Introducing Your New Design Elements – Part 6

anatomy_biologyThis is the very last post in our Design Elements series, introducing Glogster’s 10,000 new graphics. Over the last 6 weeks, we have been examining stand-alone graphics, text boxes, media players and more, all custom-designed and copyright free. Our users certainly seem to be enjoying the new elements – we’ve seen some fantastic glogs across already using these images to great effect.

One of our users commented saying, “This is an improvement that has been long in the waiting. The educational graphic library is going to be very helpful for classroom teachers and students. To have these readily available will streamline creation, even though we still have the ability to upload our own. The best of both worlds!” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

To finish the series in style, we will be having a look at some examples of our biology and anatomy galleries, with stunning artwork ranging from skeletons to sea life!


biology_part6This is just a small selection from our extensive range of biology graphics, which in fact covers everything from cell structures to flora and fauna, as well as laboratory instruments involved in the study of biology. With such choice at their fingertips, learners will become readily immersed in choosing graphics for their biology glogs, and with the elements’ combination of textured and super-realistic styles, the resulting glogs will be pulled together spectacularly! Younger learners will love choosing from graphics for a ‘favourite animals’ glog, while more advanced students will find plenty of flair to add to life science projects. We wish we could show you every single one of these beautiful graphics, but you’ll have to head over to Glogster and check them out for yourselves!


anatomy_part6These sepia-toned graphics will not only make anatomical glogs tastefully eye-catching, but also educate in their own right! Amongst this paper-textured graphic set are a number of labeled diagrams of bone structures and organs, providing a real focal point for your glog, as well as whimsical illustrations, text boxes and frames to accent it. These elements find the delicate balance between accuracy and visual appeal, combining technical drawing with artistic touches to represent the intricate workings of human and animal bodies.

We hope that this series of glimpses into our 10,000 educational graphics has inspired you to dig deeper into what they can offer your glogs, alongside your own information and media. We are greatly enjoying the glogs that you create using these design elements, and will share our favourites on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as Glogpedia – don’t miss them!

7 thoughts on “Introducing Your New Design Elements – Part 6

    • The anatomy set includes a full-body human skeleton image, and a human torso graphic, highlighting the respiratory system, amongst many closer looks at different body parts. We hope you find these useful!


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