Introducing GlogStar – Alyssa Morell


No sooner did we set out on our mission to grow Glogpedia than our users started creating some of the highest quality content that Glogster has ever seen! While Glogpedia is a fantastic source for inspiration, we thought some glogs deserved a special mention due to the hard work and creativity that set them apart from the rest. We had the pleasure to ask some of our most ingenious gloggers about their creations, and now we have the privilege of sharing them with you. Each month we will introduce you to another GlogStar – the creative individuals who are inspiring our users to create great glogs. This week we will kick off the series with Fifth Grader Alyssa Morell from Oakfield Elementary School, who created a heartfelt and informative glog on chimpanzee conservation:

Alyssa’s teacher, Aaron Schepp, told us that he chose Glogster as the medium for a class project on endangered animals. “Alyssa spent a lot of time working on this project,” he tells us, and it only takes one look at the glog to see the proof of that!


From the well-presented information boxes filled with interesting links, to the perfectly laid-out (and rather adorable) pictures of chimpanzees, this glog immediately grabs the attention. Not only is it informative about the behaviour of this endangered species, but also very powerful with an overarching call for people to protect these magnificent creatures, and a lot of resources to help us do so.

Alyssa’s favourite subjects at school are social studies and science, and you can see a bit of both in this glog, with scientific facts and charitable thoughts going hand-in-hand. When asked about the glog, Alyssa told us that everyone in her class made a glog about an endangered animal, “I looked at the list and immediately chose chimpanzees,” she said, “I hope people learn that chimpanzees need our help!” When asked if she enjoyed using Glogster, this young animal lover told us that it gave her a chance to really use her imagination in different ways, and that “using Glogster is better than creating a poster, because of the ability to link to websites and include videos.”


We’d like to extend our congratulations to Alyssa for being our first GlogStar, and for presenting such an important message in such an enjoyable way! We’ll have more GlogStar insights next month, but for now you can head on over to Alyssa’s glog now to learn more about protecting chimpanzees. And why not try creating your own glog to raise awareness for a good cause? You may even end up being a future GlogStar!

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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