Share Your Dream this MLK Day


“And we all know everything

That he stood for time will bring,

For in peace our hearts will sing:

Thanks to Martin Luther King.”

– Stevie Wonder

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we are called to celebrate the life of a great man – a man who fought tirelessly for civil rights and died a true hero. Martin Luther King, Jr. opposed violence, even in the face of terrible persecution, and made inspiring words his greatest weapons. To this day, people of all ages, ethnicities and nationalities can find truth and hope in King’s “I have a dream” speech. The speech has formed the basis of many important lessons, both in and out of classrooms, for the last half a century – lessons on civil rights history, lessons on tolerance and respect, and lessons on the power of rhetoric.

In honor of this powerful speech and the man who wrote it, as well as the ongoing struggle for worldwide equality, we have created a glog template to help learners of all ages share their own dreams for the world, for their country, or for their local community. Perhaps you can study Martin Luther King’s original speech as a class, and discuss what makes it so moving before letting your students complete the template. By adding images, video, audio and text, learners can practice their presentation skills while reflecting their hopes for the future. Why not take things a step further, and let students give their speeches to the class, using glogs as visual aids, or record their speeches via video or audio directly onto their glogs?

We are looking forward to seeing some thoughtful and reflective glogs in the coming days. Until then, keep glogging, and keep dreaming!




Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis

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