Introducing Your New Design Elements – Part 5

science_technologyOver the past month, we have been very excited to share our library of 10,000 new educational graphics with you. These design elements are completely original and copyright free, categorized by subject, and ranging from accent graphics and text boxes to backgrounds and media players. In fact, there are so many great new elements that we felt the only way to do them justice was to give each set its own spotlight, so that’s exactly what we’ve done. Click here to view the series thus far!

This week, we will be plunging back into the scientific realm, with some bold and modern design elements representing science and technology – perfect for add some flair to science reports and presentations, as well as glogs on inventions, the future, and online citizenship.

Science 2

science2We have already introduced you one set of science graphics, but the discipline is so diverse, we thought our design elements should be too! Our vividly coloured Science 2 graphic set has an angular 3-dimensional look, making sure that each element really pops out of your glog and draws learners in! Amongst graphics representing biology, physics and chemistry are some fun reminders of the impact scientific study has in our day-to-day lives – from inoculation to the rubiks cube – and cameos from celebrated scientists such as Albert Einstein and… Iron Man. There truly is something here for everyone!


technologyTechnology is something we feel very strongly about at Glogster – as you might have guessed! We know that a lot of our educators are equally tech-mad, so we’re hoping to see these bright and busy elements on a lot of great glogs about edtech and other innovations of our modern world. There are certainly a lot to choose from here – from things we just couldn’t imagine life without, such as wireless internet and batteries, to things that continue to defy the imagination, such as robotics and satellites. Representations of circuits, chipboards and other components complete the set, taking everything back down to basics – ideal for students of coding and computer science.

Now that you’ve had some sparks of inspiration from these electrifying images, it’s time to turn your hand to making a science or technology glog. From chemistry to physics to the world wide web, one thing’s for certain: with these design elements, your glog will make any subject eye-catching! Make sure to tune in next Friday for our blog series finale, introducing our final graphic sets!

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