to visualise things in a truly realistic way alongside instructions and diagrams as reminders.

While Science is an obvious subject for demonstrating procedures, video demonstrations also add new creative scope to art and design lessons, physical education, music and any subject with an element of skill-learning. Whereas teachers can create easy video demonstrations and tutorials for students to review in their own time, students can also relish the challenge of learning by teaching, and show off their own special skills.

experiment copy

Give an Interview

This assignment will be a winner with any aspiring journalists or TV personalities in your classes, and can be incorporated into just about any topic in order to increase confidence in public speaking, alongside critical thinking in developing interesting and relevant questions. Subjects of interviews could include classmates, family members, professionals in the community, or visitors to the school.

A simple video interview can also add a great interactive highlight to a book report or a current event glog – learners can simply ask the opinions of their classmates on certain topics, and use a simple video editor to compile the responses into a simple feedback video alongside text and images relating to the subjects.

Give a Performance

We’ve saved the most creative video inspiration for last! While the iPad application is a fantastic tool for recording and presenting school concerts or drama performances, the inclusion of videos in glogs can bring out learners’ inner dramatists in all subjects. From giving a breaking news-style report on a historical subject to reenacting a scene from a book, nothing encourages a student to show off their smarts (often alongside a lot of silliness) as much as a video performance.

By allowing students creative control over the costumes, props, script and direction of the video, you can let them truly make the project their own, and have so much fun that they forget they’re learning! Make sure learners back up their video segments with informative text and images on the glog, so viewers can easily separate fact from creative interpretation.

Now’s your chance to take full advantage of Glogster’s video elements, to instruct your learners, and maybe let them teach you something new in return! We’re looking forward to seeing some funny and informative videos in the future, and we hope you’re looking forward to next week, when we’ll be showing you 5 ways to use Glogster on a field trip.

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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