Glogpedia is Growing – Now with 10,000 Glogs!

glogpedia_blog_picAt Glogster, we take pride in our library. Glogpedia™ is not just a powerful learning resource, showcasing multimedia content across 80 subjects and 9 disciplines, it is also the constantly-growing result of Glogster’s belief in collaboration – in order to create Glogpedia, we relied on our worldwide family of educators and learners to supply us with their knowledge and inspiration. Glogpedia couldn’t exist without community, and just like our community, it is growing daily and taking on a life of its own! That is why we’ve redoubled our efforts recently, working harder than ever to realize Glogpedia’s full potential: from today you will be able to explore 2,000 new top-quality glogs, added to the library as part of an ongoing goal to make Glogpedia a complete cross-curricular learning resource.

Our aim is to fill the gaps in our already extensive library of high-quality resources, making it a one-stop resource across curriculums and around the world. In order to achieve this, we have welcomed some new members to the Glogster team, with the important task of going through over 40,000 new glogs created by our users every day to find the most appealing and informative content for the Glogpedia library. You can expect another extensive installment of Glogpedia content every month, giving you plenty of bright ideas for planning lessons for the month ahead.

Glogpedia content is ideal for forming an engaging basis for a lesson, or as research material for your students. With the recent release of the iPad app and 10,000 new design elements, the new glogs are also a one-stop resource for inspiring ideas on how to use the new graphics and application tools to get your point across. And if you haven’t already downloaded the Glogster iPad app, now is the time to do so – you can hold all 2,000 new Glopgpedia glogs in the palm of your hand and view them at their very best. Quickly navigate topics and disciplines via the app’s sleek browser and when you see a glog you like, save it at the touch of a button, ready to view and edit on your own dashboard.

So without further ado we invite you to dive into this great new content – learn something new, get inspired, and share your new discoveries with others. We hope you will not only follow Glogpedia on its journey from an extensive source of inspiration to a complete cross-curricular educational resource, but also that you will become a part of that journey by continuing to create top-quality glogs and nominate them to Glogpedia!


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